Innuos Zen MK3 Music Server





The Innuos Mk3 Music Server Series continues our pursuit of bringing Digital Music to new heights. Learning from our experience and success with the ZENith MkII SE, and our new collaboration with Dr. Sean Jacobs, the Mk3 family now benefits from trickle-down technology from the highly regarded SE server.

We advanced our design in three key areas : minimizing power noise, reducing vibration and optimizing firmware, resulting in the entire range benefiting from significant upgrades.

For music enthusiasts who want to enjoy their large music libraries with a dedicated server delivering Hi-Fi quality, the ZEN Mk3 represents new value for money in digital audio performance. The new ZEN Mk3 now has :

  • Dual Linear Power Supply 

    • With ultra-low noise regulators and Nichicon Capacitors.

  • Custom-made motherboard

    • With improved EMI treatment.

  • Asymmetrical isolation feet

    • Derived from the successful design implementation on the ZENith SE


  • Full-width Design

  • Innovative Dual-Linear Power Supply with ultra-low noise regulators and Nichicon Capacitors

  • Anti-vibration treatment on chassis and electronic components

  • Independent floating optical drive and HDD platform

  • Medical-grade Mains Filter

  • HDD Storage

  • Dual Ethernet Ports for LAN and Streamer with isolation transformers

  • In-Memory playback with 2GB Cache

  • Ultra-low Noise USB Audio Output

  • Quad-core Intel CPU, 4GB RAM

  • Standard Storage : 1 TB  ( 2TB  --  + $150  /  4TB -- +$400 )

$ 2,849

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HiFi-IFAs / Germany -  Bernd Weber   December 2018

Next up was "Ja Ena Tango" by Haris Alexiou. Wow ... wonderful, the almost supernatural acoustic guitar from the right of the soundstage, and the dreamlike tremolo of Haris' voice. So fine! We looked at the display of our app and saw 44.1 kHz at 16 bit. This was our own rip ?! Crazily awesome what the ZEN MK 3 delivers here. So we keep listening -- The orchestra then added more instruments, the clarity was still retained. From about 3:25 minutes, the bass runs start in very short succession. They remained clean and dry - and did not blur. Bravo!

"Narrenschiff" was next. This track rolls and creaks and squeals ... a "roller coaster" sonic experience. The lows were fascinatingly clean and dry, just as we love it. The ZEN MK 3 always kept a clear overview of the complexity of the orchestra ... nothing is kept secret [hidden or obscured] here ... everything can be assigned to its individual spatial position. Reinhard Mey's voice always stays solidly nailed in place in front of the orchestra ! The rendering of the sense of sheer musicality always remains the ZEN MK3's most important preoccupation. The sound is so natural that you can hardly believe it. 


As we continued listening, with every new track our impression of the sound portrayed through this music server became more and more convincing and amazing, so much so that we can no longer stop listening. For us, the Innuos ZEN MK3 is, in no uncertain terms, a music server with a "strong-willed character". Beware: There is a real risk of addiction!

The musical performance and practicality of the Innuos ZEN MK3 "slams" our Rating Scale hard : 

This is a real HiFi IFAs 'Hammer' with a maximum of 6 out of 6 ! 

(Hammer : German-speak for "killer-value") 



The Innuos ZEN MK3 is a music server with a "strong-willed character". With its great design, it fits perfectly within any home hi-fi system. It runs very quietly during music playback, and is very intuitive to operate. 


The ZEN MK3 paints timbres with the finest of strokes. Voices and instruments are reproduced fantastically, and of course, this is accompanied by a brilliant spatial representation. The bass "rolls" clean and dry and does not bloat the listening room.


An excellent example of when the highest level of care pays high dividends when processing and restituting digital music.


  • Digital Output  - Ultra Low Noise USB 2.0 supporting USB Audio Class 1, USB Audio Class 2 and DoP              



  • Ethernet - 2x isolated RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet - LAN and Streamer connection    

  • Other - 1x VGA (service connection only)    

  • USB - 1x USB 2.0 (DAC), 1x USB 3.0 (Backup)         



  • CD Formats  - Red Book    

  • Disc Compatibility -  CD, CD-R, CD-RW  

  • Audio format for stored CDs - FLAC (zero compression), WAV  

  • Audio Formats Supported for streaming and playing - WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, AAC, MP3         



  • Sample Rates  - 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4KHz. 192kHz, 352.8KHz, 384KHz , DSD64, DSD128

  • Bit Depths - 16bit, 24bit, 32bit         



  • Web Interface - Web Browsers from iOS, Android (4.0 and up) or up-to-date Windows and OS X browsers    

  • Mobile - App for iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows 10         



  • CD/DVD drive -TEAC Slot-loading drive    

  • Hard Drive - 1Tb WD RED HDD    

  • CPU - Intel Quad Core 2GHz    

  • Memory - 4Gb DDR3 - 2Gb dedicated for Memory Playback       



  • UPnP/DLNA - UPnP Server DLNA device compatible    

  • USB - Connect and play to USB DACs (USB Audio Class 1 and Class 2, DoP)    

  • Average CD Storage Time - 5 minutes    

  • CD Metadata - OneMusicAPI aggregating multiple CD metadata sources


  • Sonos Multi-room Wireless Music System

  • Naim Mu-so Multi-room Wireless Music System

  • Denon HEOS Multi-room Wireless Music System

  • Squeezebox Multi-room Wireless Music System

  • Naim Uniti music streamers

  • Linn DS music streamers

  • Pioneer N50A

  • Cambridge Audio CXN

  • Denon 720AE

  • DLNA/UPnP compatible devices

  • USB DACs complying to USB Audio Class 1 or 2

  • USB DACs supporting DSD over DoP protocol



  • Network

    • Internet connection to access album metadata when storing CDs, Internet Radio, Streaming Services and software updates

    • Network router with at least one available ethernet port

    • Premium subscription required for some streaming services such as Spotify, Qobuz and Tidal

  • Music Controller  -- Remote control app compatible with the Logitech Media Server (Free and Paid versions available) or Web Browser - Most modern web browsers and platforms are supported

  • DAC / Converter  -- DAC with USB input supporting USB Audio Class 1, USB Audio Class 2 or DoP protocols



  • Mains Supply -- 120V AC - Internal Triple-Linear Power Supply with ultra-low noise regulators

  • Power Consumption 12W when idle, 25W peak



  • Dimensions 70 x 420 x 320 mm (H x W x D)

  • Weight 9 Kg

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Innuos Zen MK3 - Rear View

Our Take on the INNUOS Servers at Atelier 13 Audio


I really don't know where to start when it comes to describing the pleasure I am experiencing with the INNUOS servers in our various systems here at Atelier 13 Audio ...there are many aspects to this. I am essentially a Vinyl lover, appreciated the convenience of very acceptable CD-playback through top CD Transports and excellent DACs....but I had never been a friend of server-based playback whether Hi-Rez or otherwise. Ripping quality of CDs was dubious, restitution of downloaded hi-rez files not "exactly musical", and this in every sense of the what has been, and still was, commonly known as the sub-optimal "Digital Experience". With time, digital file quality improved somewhat, and DACs have certainly improved musically, at least some of them. Nonetheless, what still was a major annoyance was the geeky complexity of server operating application set-up, glitches in interface, and the notorious Wifi/Networking headaches plaguing the entire "Command and Control" aspect of the user experience.


Although I am over 60, I am not a computer neophyte as I use all manner of sophisticated CAD apps and have hacked my own Windows OS in the days when this was still easy. I personally will always be able to manage my way through the process of setting up server based systems. But I am also a Dealer, and very many of my clients are not able to do so, nor do they have the slightest inclination to want to be put through any sort of torture of this kind. As so much of this gear was still GEEK-oriented, something needed to change if servers were going to appeal to all types of users. 


Enter the INNUOS servers. Well, suffice it to say that it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to set up these servers and start listening to music ... Awesome ! 15minutes if opting for only UPNP, and about 15 minutes more if wanting to use ROON / Streaming as well. The INNUOS software itself is super-simple and intuitive. Its ability to link and operate with iPENG9 and Logitech LMS players is equally simple. So .. finally ...we now can look forward to no more headaches ...leaving the all important question: 


How do the INNUOS servers sound ? The answer is, in one word ... SUPERB, and this from a Vinyl lover ... truly superb.

... ahhh, "que les dieux de la musique soient bénis"... may the gods of music be blessed !

Innuos Music Server Functionality

InnuOS Operating System

Powered by innuOS

innuOS allows complete Music Library management using a tablet or smartphone. Ripping CDs, importing music, editing album data (including covers) and backing up your music library can all be done easily without the need for a PC/Mac computer. innuOS also contains many intelligent features to help organise your Music Library such as our rule-based music import engine or the Assisted CD Ripping mode.


Innuos Music Server Functionality

Intelligent CD Ripping

Bit-Perfect Ripping
Using AccurateStream technology, extract every last bit of your CDs into WAV or FLAC files.

Automatic CD Ripping
Just pop-in a CD! innuOS will automatically get full album data and cover from multiple online databases, rip your CD and eject when done.

Assisted CD Ripping
Assisted CD Ripping allows you to see and edit all the album data and cover obtained from the online databases before you rip the CD. Great for Classical Music!

Quiet Mode
Love to listen to music whilst ripping your CDs and want absolute silence? Just engage Quiet Mode for slowing down ripping, making it much quieter and with less vibration.

Offline Ripping
CDs can be ripped without internet connection. When connected, album data and cover for all offline ripped CDs will be obtained with a simple click.

Innuos Music Server Functionality

Digital Music Import

Import Wizards for Existing Libraries

Pre-defined wizards for importing music from USB storage, Music Servers and NAS.

Intelligent Import Engine
innuOS takes all the hard work of importing music by intelligently analyzing the music files and applying a number of rules such as:

  • Organising the music based on format quality (compressed, cd quality or high-resolution), Artist and Album

  • Removing very long file names or illegal characters

  • Adding metadata to WAV files based on folder structure

Download from Online Stores
Qobuz, Linn Records, HD Tracks, HiResAudio, B&W Society of Sound, iTunes, Amazon and more. Just download the music files (even if they are in a zip or tar file) to the Auto Import shared folder and the server will take care of adding and updating the music library.

Innuos Music Server Functionality

Music Library Management

Edit or Delete Albums
Browse your library, select the album you want to update and just start editing directly on your tablet or smartphone. You can change the cover, manage genres based on previously used genres or simply delete the album - couldn’t be easier.

Quarantine is a staging area, separate from the Music Library, where any albums requiring attention are placed so they can be fixed before they go into the Music Library. These include :

  • Albums with no metadata

  • Ripped albums with damaged tracks

  • Potentially duplicated albums

  • Albums ripped offline

Automatic Music Library Update
After music is added, modified or deleted, the library is automatically updated as well as any connected systems such as Sonos or UPnP Streamers.

Music Server Management

Automatic Network Identification
No more figuring out IP addresses find your server. Just go to on your tablet or smartphone to list all Innuos devices on the network and access the innuOS App from there.

Remote Updates
Update the system with a touch of a button to benefit from our continuous improvements: new functionalities, enriched customer experience or enhanced sound quality.

Automatic Backup to USB Drive or NAS
Backup of your music library can be set on innuOS to start automatically based on library growth (e.g. every time 50 CDs are added) to either a USB backup drive or to a NAS on the network.

Innuos Music Server Functionality
Innuos Music Server Functionality

HIFI Music Player

Rediscover Your Music and Discover New One
Play all your music as well as Internet Radio and streaming services with the best sound quality by connecting directly to a DAC or Digital Amplifier via asynchronous USB.

  • Spotify

  • Tidal

  • Qobuz

  • BBC iPlayer

Spotify, Tidal and Qobuz require premium subscription

Supports All Major Music Formats
The innuOS Music Player plays FLAC, DSD, MQA, WAV, Apple Lossless, AIFF, M4A and MP3 supporting bitrates up to 32bit/384KHz and DSD256, when connecting to compatible DACs

Playback from NAS
Play music stored on an external NAS drive.

Roon-Ready Player
The innuOS Music Player can optionally become a Roon-Ready player so you can use the amazing Roon interface to explore your music like never before.

BBC Player Logo.png


Perfect Integration with Sonos
innuOS can automatically connect its music library to a Sonos system at the touch of a button as well as automatically rescan the Sonos Music Library when any album is added, modified or deleted from the Music Library.

Fast and Reliable UPnP Server
innuOS also contains a UPnP Server configured out-of-the-box to work flawlessly with a number of UPnP-based systems:

  • Wireless multi-room: such as Denon HEOS, Bang & Olufsen and BOSE amongst others

  • Music streamers such as Naim, Linn , Moon, Auralic and many others


Roon Server
innuOS will also optionally integrate Roon Core* so you can use innuOS with other Roon-Ready streamers for a complete multi-room system.

* A Roon license, purchased separately, is required

Home Automation
innuOS can be integrated with the most popular home automation control systems such as RTI, Control4, KNX, AMX, Elan, Crestron and iRidium.

Innuos Music Server Functionality
Nuno Vitorino of Innuos

In this video, Innuos’ R&D Director Nuno Vitorino

goes longer on each MK3 model’s specifics