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" Ren is an isolating cable for high end audio streaming via ethernet. This isolator, besides from its filter function, completely galvanically isolates signal, power and ground, which means that all noise is removed ... revealing only the purest music."


REN - Ethernet Isolator

REN which in Swedish means clean or pure is our brand new accessory for high end audio streaming via ethernet.


With this isolator, besides from acting as a filter, both signal and ground are completely galvanically isolated, which means all noise is removed and through comes only music.


In the aluminum body milled out of two solid pieces of non magnetic high grade aluminum  which is specially designed to keep out any interference, the isolator is molded in a vibration dampening material.


The connectors used are specially design for high end ethernet cables and has a die-cast robust zinc housing and high quality latch-protectors.  


The cable it self is a high grade cat 8 ethernet cable that is specially designed for noise cancellation most commonly used for medical and military purposes, where noise isolation is just as important as in audio. It feature an aluminum PETP foil around each balanced twisted pair of copper cable. All four pairs are then housed with a special thermoplastic material, and finally wrapped in a custom noise reducing sleeve normally used in aerospace, that also provides a luxurious finish for the listeners eyes. But as you might imagine, the real beauty comes from the sound that it provides.


AB-TECH REN Ethernet Isolator cable specifications

  • CAT 8.1 Cable & Connectors

  • Complete galvanic isolation

  • RJ45 connectors

  • Different lengths are available



0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0m

$ 1,250

2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0m

$ 1,550


Marek Dyba / March 9, 2023

"A-B Tech REN LAN isolator stands out among other audiophile LAN cables because of its more comprehensive functionality. Yes, it is a LAN cable and in this role does a great job compared to the other ones I have at my disposal. It is well-made, terminated with solid, high-quality plugs, and quite flexible which makes it easy to install in a system. It is the metal box in the middle of the cable’s run though, that makes a difference making it one of the most interesting products available on the market. With it, as the name suggests, isolating an audio setup from all the noise and distortion coming from the network is taken care of.


What’s more, not only the signal but also the ground is galvanically isolated. It means that in many systems this one product can help you resolve more than one issue and contribute to the final sonic performance of your system when playing music from files, whether from local storage or from the Internet.


The overall sonic signature in my opinion is very analog. But it is not the warm, soft, rounded-on-the-edges, analog sound, but rather one that is incredibly coherent, smooth, and rich, yet resolving, spatial, and transparent. Obviously the final result, the performance of the whole system still depends on many other factors (components of the setup) but the A-B Tech REN can give it a push towards an immersive, highly musical, not-digital, quite live-like performance. So if that’s what you look for, you should give this first product Alexander Bladelius developed a try because it is one of the best you can find"



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