Cristian Anelli of Aqua Acoustic Quality

Cristain, CEO and Head of R&D comments on his Design and Philosophy 

"Aqua Acoustic Quality was born in 2010. Our main goal was and still is sound reproduction in the most neutral simple way. That's why we design our digital sources with a class A analog stage, zero upsampling, zero oversampling, no digital filter and no feedback. We consider both solid-state and tube circuits with no prejudice at all. We use the electronics parts we need and where they can be employed at their best. The La Voce uses a Jfet/Bjt analog output stage, the La Scala a hybrid ECC81/Mosfet design. Even if they are technically different, the final result shows them to carry the same genetic design imprint."


"Compared to most other DACs on the market, one of the main criteria for our converters' different sonic approach is the elimination of digital filtering. In 2005 we started to research a different solution from the ubiquitous up/ oversampling which so dominates the digital era.


We realized that the heart of the sound was not just the elimination of digital filtering but the quality of the PCM signal transmission. Surely the so-called jitter issue is relevant to final sound quality but it is far from the only aspect which affects digital playback.


That's why we developed an entirely new circuit which only later became identified as DFD or direct from decoder. This circuitry is purely made from logic gates.


The La Scala MKII's DFD circuitry is more sophisticated than the La Voce's. Galvanic and magnetic separation are achieved with high-speed opto-couplers which you can find beneath the BB PCM1704-K board. This allows ground potentials to be completely separated for the digital and analog stages. In addition it provides for an accurate cleaned-up PCM signal spike.


Common to both models is a realistic but relaxed sound with the highest precision in the time domain to generate an outstanding soundstage with lots of ambience. For conversion we purposely rely on pure multi-bit R2R ladder ICs exclusively. About the sonic differences of the converter modules for the La Voce.

AAQ is based in the Opera district of Milan and run by Cristian Anelli



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