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Holger Fromme of Avantgarde Acoustic

Some things just need a second glance to be believed, but the official Certificate of Registration of Avantgarde Acoustic GmbH
states it black on white: Looking back to May 17, 2011 our company had at the time already existed for exactly 20 years!

It started with the performance of some Pink Floyd played back through a Klipschorn. “What a WHOW experience for me!“, recalls Holger Fromme, founder and MD of Avantgarde Acoustic. “I need horns!“, he concluded, and soon some big horn speakers ruled his 16 sqm student flat.

Just shortly after, the initial verve turned into scientific curiosity, leading to his own research into horn speakers and then ... along came a lucky coincidence: “I met Matthias Ruff at the party of a mutual friend, just to find out that he had also started building horn speakers!“

And from then on, the vision of building a landmark speaker system was clear.

With Holger Fromme’s dedication and Matthias Ruff’s engineering expertise joining forces, it finally ended up in the determination to channel the gained knowledge and enthusiasm about horns into a company, entirely based on this fascinating acoustical technology: Avantgarde Acoustic GmbH was born!

It was a long way, from the first plaster-based molds, producing single-unit hand-made fiberglass horns, to today’s ultra-precise serial horn production, using high-tech materials and manufacturing processes. ​​

And it was a long way from literally a garage start-up to a modern high quality production company -- from a barn (factory one) to the neat premises of today’s horn speaker manufactory in Lautertal, 60 km south of Frankfurt.

“There are many stories to tell...“ says Holger Fromme, laughing, when asked to recall some remarkable incidents from the past 20 years. “Especially going to the first international shows, in the 90s, was a lot of fun – or an incredible strain...“, adds Matthias Ruff with a smile. Enough for quite a few more newsletter articles...


Many things have changed in those 20 + years. But not our belief that the horn technology is the royal road of speaker technology, and that exploring its possibilities will provide some of the best loudspeakers possible.

Many of you readers became part of our company history, by showing your trust and becoming an owner of one of our products. This is very much appreciated here, and indeed our highest motivation! So we not only owe our now 20 years long history to the engagement and persistency of our people, but also – if not mainly – to you, our valued customers. Here’s to the next twenty years!

Avantgarde Acoustics is a German manufacturer of High End Horn Loudspeakers located in Lautertal, in the German state of Hesse.

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