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Our Dealer Stock Rotation component sales page offers high value audio gear, all in new condition, with manufacturer Warranty. 


Pass Labs X150.8

Power Amplifier - USA

MRSP - $ 7,150

More... :
Pass Labs page 

SALE : $ 4,650 - 35% Off !

Plus $125 Shipping & Insurance, and $160 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

New In Box
Full Warranty

"As the entry-level class A/B stereo power .8 amplifier, the X150.8 features many of the same technical and sonic attributes of its larger brethren.

It features 150 watts per channel, 100K ohm input impedance and operates “higher” into Class A than its predecessors. Simply put, the X150.8 will compel you to listen to your entire music collection again and again

pass labs x150.8.jpg

Class : A/AB

Type : Stereo

Gain (dB) : 26

Full Power @ 26 dB gain (V): 1.73

Low Frequency Response : 1.5 Hz

High Frequency Response : 100 KHz

Power Output /ch (8 ohm) : 150W

First 15W in Class A

Inputs : 1 x RCA SE / 1 x XLR BAL

Input Impedance (SE & BAL) :

50/100 Kohms

Damping Factor : 150

Power Consumption @ Idle : 370 W

Dimensions inches : 19 x 21.25 x 7.5

Unit Weight : 88 lbs

Pass Labs X150.8 rear.jpg
Pass Labs X150.8 Detail.jpg
Pass Labs X150.8.jpg


Pass Labs XP-12

Line Preamplifier - USA

MRSP - $ 6,100

More... : Pass Labs page 

SALE : $ 3,995 - 35% Off !

Plus $85 Shipping & Insurance, and $140 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check


New In Box
Full Warranty

" The new XP-12 starts with a new power supply. It uses an efficient toroidal design with both an electrostatic and Mu metal shield along with vacuum impregnating and epoxy fill. This gives us a very quiet transformer both electrically and mechanically. The power supply circuitry itself is also lower noise and has additional filtering, a little more complicated but worth it. The XP-12 uses the single stage volume control borrowed from the XS line preamp. This gives us one hundred 1 dB steps with lower noise and distortion while removing some signal path parts.!"

Pass Labs XP-12_front.jpg

Overall Gain : 9.3dB Balanced

Remote : yes

Inputs : 3 x SE / RCA. 2 x BAL / XLR

Outputs : 1 X SE RCA / 1 x BAL XLR

Input Impedance ; 22K Ohms

Power Consumption : 30 watts

Number of chassis : 1

Dimensions : 17”W x 12”D x 4”H

Weight : 20 lbs


Pass Labs XP12_LS_3.jpg
Pass Labs XP-12_rear.jpg
Pass Labs XP12_LS_1-2.jpg

AMPLIFICATION - Solid State Class A

First Watt - F7

Power Amplifier - USA

MRSP - $ 3,000

More... : Pass Labs page 

SALE : $ 2,400 - 20% Off !

Plus $90 Shipping & Insurance, and $90 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

No Tax outside of TN

New In Box
Full Warranty


Single-ended / two-stage Class A
Signal JFET + Power JFET Topology

"What makes the F7 so special is its inherent textural sweetness and warm tonality. There are many (too many?) solid-state amps out there that manage to sound smooth and refined yet lack the organic character of live music. The F7, on the other hand, managed to sail through reproduction of violin tone with superb upper-register sheen and transient finesse—a rare feat for any solid-state amplifier."

The Absolute Sound

Dick Olsher |  June 2016

first watt f7 inside_photos_v2_x4.png

Maximum output

20 watts @ 2% THD / 1W into 8 ohms

30 watts @ 3% THD / 1W into 4 ohms

Input Impedance

10 Kohms

Input Sensitivity

570 mV = 1W, 2.7 V = rated power


14.5 dB non-inverting phase


0.05% @ 1kHz

Damping Factor

> 100

Frequency Response

DC to -3 dB @ 100 KHz

Output Noise

100 uV unweighted 20 - 20 Khz

Power consumption

170 watts


32 lbs


17” W   16” D  6.75” H


Parts and labor for 3 years, not covering shipping costs or consequential damages.

First Watt F7 Banner Shot.jpg
First Watt F7.jpg
First Watt F7 Rear_photos_v2_x2.png


AH Qualiton - X200 Integrated

Integrated Amplifier - EU

MRSP - $ 6,750

More... : X200 Page

SALE : $ 4,699 - 30% Off !

Plus $95 Shipping & Insurance, and $165 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

No Tax outside of TN

New In Box - Silver FP with KT120 Tubes
Full Warranty


The X200 can be used as a separate preamplifier, as an integrated power amplifier, as a stand-alone power amplifier with direct inputs, or as a headphone amplifier, but other configurations are possible.

The low noise analog front-end is built around a wideband and transparent circuit and features a phono preamp with enhanced precision too. Line level and subwoofer outputs are an absolute necessity in this category, and these ports are included on the back. The balanced power amp is based on KT120 (optionally KT90.  KT150 or the new KT170) beam tetrodes and our latest, fully symmetrical output transformer design. Due to the symmetrical circuitry, we were able to further reduce the output noise of the output stage. In addition, our new BIAS section on the front panel makes it really easy to check and fine-tune the bias levels of the output tubes.

Qualiton X200 Integrated_auto_x2.jpg

For Detailed Specifications on the preamplifier and the power stage please visit our web page .... here ...

But, for power output please also consult the image in the center of the strip directly  below/

Audio Hungary Qualiton x200 Rear 2021-2.jpg


AMC Weltronics CVT 2030 MK2

Power Amp - UK Design / Taiwan Mfr. 

MRSP - $ 1,700

Review : Mono & Stereo 

SALE : $ 1,020 - 40% Off !

Plus $65 Shipping & Insurance, and $40 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

New-In-Box Condition
Zero hours on the clock.

"A truly unusual price for a tube output stage amplifier offering exceptional component quality and build. The tonal qualities of this exceptional amplifier are now legendary. The pre-driver stage uses MosFETs whose properties are very similar tubes. In this latest version, further component and circuit design improvements have been implemented. By modern high-end manufacturing standards, this amp's-high quality output and power stage transformers are unique"


AMC CVT2030 MK2  Banner.jpg

The Mk2 version of the CVT 2030 can operate in bridged mode delivering 60W RMS power with AMC's optional MD2102 module.

Sinusoidal output 8 Ohms : 30W x 2
RMS Power 4 ohms : 30W x 2

Bridged Power Output : 60W x 1

(with module MD2102)
Inputs : 1
Sensitivity Line: 1.25V
Frequency response (-3dB) : 10-80kHz
SNR : 95dB
THD : 1%
Dimensions : 43.0x11.2x28.8 cm

Weight : 13 Kg / 28.5 lbs

DAC-Endstufen-Kombi-AMC-US24192i Revised.jpg
CVT2100 MK2_Rear.jpg
AMC CVT 2030 Inside View 2.jpeg


AMC Weltronics 24192-vt

PRE/DAC - UK Design / Taiwan Mfr. 

MRSP - $ 1,600

More... : Our AMC Page

SALE : $ 960 - 40% Off !

Plus $45 Shipping & Insurance, and $35 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

New-In-Box Condition
Zero hours on the clock.

"What is very attractive about the 24192i-vt is its functional versatility ! A full function Preamp with 8 digital inputs - AES / EBU (1x), S/PDIF coaxial (2x), Optical (4x) and USB up to 24/192 - as well as a S/PDIF coax digital output, an unbalanced analog output and a XLR balanced output XLR. Remote included. The Burr Brown PCM 1798 DAC -- a bit of a "yoda" in chip-land -- was retained for its superior bass response and its overall musicality and "augmented" with a "rollable" ECC83/82/81 Class A-configured tube output stage.

Atelier 13 Audio AMC Weltronics 24192i-VT DAC_Preamplifier.jpg

Analog Output Level : 2Vrms -1kHz / 0dB

Digital Output Level : 0.5Vpp - S/PDIF

Digital Load Impedance : 75 ohm S/PDIF

THD : 0.0025% - 1kHz / 0dB - "A" WTD

Input Sensitivity : 100mV  / 1V RMS

Input impedance : 22 Kohm / 150pF 

Frequency Response : 

1kHz/0db -   +/-0.2dB

S/N Ratio "A" WTD  - 114dB 

Digital Inputs :

1 x USB / 1 x AES/EBU / 1 x SD / 4 x TOS

Outputs :  1 x S/PDIF Coax

Analog Outputs : 1 x RCA / 1 x XLR BAL

Output Stage : Tube - ECC83/82/81 x 2

Dimensions : 430W x 82H x 307D mm

Net Weight : 5.2 Kgs


DAC-Endstufen-Kombi-AMC-US24192i Revised.jpg



Preamp/Headphone Amp - EU / Serbia

MRSP - $ 3,700

More... : Our Website Page

SALE : $ 2,220- 40% Off !

Plus $65 Shipping & Insurance, and $75 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

New-Open-Box Condition
Zero hours on the clock - Black

The Preamplifier Stage 
The Head 2 is perhaps unique in that it also offers an exceptionally great tube preamplifier stage capable of driving all power amplifiers, even those with a very low input impedance. This stage is definitely not an "afterthought", but stands on its own merits as a very high quality Tube Line Pre.
The HPA Stage
With 3dB of feedback and 100% tube amplification, the Head 2's power delivery is 2W into 50 Ohms . Its 6H30p and 6922 tubes have been selected based on their long established reputations for sonic virtue.

Trafomatic Head-2-front.jpg

Operation : Push Pull Class A
Tubes : 
1x 6N30P and 1x ECC88 p/c 

Preamplifier Gain: 26 dB

Preamplifier Output Impedance :

RCA out – 6 ohms, XLR out– 25 ohms

Line Inputs : 1x XLR + 1x RCA

Input Sensitivity : 0.5Veff

Input impedance : 47 Kohm
FR Bandwidth / Line & HPA :

10Hz (-1dB) and 80KHz (-3dB)

S/N : 88 dB


Headphone Output Impedance :

25 – 50 - 100 – 300 and 600 ohms
Headphone Output (Maximum) :

2W into 50 ohms

Headphone Outputs :

4-pin BAL + ¼” Connector

Dimensions : 400 x 310 x 100 mm

Weight : 10 Kg / 22 lbs

Trafomatic Head 2 Rear View.jpg
Trafomatic Head 2 Internal View.jpg

Amplification / TUBE


6L6 or EL34 SE Amp - EU / Serbia

MRSP - $ 5,850

In Action ... : Video

SALE : $ 3,500- 40% Off !

Plus $80 Shipping & Insurance, and $125 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

6 month Dealer Warranty

New-In-Box Condition

The Aries is a class A single-ended triode circuit with, per channel, one EL34 driven by half an ECC81 double triode.

The Aries SE is a similar to the Aries, but is a far more elaborate, class A single-ended triode circuit. It however implements the "king of Jazz" tube, the magical 6L6 GC with "to die for" output transformers ... a rollers dream come true. This tube amplifier is a Special Edition, custom-order-only component. We ordered it without the large engraved Aries Logo on the front plate.

Trafomatic Aries SE in Black no LOGO.jpg

6L6 GC Integrated Amplifier

Output power : 2x6W / Triode

Class of operation : 

Class A / Triode-Strapped
Tubes complement :

2x 6L6GC - 2x ECC81
Inputs : 3xRCA 
Outputs : 8 ohm / 1 x Pre Out

Input sensitivity :

0.85V rms THD %: 0.85% 1W/1kHz
Frequency bandwidth : 10Hz - 40KHz
S/N Ratio : 88dB
Input impedance : 100K
Power consumption : 130VA
Size : 450×320 x195mm
Weight : 22kg

Handmade in Serbia


MEZE  99 Classic & 99 NEO

Dynamic "closed" Headphones - EU

MRSP 99 Classic - $ 309
More... :
Our Website Page

MRSP 99 NEO - $ 199
More... : Our Website Page

SALE 99 Classic :

$ 230 - 25% Off !


$ 150 - 25% Off !

Plus $18 Shipping & Insurance, and $8 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

Meze 99 Classics Dynamic Closed Headphone.jpg

New-In-Box Condition

Meze proves how dynamic an over-ear with a closed design can sound and is the perfect example that good style and tonal substance are not mutually exclusive..

"A beautiful headset that is absurdly well finished, very well built, spectacularly comfortable, and has some of the most musical mids and highs I've ever had the opportunity to hear in the world of headphones...
... It is sublime"

Meze 99 NEO Dynamic Closed Headphones.jpg


EXOGAL ION Hyperdrive

Power Amplifier

MRSP - $ 4,250

Review : Dagogo

SALE : $ 1,995 - 53% Off !

Plus $55 Shipping & Insurance, and $65 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

New in Box
For Exogal Comet DAC Owners

The Exogal ION is a high performance PowerDAC that is specifically designed to be an amplifier and processing extension to the Exogal Comet DAC.

The Ion connects to the Comet via the EXONET Interface and provides 125 watts per channel (into 8 ohms). The Ion integrates fully with the Comet and there are no complicated remotes or apps required - the Comet handles it all for you! Simply connect the Comet and the Ion together with one cable and you're done!



125W 8 ohms per channel,

250W 4 ohms per channel

2 ohms per channel

10 amperes per channel
THD :   0.03%  @ 1W @ all frequencies into 4 ohms
OUTPUT NOISE :  170uVRMS A-weighted 10Hz-20KHz
DAMPING FACTOR :   > 30 into 1 ohms, >100 into 4 ohms
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE @ 100Hz :   < 0.03 ohms
DYNAMIC RANGE :   >105dB, A-weighted


EAT B-Sharp / Ortofon 2M Blue 

Turntable System

MRSP - $ 2,200

Review :
Analog Planet
More ... : Our Website Page

SALE : $ 1,550 - 30% Off

Plus $65 Shipping & Insurance, and $55 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check


New in Box

"The EAT B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity. It nonetheless provides vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price.

The EAT B-Sharp delivers a level of performance that is on par with turntables at a significantly higher price point ... and we are very confident that the B-Sharp will bring joy and lasting satisfaction to music aficionados everywhere"

eat b-sharp turntable white_ml_resize_x2_auto_x1.jpg

"Factoring in the new 9" B-Note tonearm, the easy-to-use anti-skate, and the "ready-to-play" nature of the EAT B-Sharp, we are sure that this turntable will become an instant Classic"


33.33 / 45.11 RPM
1.85 kg
300 mm

TONEARM : 9" Carbon / Aluminum


OVERHANG : 18 mm

460W × 142H× 435D mm
8.5 kg

eat b-sharp turntable tonearm detail.jpg
Ortofon 2M BLUE.jpg
EAT B-Sharp in White.jpeg





MRSP - $ 2,500


SALE : $ 1,500 - 40% Off

$45 Shipping & Insurance, and $45 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check 

New in Box

  • Rolled high-molecular piezoelectricity Biomorph Diaphragm which effectively cuts less than 18kHz sound off.

  • Middle size gold-plated speaker terminals are supplied.

  • Banana plugs can be connected.

  • Efficiency is selectable for 5 stages by the rotary switch.


BATMASTER has an internal transformer that boosts voltage 25 times which is input into both speaker terminals. Pure brass spikes are provided. 

Impedance : infinity
Frequency Response : 18kHz~150kHz Maximum Output : 100dB/W/m
(selectable in five stages)
Drive System : TAT-driver
(Heil type polymer Pietzo-electric) 
Dimensions : 110x70x100mm
Weight : 720g

Batmaster TPT .jpg
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