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QUAD QC-Twenty Four Detail



Quad pre amplifiers utilize a completely new design. Together with transformers designed by one of the world's leading authorities and relay input switching the musical signal is preserved in its purest form - pursuant to the philosophy of the theoretical perfect amplifier which as Peter Walker himself stated, is 'a straight wire with gain'.


QUAD QC Twenty Four Phono Stage - Front View

With the analogue purist in mind the Quad Twenty-Four P dedicated phono stage has been voiced by the finest ears in the industry and features an MM / MC toggle switch and a choice of direct full level or variable output for use with a power amp.


To complement the legendary valve power driving your loudspeakers the Twenty Four P has been developed to give you simplistic and pure control over your audio sources.

The QC-twenty-four is a completely new design, and is both neutral and detailed, utilizing a military specification 6111 valve which is so reliable it is hard-wired to the circuit board.


QUAD QC Twenty Four Phono Stage - Rear View

QUAD QC-24 P  -  Specifications

Valve Complement - 4 x 6111
Total Harmonic Distortion - <0.08% (A-weighted)
Frequency Response (RIAA/IEC equalization) - 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-0.5dB)
Hum and Noise (mm position, input shorted) - Better than 60dB
Input Impedance - Moving Magnet    47kΩ
Input Impedance - Moving Coil    10Ω    
Stage Gain - High Sensitivity    
1.3mV (MM)/130µV (MC)
Stage Gain - Medium Sensitivity    2.6mV (MM) / 260µV (MC)
Stage Gain - Low Sensitivity    5.2mV (MM) / 520µV (MC)
Nominal Output Level (ref 5.2mV, MM, Low) - 1.0V
Inputs - Selectable MM/MC cartridge
Outputs - 1 x Fixed line level, 1 x Variable line level
Power Consumption - 15VA maximum
Dimensions (H x W x D) - 90 x 220 x 300mm

$ 1,795

The fabulous 6111WA tube

Quad QC-24 Phono Stage - JAN 6111WA Tube
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