Vinnie Rossi L2i Integrated Amplifier

I can tell you that this was one of the most rewarding periods of my life as an audiophile.

It’s all a happy, satisfying blur.

Marc Phillips - Part~time Audiophile

Vinnie Rossi L2i

Integrated Amplifier


The L2i is our response to “why not?” Why not simplify our L2 Signature Edition Integrated Amplifier (L2i-SE) for customers looking to avoid the expense of big, exotic direct-heated triodes like the 300B or 2A3? Why not offer the same flexibility, stunning build quality and appearance – including a large percentage of the Vinnie Rossi Signature Edition sound – at a more attractive price point? The L2i is Vinnie Rossi’s answer to that question.

The L2i’s gain stage incorporates a single pair of octal 6SN7 small triodes instead of inferior 12AX7/6922 types. The 6SN7 with its beefier plate structure is tonally far more sophisticated and our top choice when DHTs are too costly. Ours run in a dual-mono, class-A, grounded-grid circuit with zero feedback. This feeds a true dual-mono, high-bandwidth class-AB MOSFET output stage to make the L2i an exceptional hybrid integrated amplifier. The tubes set the sonic characteristics and the transistors add the high-current drive for challenging speaker loads. It’s a best-of-both-worlds scenario with very low maintenance or tube replacement costs.

This integrated amplifier reproduces music with terrific spaciousness, harmonic sophistication, liquidity and detail that transistors simply cannot achieve on their own. You also get the L2 Dac and Phonostage options and full-function L2 remote handset. Merging all of this with superlative build quality, reliability and a 10-year warranty make the L2 a striking single-chassis proposition. It sits just one step below our flagship integrated but at a significant savings to offer you the highest performance/price ratio in our product line.


Vinnie Rossi L2i Integrated

Vinnie Rossi L2i  Features (Linestage)


  • Class-A, ultra wide bandwidth, dual 6SN7 octal triodes.  Also compatible with CV181, 6N8P and 6BL7 tube families. 

  • Dual-mono layout patented Belleson super regulator feed for ultra-quiet linear voltage regulation of the triodes, and the (optional) L2 DAC and L2 Phonostage modules

  • Discrete, 64-step resistor ladder volume control using Pickering England silent signal relays

  • True active balanced (XLR) and single-ended (RCA) line level inputs and preamplifier outputs

  • Internal “tube bypass mode” switches (replaces tube linestage with a Class-A JFET stage)

  • Included tubes: EH6SN7 (matched pair)

  • Full-function aluminum remote control handset

L2i Features (Power output stage)

  • Wide-bandwidth, purist Class AB MOSFET topology (only one pair of output devices)

  • True dual-mono power supply with custom-wound toroidal power supply transformers
    WBT NextGen 0703cu Speaker Binding Posts

  • Speaker outputs can be switched on/off via the front panel

Additional Features

  • Solid, precision CNC machined aluminum chassis and “bank vault,” ball bearing control knobs

  • Solid, precision CNC machined aluminum isolation base with Stillpoints ULTRA MINI feet

  • Designed and manufactured by Vinnie Rossi in the USA

  • 10-year warranty


Output Power  (tested @ 120Vac Input)

100W rms into 8-ohms

170W rms into 4-ohms (2-ohm stable)

Frequency Response  (tested @ 120Vac Input)

0.5Hz – 100kHz (+/- 1dB, with stock EH6SN7 tubes)
0.5Hz – 150kHz (+/- 1dB, w/ Tube Bypass Mode Enabled)

Output Impedance

0.1 ohms
Input Impedance  (SE and BAL Inputs)

10K ohm
Voltage Gain    

32 dB  (with stock EH300B tubes)

24dB (DHT Bypass Mode Enabled)

Less than 0.5% (with stock EH300B Tubes)
Less than 0.01
% (DHT Bypass Mode Enabled)

Volume Control

64 steps (approx. 1dB per step) from -∞ to +8dB

Balance Control

24 steps from L to R (approx. 1db per step)

– AC input jack fuse
– MOV (AC input surge protection)
– Over temperature


17.25″ wide x 14.5″ deep x 6″ tall

438mm x 368mm x 154mm

50 lbs (23 kg)
Shipping Weight

60 lbs (27 kg) including travel case

Vinnie Rossie L2i Integrated Amplifier -

Vinnie Rossi L2 DAC - Optional    $3,495

The L2 DAC is our latest, statement-level d-a converter module that allows music to flow in an effortless manner that mirrors true analog playback with its highly resolving and dynamic, yet non-fatiguing sound signature. No matter if you are playing PCM files from 16-bit/44.1kHz to 32-bit/768kHz or DSD files from DSD64 to DSD512, you will become captivated listening with Vinnie Rossi’s approach to digital playback.


L2 DAC Features

  • Bit-perfect playback at sampling rates up to PCM 768kHz (16, 24, or 32 bit compatible), as well up to DSD512. Sample rates are viewable from front panel display.

  • Dual-mono design, with one flagship AKM AK4497EQ d/a chip per channel.

  • Fully discrete, pure Class-A JFET analog outputs stage design with cascode constant-current source biasing (no opamps).

  • On-board FPGA buffer and femto-reclocking circuitry negates effects of jitter. Isolated input stages.

  • ‘NOS’ (non-oversampling) filter mode with digital filter bypass, as well as a Minimal Phase digital filter mode (selected via the “FILTER” button on the L2 Remote).

  • Absolute polarity ‘normal’ / Absolute polarity ‘inverted’ modes (selected via the “PHASE” button on the L2 Remote).

  • Belleson Super-regulated voltage feed to numerous ultra-low noise, linear voltage regulators used throughout (for both digital and analog sections).

  • “Silent” mute ‘reed relays’ (*barely* an audible click from the board when changing tracks of a different sample rate).

  • Inputs : 1 USB, 1 Coax (75-ohm BNC, with included RCA adapter) and 1 TOSLINK (optical).

  • Connect up to three devices and switch between them via L2 front panel or the remote handset.


L2 DAC Specification

  • Output Voltage2.0V rms

  • Output Impedance< 100 ohms

  • SNR> 115dB

  • Playback Bit Rates Accepted (PCM)16, 24, 32

  • PCM Windows44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176, 192, 352, 384, 705, and 768kHz – driver included.

  • PCM Mac OSX44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176, 192, 352, 384, 705, and 768kHz – no driver required.

  • PCM Sonore44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176, 192, 352, 384, 705, and 768kHz

  • DSD WindowsDSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512 Native mode, and DoP) – driver included.

  • DSD Mac OSXDSD64, DSD128, DSD256 (DoP) – no driver required.

  • DSD SonoreDSD64, DSD128, DSD256, and DSD512 (both Native mode, and DoP

Vinnie Rossie L2i Integrated Amplifier -
Vinnie Rossie L2i Integrated Amplifier -

“…in its price class, I believe it’s an apex predator.”

 "I struggled to pull
myself away from every listening session, and was frequently overwhelmed by the
emotion and majesty it had the capacity to convey.”