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Firewall for Loudspeakers

Everything here ... yes everything ... is about

the purity of Music 

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Stereo Set of 4


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"LessLoss has delivered a Triumph"

LessLoss is disrupting one of the largest margin, complicated and bulky aspects of the audio business.


We've come up with a way for you to connect a small, relatively inexpensive set of devices to your speaker terminals which will, for little money, open the doorway to a completely new horizon of performance.


You will get results comparable, if not better, than upgrading your speaker's tweeter, or the caps, or the internal wiring. And you won't need to tinker with anything like that.

Years of Effort

The LessLoss Firewall has gone through a lot of research and development since its inception. What began as a novel idea about implementing Skin-filtering by exploiting the naturally occurring Skin-effect of current running through a wire has been expanded upon many times since its inception.


Today we are actually using field structuring around the conductor in unique ways. The Firewall 64X is a LessLoss proprietary technology, based on precisely positioned directional metallic particles within a thermoplastic carrier. The result becomes kind of a micro-transformer ... a kind of a ferrite core filter ... a kind of a directional set of A/C diodes. Very similar to a near field LessLoss Blackbody for signals.


That pitch black background that one experiences, and that is so important to stable "3 AM" type sound quality, is getting set to a higher and higher bar at every step of our way.


People keep asking :

Can it really get any better than this ?


Answer :

You bet! When the Firewall for Loudspeakers is connected to the signal at the speaker terminal, it brings a cosmic change to the sound quality.


"Improved the sound of every speaker I used during the review period."

Mark Blackmore  -  AudioBeat   March, 2021


What they say ...


"By removing a previously unnoticed noise intruding on the music, there was now a quietness, a focus, a relaxation to the sound that was instantly recognizable, even when heard from another room."


"With the Firewalls installed, familiar recordings displayed newfound reverberation trails around instruments; treble notes were purer yet still exciting, and percussive attacks were quicker, with increased force. Instruments and voices that I had previously thought of as well reproduced by my system were now more truthful in timbre, their image placement on the soundstage was clearly drawn, and ambience was greatly enhanced."


"Before installing the Firewalls, I had assumed that the treble range would be affected the most, but in my system the midrange also benefitted from the Firewall's noise reduction."


"better recognition of lyrics ...saxophone tone was also improved ... I could now easily follow his clarinet ... and have a newfound admiration for his performance "

"When a product makes such an immediate and obvious difference in my system, I'm curious to hear if that is due simply to synergy with my gear or if the results can be duplicated in other systems. So I arranged to listen to the Firewalls in two friends' systems."


"After the Firewalls were installed, the applause at the beginning of the track had more definition, with individual claps apparent instead of a wash of sounds."


"The Firewalls eliminated the added harshness from his voice, but kept the treble true to the microphone's sonic signature. The resulting sound was much closer to what I imagine is the recording's true sound, more like listening to the feed from the mixing board and less like hearing it through the PA. This was a great improvement to an already fine system."

"the Firewalls did a fine job of cleaning up the treble and improving the separation and clarity"


"After connecting the Firewalls, not only was the sound more clearly heard, but the improved clarity revealed that it also panned from left to right in a straight line."

"The Firewalls delivered full frequency response without dulling or blunting the leading edge of treble attacks, and that held true with every speaker I heard."

"this track now sounded like a well-engineered studio recording with lots of layering and spotlighting of solo instruments."

"there was greater differentiation between each singer, as a unique voice in the recording's mix."


"The LessLoss conditioners took this system up quite a few notches in that respect. Later that night, Chris texted that with the Firewalls removed, the tracks we had listened to had lost their 'reference quality.'"


"In each case, the Firewalls improved resolution in the upper midrange and lower treble. I was able to follow complex musical lines more easily and have discovered new low-level information in material I thought knew very well."


"the Firewalls can be daisy-chained in series for even better performance, and that proved to be true. The soundstage grew deeper and wider, with the treble becoming even smoother and sweeter."


"it produces an addictive result."


"It needs to be viewed as an important addition to an audio system, and it improved the sound of every speaker I used during the review period."

"always musically significant, accompanied by greater resolution that extended well into the midrange. The LessLoss Firewalls ensured that I heard all the music my system was capable of."


March, 2020 - Srajan Ebaen


" ... Firewall for Loudspeakers on par with or eclipse good power conditioning ...

... These will be here to stay"

Blue Moon Award

Firewall for Loudspeakers: free from downsides ... nothing else like them on the market ... mandatory.

Dawid Grzyb  -  HiFi Knights / 6 Moons   August, 2020


More of what they say ...


"To say that the firewalled Boenicke W11 SE+ caught me off guard would be a major understatement. Although the newcomer resembled the W11 SE version I reviewed here, it sounded much better than I remembered."


"Was I delusional? Was one extra component capable of sonic shifts this severe?"


"This stuff is the result of two decades of extensive proprietary work unlike anything else in the industry."


"Think extra moisture and gravity on vocals, rounder edges, tighter bass response, sound sources isolated more distinctly and an even darker backdrop behind them."


"The Firewall effect did stack indeed, and efficiently enough to consider external LessLoss modules in addition to those inside my speakers not as an excessive expense."


"exceptionally effective"


"LessLoss signal conditioners improved performance by a lot via extra muscle tissue and substance."


"Yet again vocals became rounder and fleshier, the natural color palette expanded, upstairs gained extra points on decay length and weight, air around virtual outlines became clearer, darker and more real, and any residual edginess was no more."


"The extra firmness the LessLoss set introduced was indeed a highly desirable step. This sort of efficacious work spelled noise reduction at its finest. But in case of speakers inherently lean, ethereal, edgy, texturally pale and geared towards hi-res performance, this report's Firewall set emerged as profoundly effective and as free from any trade-offs as ever."


"Although the Lithuanian barrels by design remove excess noise, their audibly additive action seems to contradict what filters tend to do. Srajan already pointed this out in his own LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers review, and that's exactly how I understand this product's job as well. It doesn't add anything that's not within a setup in the first place, but rather unlocks its untapped performance reserve normally held hostage by residual noise. It breaks shackles, drops veils, rescues, extracts and delivers safely home, that sort of liberating service."


"If after connecting a Firewall set one still doesn't much feel like a freed prisoner, "ouch!" is the only word that comes to mind once the product is disengaged. That's when our ears start to fully acknowledge what was just lost, and this sensation alone tells a lot how audible these latest Firewalls truly are. Their action in most cases will be severe."


"This report's effective noise-killers don't tinker with tonal balance or truncate sound in any particular way, thus to my ears are universal enough to recommend them to anyone."


"They flesh out internal moisture, inject heft and reveal color previously buried under a layer of excess noise."


"Bass stripped from noise usually gets fuller alright, but also tighter and more powerful, so the opposite of what its chunkier earlier life would suggest. Blacker canvas behind instruments might imply darker images, but more pronounced, weightier and longer lingering highs say otherwise."

"More solid yet less thin, glassy and chiseled vocal lines. The entire musical image gets bigger and tauter, but edginess that causes listening fatigue vanishes."


"These transparent plugs still elevated the former's performance by several notches."


"Tonal palette gained complexity and sophistication, which was mapped as the primary upshot, followed by its disposition to become more agile, composed and tighter than before. All these changes were enough to easily mark the latest Firewall as an upgrade perfectly compliant and worth pursuing."


"Firewalls provide bite, tightness, openness, and effectively land a spot on overall balance."


"swiftly pushed the sonics one tier up"

"more explicit"


"more refined and fuller on vocals and string instruments."


"Think substantial horsepower boost to effectively land faster 0-60 times, the same ride comfort, and a noticeably more luxurious interior."


"The Firewall for Loudspeakers decreased wobble, injected moisture into landscapes in-between them, brought key sound sources closer, made them more fluid and gutsier, and provided more powerful slam."


"I could go higher with SPL without any hints of fatigue."


"Thus far nothing else like them was available on the market."


"It's robust, enjoyably easy to use with all passive speakers with no exceptions, and provides substantial sonic upgrades above all else. You could easily spend more and get less in return."


"Free from downsides"

"Any passive loudspeaker set I can think of would get the Firewall treatment pronto."


"In my roster it ranked high enough to become mandatory."



The Power Distributor is recommended for use while standing on 3 LessLoss Bindbreaker feet


Set of 3    $ 672

Less Loss Bindbreaker Footer.jpg
LessLoss Bindbreaker - detail
LessLoss Bindbreaker - Solo


The Result :

fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, more distinguishable bass, clear and uncolored highs, and a rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. 

Music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker.


The Bindbreaker foot is about 38mm high. The foot rests upon a hexagonal platform made of beautiful Bog Oak, which measures about 90mm across.


$224 / pc  -  $672 / 3pc Set 

LessLoss Power Cable


These are hand-braided 'super-cables' based on three separate runs of coaxial C-MARC™ cable. Developed to deal with today’s over-polluted electromagnetic environment. 


1m or 1,5m or 2m


C-Marc   $1,148

Entropic $1,934

$94 per additional 0.5m

2 cables - 5% off

3+ cables - 10% 0ff

10% Off with Power


LessLoss C-Marc Power Cord
LessLoss IEC Connector
LessLoss C-Marc Cable Braid
LessLoss Male IEC Connector
LessLoss Firewall 64X Original

Firewall 640X


LessLoss Firewall 64X Original

Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach. 

Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. 

Use the 640X Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere

Plug & Play


Plug-and-Play Firewall 640X module featuring C-MARC™ flexible umbilical. Our finest, state-of-the-art power conditioning product

Plug & Play


LessLoss Firewall 64X / C-Marc

Firewall 640X





C-MARC Evaluation Form
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