Born in 1964, I grew up in Freiburg – the „capital“ of the black forrest. After having passed high school – already having been heavily infected by the HiFi virus and especially the helicobacter vinylii – I started studying chemistry at the university of Freiburg. During my studies it was obvious that my old love to physics still is vital and this is why my diploma thesis was in physical chemistry with professor Zimmermann.

During my doctoral thesis on the structure of liquids I did not only learn my additional lessons in physics but also in mathematics. Materials science was something of high interest and this should proof to be a good fundament for the future.

In 1996 I founded a small company that initially was focussed on trying to find out why digital equipment at that time still sounded that bad in comparison to analogue gear. An analogue record played back by an excellent deck still is something extraordinary. I found my answers but this is another story…

This was why I came back to my old love vinyl in 1999. Since  2002 I cooperated with a company that already was very famous acting as their international distributor. After the death of my friend in late 2004 I helped his widow continuing the work to keep the company running. 10 months later we parted ways and from then I mainly focussed on finalising the work on my own designs….

It has been a long way to the final destination but the way is never too long if you finally can do what you always wanted to do…..

Sincerely yours,

Chris Feickert

Feickert Analogue is an German manufacturer of High End Analog equipment located in Buchheim, Baden-Wuertemberg, Germany.

Chris Feickert of Dr Feickert Analogue