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MAGELLAN VI su Bass Extension Speaker

The MAGELLAN VI su driver uses an extremely stiff low mass single piece convex aluminum cone. The tuning for this model results in unprecedented performance with speed and warmth. The Magellan VI su will integrate well at crossover points as high as 200Hz with no signature. Low vibration is inherent to the design and allows flexible placement even amongst your existing components in the rack. You can use the MAGELLAN VI su singly or in pairs powered by our TBI 200 su or you can use your favorite high quality subwoofer amplifier or amplifier/crossover combination to customize your application.


$ 800.00




MAGELLAN VIII su Bass Extension Speaker

The MAGELLAN VIII su is truly a work horse in deep bass performance. When the need is to extend the bass of a speaker system that has good low bass it will be easier to blend with this model. The truly remarkable property of ETL™ designs is the absolutely constant loading of the driver cone at all frequencies to allow our MAGELLAN VIII su to perform to 10Hz at full power input. Performance into the infrasonic range is exemplary when you consider that it is realized with a low mass driver capable of disappearing in an audiophile system. We recommend this unit for extending the bass of mains that are going to at least 100 Hz for bottom two octaves and infrasonic extension.

$ 1,250.00

MAGELLAN VIII xu Bass Extension Speaker

​The MAGELLAN VIII xu is a new member of the TBI family and represents the best extension both high and low for our subs. Although it retains the same skin and basic design of the Magellan VIII su it has an enhanced upper bass output to deliver accurate reach to mains that may only reach down to 200Hz. In reality this is the most difficult challenge to accomplish and is one reason that all audiophiles cross the subwoofer over at the lowest possible frequency.

$ 1,350.00

200 su Power Amplifier

The TBI 200 su is designed to give you years of listening pleasure.Its small compact physical signature coupled with its high efficiency class AB design operates with vanishing low distortion supplying 150 W to a single TBI™ Bass Extension Module or 200W if two modules are connected. The extremely flat amplifier response ensures that maximum signal transfer occurs regardless of the bass module used. The patented TBI 200 su has a full complement of controls to allow for complete integration with your mains. This unit also features a high pass crossover when you use the speaker level to input the signal to the amplifier. The fixed 70Hz crossover point relieves your monitors from excessive low bass operation usually reducing IM distortion at higher levels.


$ 450.00


EMPEROR DPM-8 Bass Extension Speaker


Featuring Direct Port Modulation. Unlike our Magellan design which focuses on fast response for the fundamental bass octaves, the .84 cu ft DPM-8 design allows a low mass driver to produce the full range of bass from below 20Hz to above 200Hz effectively and efficiently. Launching a broad range of critically damped standing waves, the ports serves to produce wide-band bass as critically damped standing waves allowing the driver to maintain low excursion throughout this typically demanding low bass range. This produces quick bass response over a broad frequency range at high levels thereby serving audiophile music and Home Theater applications with natural non resonant bass.

Available in passive and active versions.


Amplifier Power Output : 250W class D into 8 ohm internal load (low heat dissipation)

THD - <1%

S/N Ratio @ rated Power : >90dbInput

Sensitivity (full power) : 3V/50Hz @ High Level

Input Sensitivity (full power) : 210mv @ Low Level

Variable Low Pass Frequency : 40Hz – 200HzMax.

Acoustic Output Level (typical 1m) : 115db@32Hz

Variable Phase Control : 0—180 degrees

Dimensions : 15”L x 12.5”W x 12.5”H 

Weight : 30lbs


DPM-8               $1,350.00

DPM-8P (active)   $1,750.00


The Majestic Diamond II™ multi-way audio monitor uses the Embedded Transmission Line (ETL™) technology, which controls any internal resonance. You will know that this handsomely constructed monitor means serious business the moment that you remove it from packaging. You will notice the quality 5-way gold-plated binding posts, which allow many ways to connect the speaker to audio cables.


Performance details and compatibility is provided in the Product Brochure obtainable via the Link below:


$    950.00 / Pair Satin Black

$ 1,500.00 / Pair Piano Black

MILLENIA MG3 Integrated Amplifier

This amplifier represents the state of the art in its construction and execution of linear and class BD electronic technology for a new level of audio enjoyment at home and on the go. While this new amplifier was designed to complement our HDSS® based Majestic Diamond Audio Monitors it will benefit any quality speaker system. The MILLENIA MG3 is green by design seeking out all energy saving measures as an integral part of its operation. All auxiliary functions are precluded from its features.


Performance details and compatibility is provided in the Product Brochure obtainable via the Link below:



$ 500.00 


Bass Extension Speakers




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