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THE WAND PLUS  Series 2 Tonearm


Since being launched in late 2011 it has picked up a BEST Design Award (New Zealand)  and numerous Five Star reviews around the world.


The Wand Plus is available in 9in, 10in and 12in lengths.


The Wand Unipivot Tonearm® represents a step change in tonearm design. This is not your grandmother’s ‘gramophone’.


Its large diameter carbon-fibre arm tube makes it at least four times stiffer than ‘traditional’ arms.


Specifications for 9.5", 10.3" & 12" models


  • 22mm diameter carbon-fibre tube is 4x stiffer than conventional arms.

  • Careful termination of arm vibrations. Solid machined 50mm Brass body.

  • Medium effective mass (13 to 15g) suits most cartridges:

    • Effective Mass 9.5" arm - 12.5 g

    • Effective Mass 10.3" arm - 14 g

    • Effective Mass 12" arm - 15 g

  • Installation tool enabling 90% of the performance to be achieved quickly.

  • 9.5in is a drop in replacement for Rega geometry arms (25mm hole @~222mm).

  • 10.3in is the longest arm possible for Linn LP12 and Technics SL1200 family

  • 12in arm has 24% reduction in distortion. (25mm hole at 295mm from spindle)

  • SME, Technics, Thorens & Linn LP12 and Lenco mounting instructions.

  • Fitted weight ~500g (550g for 12in). This is similar to SME 3009 / Linn Ittok.

  • Baerwald alignment (Fixed angle, adjustable overhang) Thread /weight antiskate.

  • US Patent Application; 29396989 Registered Design & Trademark


Other Details


  • Cable :

    • 900mm long

    • Unscreened Cardas

    • 35pF capacitance per channel

  • Separate armtube earth

  • Mounting dimensions : 

    • 222mm from spindle for 9.5"

    • 246mm from spindle for 10.3"

    • 295mm from spindle for 12" 

    • 25mm diameter hole (23mm min)

  • Cartridge Mounting / Alignment :

    •  12.7mm centres. Fixed angle.

    • Adjustable overhang. (Baerwald)

  • Total weight; : 

    • 500g for 9.5"

    • 535g for 10.3"

    • 550g for 12"


Cartridge Compatibiity


The Wand is "Medium Mass" at 12.5g effective mass (15g for the 12in), so will work with most cartridges. Even a high compliance cartridge like a Shure V15Vx gives a measured resonance at 7Hz, so is ok.  


At the other extreme, conventional low compliance cartridges work well. Arm/Cartridge matching is frequently over-stated, unless you have a system with massive bandwidth or insist on playing badly warped records, it shouldn't be an issue.


The most popular cartridge with our users are Denon DL103 or Ortofon 2M and variants of them both.

>> See the review pages


Other cartridges that have been sucessfully used include Lyra, Decca London, Dynavector, Transfiguration and Grado.


Some images are shown below, and there are a lot more on a Pinterest Board >>  Wand Cartridge Collection 
















Turntable Compatibility


The Wand is designed around the Rega style mounting dimensions. Do check the height, some lids may hit.


Mounts for existing turntables : The Wand mounts in a round hole (23-30mm) as with most turntables.




The Wand Plus Installation  ...  PDF 850kB




More Installation Information


The first three of five Installation videos are on Vimeo - (Each 3-5minutes long)


  1. Fitting & Balancing  -  Link

  2. Drilling the Mounting Hole -  Link

  3. Fitting the Mount -  Link  

  4. Fitting the Arm & Setting Overhang -  Coming Soon

  5. Vertical & Horizontal Balancing -  Coming Soon


To ease the replacement an existing arm we offer the following guides :



Will The Wand work on my suspended turntable?


The Wand weighs ~500g (~1lb). This is similar to SME 3009, and a little heavier than Rega arms (420g).

So it should be within the adjustment range of most turntables.




Swedish magazine Hifi&Music reviewed The Wand Tonearm fitted to an Analogue Works TT2 and using a Lyra Kleos cartridge and concluded (translated) :


Sure, the combination costs a pretty penny and it is hard to discount the vertiginous precision in the detail that the Lyra cartridge contributes. But, I cannot recall having ever heard a Lyra sound as muscular and dynamic, and clearly the mechanically stable and low loss tonearm contributes to this.

Yes, it feels as if the stylus movement is directly coupled to the amplifier. So, considering the price, the Wand presents itself as a true bargain!  (December 2015)







Damped cuing, arm lock, Eichmann plugs, more substantial mounting and vibration over Classic line.



Wand Plus   9" Arm   $ 1,400.00

Wand Plus 10" Arm   $ 1,600.00

 Wand Plus 12" Arm   $ 1,800.00 



Upgraded wiring, Zirconium Oxide bearing, silver finish for carbon fiber tubing and matching diamond knurl parts, easily adjustable VTA and external damping facility.


Wand Plus   9" Arm   $ 2,500.00

Wand Plus 10" Arm   $ 2,900.00

 Wand Plus 12" Arm   $ 3,250.00 

Technical Drawing





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