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"A tale of the beauty and the beast"

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European Audio Team's Reference Flagship model, the Fortissimo S is a notable "step-up" from the standard Forte S turntable. The heavier platter and the improved bearing bring an amazing and significant increase in listing pleasure.


The deeper stage and the blacker backdrop, the immense scale and the rhythmic dynamics are so tantalizingly delightful that there is no going back ... it's "magical".

The upgraded 22kg platter has 12 brass inserts and one top brass insert that add additional weight and further stabilize the platter for even better speed stability.


The novel inverted bearing benefits from an ultra-low friction "Movic" coating ... the same coating used by NASA for bearings in satellites.


The heavy mass dual-motor is a stand-alone, decoupled AC unit that reduces all existing vibrations and motor noise, and that produces perfect torque. 


$ 8,500 - $ 14,800


After the first impressive model, the Forte, European Audio Team follows with the EAT Forte S - the Forte's smaller brother. The last letter "S" stands for "smaller".


In every respect however, there is in fact nothing "small" about this formidable turntable. All we did vs the Forte was to reduce the Platter diameter from 40cm to 36cm, thus reducing it weight from 20kg (44 lbs) to 15kg (33 lbs).


The Forte S still comes in at a very "forte" weight of 44kg !

The Forte S is mass-loaded with huge magnetic feet, which act as a sub chassis. It uses four height adjustable magnetic feet. This design structure impressively lowers and dampens the resonance frequency of the entire system.


The pressure on the inverted ceramic ball-teflon bearing is reduced by two enormous neodymium magnets that hold and take over most of the load from the heavy platter.


The two AC motors built symmetrically on the right side obviate the need for two belts with different lenghts. 

EAT FORTE S Turntable.jpg

$ 6,700 - $ 13,000


EAT's mission is to design turntables that offer a maximum of Technology and Performance ... with very high aesthetic appeal.


The E-Flat, with its wonderful mass loaded dual Motor design, was the first to follow this concept with its super flat high tech platter.


The success of the E-Flat motivated EAT to bring an even more elegant and slim turntable to the market :


... and thanks to new materials like Carbon Fibre and Thermoplastic Elastomer this became their "extra-super-flat" turntable...


...the key benefit being that its base sits "perfectly stable" on any surface!  

The oversized inverted bearing sports an inert, resonance free ceramic ball and includes a super heavy 700g mass point that transforms to heat all unwanted vibrations from the stiff carbon subchassis.


The platter material is a special alloy of very inert aluminium and is damped by TPE inserts.

The tonearm is a completely new design that combines all advantages of unipivot and cardan design - low load, high stability and low friction. The super stiff and rigid carbon tube incorporates significant damping and the innovative headshell design allows superior cartridge mounting adherence. 


As such, tonearm / cartridge resonances are damped by more then 50% !

EAT C-SHARP Turntable.jpg


The new EAT C-Dur Premium Turntable was developed with the intent of offering the key concept design elements of the outstanding EAT Forte Turntable and EAT Forte S Turntables, but in a somewhat more compact form factor, and at a more accessible price point !


This new turntable is available in two finish variants : Satin Black, and an elegant High Gloss Plumwood veneer.

Designed as a mass drive, the new EAT C-Dur Premium Turntable measures 496 x 170 x 396 mm, and thus weighs 15.6 kg.


The chassis of the turntable is quite massive, but this TT is in fact quite compact compared to its larger siblings.

Another essential feature of this new Turntable is a very solid bearing, which weighs no less than 1.8 kg. In a tried and tested manner, it is an inverted bearing design in which an immaculately polished stainless steel axle with a ceramic ball is used.


$ 3,800 - $ 4,500


A new entry level offering from E.A.T. that will satisfy seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable.

E.A.T. is proud to announce the availability of its most important turntable to date:

The C-Major


Why "important"? ... Because it represents a completely new price point that will satisfy all seasoned music lovers who require a high-value-for-money turntable, as well as a perfect solution for those new to the delights of the vinyl LP.


The EAT C-Major offers a more refined performance and sophistication than available from other TTs in the budget segment, but at a price point 30% below our widely-acclaimed and most successful turntable to date - the EAT C-Sharp ...


... it should therefore come  as no surprise that it is the technology of C-Sharp that enabled us to design and develop the EAT C-Major.

No Pun intended ...


... The differences between the  C-Sharp and the C-Major are "Minor".


All these "differences" were designed-in to reduce costs and features ... this, however, without compromising the performance.


To achieve the lower price, the following changes were applied :

  • The C-Note arm on the C-Major is 9" in length instead of 10"

  • No separate speed control

  • The main chassis has a more compact footprint

  • The platter clamp is smaller

  • The platter is smaller


The C-Major is shipped complete with a fitted dust cover, and is offered in a specially-priced bundle package with the Ortofon Quintet Blue MC cartridge. 


You can rest assured that the EAT C-Major will "not disappoint". Yes, ... It will extract the best from your precious vinyl LPs.


... Undoubtedly a modern-day "blast from the past" !

EAT C-Major Turntable.jpg


The European Audio Team introduced the EAT B-Sharp turntable, with "engineered cues" taken directly from the EAT C-Major turntable, their award-winning and highly acclaimed turntable.


The EAT B-Sharp sheds all of the non-essential cosmetic adornments of the C-Major without compromising performance or mechanical integrity. It nonetheless provides vinyl enthusiasts with a superb playback option at a more affordable price.


The EAT B-Sharp delivers a level of performance that is on par with turntables at a significantly higher price point ... and we are very confident that the B-Sharp will bring joy and lasting satisfaction to music aficionados everywhere.


Factoring in the new 9" B-Note tonearm, the easy-to-use anti-skate, and the "ready-to-play" nature of the EAT B-Sharp, we are sure that this turntable will become an instant Classic.

The B-Sharp turntable features the new B-Note tonearm, made from a carbon fiber alloy that is light yet rigid with a black anodized aluminum headshell.

The B-Note tonearm provides all of the key features for cartridge alignment and adjustability: VTA (Vertical Tracking Angle), SRA (Stylus Rake Angle), VTF (Vertical Tracking Force), azimuth and a slotted headshell for overhang / offset angle.


The anti-skate mechanism has been engineered for more intuitive calibration, making setup of the B-Sharp notably easier than competitive products.


A proprietary low noise motor, floating chassis, aluminum platter and a high-density MDF low profile base are included as standard features of the B-Sharp.


Like the C-Major, the B-Sharp uses a high-tech TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) suspension system that works in concert with adjustable feet that provide levelling ability for the table.


The B-Sharp comes equipped with a factory installed Ortofon 2M Blue MM Cartridge, a hinged dustcover, a low mass aluminum LP clamp, and a felt platter mat.

eat-b-sharp-turntable_photos_v2_x2 (1).j


EAT is acclaimed for true high-end turntables that challenge the bounds of  physics to the theoretical maximum.


Now EAT offers for the first time a turntable that is genuinely affordable but able to provide "neutral" sound.


To reach the price target, compromises were required. The basic principles however remained "uncompromised".


We knew that all low mass / low cost turntables tend to sound boomy due to stored energy and vibrations.

The EAT Prelude however will surprise listeners with its exceptional dynamics and  an astonishing absence of colouration.


It is the perfect starting point for assembling a true audiophile hi-fi system.

Our plinth is protected by eight layers of lacquer which produce a luxurious look and finish. This is a first in this price category where the norm is a particle board chassis with glued-on veneer. Finally, a pre-fitted MM cartridge as well as an acrylic lid for protection from dust in included in the package.


To ensure a super silent and smooth movement, we used a very low tolerance and polished stainless steel bearing encased in a soft bronze bushing.


In this price range most will use a MM cartridge. So, we designed an ultra-stiff, lightweight and resonance-free carbon tonearm tube cast in a single piece. We avoided using a heavy headshell because a lightweight design with a MM cartridge results in more ideal resonant frequencies.


Et voila !! ... The new Prelude tonearm elevates the pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Red to a completely new level of performance !



The elegant and "no-compromise" EAT LPS power supply.


We at E.A.T. strongly believe that the power supply is an extremely critical part of signal path and that its quality significantly contributes to the sound quality.

The EAT LPS is dedicated for use with E.A.T. phono stages and turntables.

Full bridge rectifying is used for ultra-fast diodes followed by a 8800uF filtration bank. The voltage regulator is fully discrete. No operational amplifier is used. Voltage reference is TL431.


This results in very low noise and perfect regulation. In many aspects the EAT LPS also out-performs a battery power supply.

Ripple voltage is lower than 1 microvolt ! Voltage accuracy is better than ± 0,05%.

The temperature drift is beyond every level of other standard power supplies.

EAT LPS Linear Power Supply.jpg




1 × 15V/2A ± 0,05%, noise max. 10uV

1 × 18V/1.5A ± 0,05%, noise max 1uV

435 × 60 × 272 mm

4.9 Kg



1 × 15V 2.1mm

for E.A.T. C-Sharp, EAT C-Major, EAT E-Glo Petite
1 × 15V XLR 4Pin

for E.A.T. E-Flat, E.A.T. Forte S
1 × 18V 2.5mm

for E.A.T. E-Glo S, EAT Forte

$ 1,700




Phono Cartridges

EAT E-GLO S preamplifier side view.jpg


Phono Stages



9" Tonearm &


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