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Air Motion Transformer Super Tweeter by TakeT! 

The TakeT “Heil-based” AMT Super tweeters are an astonishing add-on to any system. Notably you will get a huge boost in three dimensionality, you will also get a more palpable midrange and greater density with incredibly more vivid image outlines! You will not get a thinner sound, and no you will not get a brighter sound, on the contrary, you will get a boost in realism and a blacker background.

Designed and manufactured in Kanagawa Japan by
Toshitaka Takei
Taket BatPro2 Front View
Taket BatPro 2 Rear View
Taket BatPro2 Membrane Close Up

BATPRO 2 Supertweeter

These Supertweeters are truly transformational and are compatible with all Loudspeakers topologies. 


Maximum rating : @35V

Reproduction frequency band region : 18kHz -150kHz or more

The maximum output sound efficiency : 100dB/W/m Five stage switch

Mass : About 300 grams

Size : 125mm (width) x 90mm (height) x 100mm (depth with terminals)

Drive system : Polymer Piezo-Electric Heil type

Adjustable SPL efficiency via 5-way switch :

OFF :     @ 50dB

1 :       @  70dB

2 :      @  80dB

3 :      @  90dB

4 :      @100dB

Taket BatPro 2 Settings

$ 649.00  / pair  -   Special Offer $ 549.00 - In STOCK
US Distributor Warranty Included - We are not responsible for Purchases made on E-Bay or Amazon from non-US resellers.


How do the TAKET Supertweeters affect the sound field ?


Please read the explanatory document provided via the link below :


Inaudible Frequencies - Effect on the Human Brain ?

Please read the downloadable technical document provided via the link below :