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Exogal Comet DAC
EXOGAL Comet DAC Rear View
From the folks who created and brought us WADIA !!
Comet DAC with HPs


The Exogal Comet is a high performance digital to analog audio converter (DAC) playing up to 32/384k and DSD. Just connect your computer, or other digital/analog source, and experience exceptional audiophile quality sound. The Comet DAC does everything you would expect a high-end DAC to do, including balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, digital volume control and asynchronous USB input - all at a sensible price.



  • Designed for real-life listening with sound that’s amazing, whatever the setting

  • Easy digital upgrades for hardware and software

  • Controlled by the Exogal Remote App for Android or Apple iOS



  • Asynchronous USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF, Toslink, and line level Analog input

  • Direct connection analog outputs with 32-bit Digital Volume Control

  • Analog Outputs: one pair balanced (XLR), one pair unbalanced (RCA), one stereo Headphone

  • Single ended and balanced analog outputs can be used simultaneously. Single ended outputs can be programmed as stereo, or center/subwoofer operation. Single ended outputs have a programmable offset level from balanced outputs

  • Controlled by the Exogal Remote App for Android phone or tablet (running 4.3 or higher with BLE support) or an iPad, iPhone 4s or newer, or iPod Touch.


Digital Inputs: AES/EBU on XLR, SPDIF on 75Ohm BNC,

                        Toslink, USB-B, Analog on isolated RCA

Analog Outputs: One Pair Balanced (XLR), One Pair Unbalanced (RCA)

USB System Requirements

Apple: OS 10.6.4 or higher - No driver needed

PC: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2 or higher,

Windows 7, Windows 8 & 8.1, Windows 10


Weight: 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg)
Dimensions (HWD): 1.875 x 7.45 x 11.5 in., (4.76 x 19.0 x 29.2 cm)


Finish: Clear (Silver) or Black Anodized Aluminum



Upgrades Available

Exogal Comet Power Supply Upgrade


The EXOGAL Comet Power Supply Upgrade gives you the power to squeeze out that last drop of performance from your Comet DAC! It provides plenty of power to stretch out and render the highest highs, drive the deepest bass, and lets the Comet provide the richest, most authentic sound stage of any DAC on the market.


EXOGAL COMET                MAP $ 3,000.00

PSU UPGRADE                  MAP  $   600.00

EXOGAL COMET PLUS      MAP  $ 3,500.00   [Bundle Price]

EXOGAL Comet DAC Resolution Matrix.png



HiFi+  - Alan Sircom

" Exogal may be a new player in the game, but it has some very wise heads on those young shoulders. One of those heads is Jim Kinne, and his audio hits include Wadia’s highly respected 27 Decoding Computer. The Comet is in essence the distillation of a career (or three) designing ultra-high performance audio devices.
Exogal – like Wadia before it and Chord Electronics today – eschews standard DAC technology, instead using an FGPA (field gate programmable array) for the conversion process. Six of them in fact, each acting as stereo DAC chips for the balanced, single-ended, and headphone circuits as standard.


This array of FGPAs is inherently ‘open ended’. It’s less of a DAC design set in stone, and more of a digital platform capable of significant upgrades through firmware. While nothing is ever entirely ‘future-proofed’, this inherently upgradable design means your Comet DAC is less likely than most to fall obsolete. Any prospective change is just lines of code: even if tomorrow we end up listening to multichannel music, with those six fully programmable DACs in tow, the task is not beyond the Exogal’s reach. We shouldn’t play down the amount of work required to write that putative code, but for the end user, it offers some guarantee against your Comet being Last Year’s Big Thing.
The other great advantage to a fully programmable array is this allows for custom filter options, and the Comet offers one linear, two minimum phase, and one spline filter


Where the Exogal really moves into ‘tomorrow’ technology is it has a pair of line-level phono inputs, which pass through a custom 24/96 A/D conversion, which is upsampled to 24/384 for internal use. This turns the Exogal into a digital hub.

The "milestone" Wadia 27 was one of the most natural, unforced, exciting, and detailed converters money could buy, and even today its performance would be hard to replicate. Except the Exogal Comet does just that. It doesn’t serve up a clone of the infamous Wadia 27 sound, but it has that same sense of music unconstrained by the electronics being played, especially in soundstage terms. You get a sense of why that ‘holographic soundstaging’ cliché exists when you hear something like ‘Church’ from Lyle Lovett’s Joshua Judges Ruth [MCA]; those handclaps and voices from the choir really do appear in a three-dimensional space in front of the listener, whatever the system.

The Exogal’s strongest suit perhaps is that it isn’t the most immediately revealing revelation. If that sounds like a contradiction in terms, it’s simply that a lot of audio seems to be initially impressive, where the Exogal slowly, but inexorably, convinces you of just how damn good it is. Some will never get this, because they want the ten-second ‘wow!’ demonstration. Others will realise music is about more than just being impressive and discover their music holds deeper joys. I played ‘The Pull’ from Richmond Fontaine’s excellent We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River [Décor] and felt wrist-slittingly ‘uplifted’ rather than blown away by the sound, which is precisely how you should feel when listening to this track. High-res is great through the Comet (it will happily play 32/384 and DSD128) but it isn’t mandatory, because you find yourself drawn to the music rather than the sound it makes. You can do that to almost any genre or style of music: I even ploughed through some truly wonderful – but horribly recorded – 1970s Ethopian jazz-funk by Mulatu Astatke (‘Yègelié Tezeta’ on Ethiopiques Vol 4 [Buda]) and the Exogal simply got out of the way to let the groove play on. It also did the same through the digitised line input,

Absolute Sound - about the enclosure
The Comet’s curvaceous anodized aluminium sides and top are fastened onto an unusual base that looks like a slab of acrylic resting on four steel ball-bearings. I asked Haagenstad about the base, and he informed me that “not just the base but also the entire chassis is part of a constrained damping structure. We tried rubber feet, but they just didn’t give us what we wanted in vibration damping. I know: Go figure that rubber didn’t adequately damp the vibration, and that’s the reason. We scanned the chassis to find out where it resonated and the steel feet eliminated that last resonant frequency. Now it’s vibrationally as dead as a brick. Give it a rap with your knuckles and see.” I did and it was. Dead, I mean.



The ION Digital amp, the perfect amplification companion for the Comet DAC


The Exogal ION is a high performance PowerDAC that is specifically designed to be an amplifier and processing extension to the Comet. The Ion connects to the Comet via the EXONET Interface and provides 125 watts per channel (into 8 ohms).

The Ion integrates fully with the Comet and there are no complicated remotes or apps required - the Comet handles it all for you! Simply connect the Comet and the Ion together with one cable and you're done!


POWER OUTPUT:   125W 8 ohms per channel,  250W 4 ohms per channel
MINIMUM LOAD:   2 ohms per channel
PEAK OUTPUT CURRENT:   10 amperes per channel
THD:   0.03% THD @ 1W @ all frequencies into 4 ohms
OUTPUT NOISE:   170uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
VOLTAGE GAIN:   NA, Digital Input
DAMPING FACTOR:   > 30 into 1 ohms, >100 into 4 ohms
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE @ 100Hz:   < 0.03 ohms
DYNAMIC RANGE:   >105dB, A-weighted
INPUT CONNECTION:   EXONET, proprietary digital interface
OUTPUT CONNECTION:   3-way Binding Post (Bare Wire, Banana Jack, Lug)
OPERATING POWER:   800 W Max, Typical 50W
OPERATING VOLTAGES:   Universal , 100-240VAC 50/60 Hz
SIZE:   1.875 x 7.45 x 11.5 in., (47.6 x 190 x 292 mm)
WEIGHT:   9 lbs, 4.08 kg



ION UPGRADE for COMET DAC  :                     MAP  $ 4,200.00

COMET PLUS  / ION POWERDAC COMBO :      MAP  $ 7,200.00  [Bundle Price  -  $500 Off]



in Black



Input Voltage:  85 VAC to 264 VAC

AC Inlet:  IEC320-C14
Output Power Rating:  25W
Output Voltage:  15 VDC
Output Current:  1.7A
Internal Capacitance:  85,000uF
Typical Output Noise:  <400 uVpp
DC Cord Length:  5 ft (1.5m)
Dimensions (HWD) Inches :  6" x 6.5" x 2.25"  

Dimensions (HWD) cms : 15.24cm x 16.5cm x 5.72cm
Weight:  2 lbs (.91 kg)
Finish:  Black
Includes Auxiliary DC Power Jack (for future use)

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