PRIMARE I15 Prisma Integrated Amp


I15 Prisma Integrated Amp






85dB /4ohm - 40 to 140W (Peak)

Black or White Gloss Finish


Integrated Amplifier

65W/130W @ 8/4 + DAC + STREAMER

Black or Silver


Music Server


Cables - Allocation



Gotham Audio Switzerland








Before Discount

Discount - 7%

- $380





So how did we get here ? A High End system at $5K, really ? And, its made up of finished branded components, and not DIY parts or exceptional vintage gear ?


Well, this did not happen by mistake, and we owe it to a few wise, very talented and insightful people who only very recently decided to break rank with what was heretofore a pretty cynical market ... a market that was infatuated with up-selling us on everything from Voodoo Cable to Voodoo Accessories. When it came to components, it was all about peddling the "last mile" ... extreme bass or high frequencies, unbelievable resolution and detail, the promise of "you-are-there", or sometimes "they-are there" soundstages, bling-bing-bling aesthetics, fancy product names that conjure up phantasmagoric imaginary powers. Boxes crammed with really cool functionality ... all to please our lazy-butt life-styles. What a word ! ... right ? ..Note the second part of the word -- "style"... as though this had anything to do with Music. Uber-functionality is fine by me as long as I GET MY MUSIC please, and don't need a PHD in Computer Science to use it, or need to bribe a 10 year old to help me, or feel an extreme urge to kick the S__T out of the box :=)))


Sadly, however, it worked...we drank the Kool-Aid. In other words, "if it did not bling, there was no ka-ching$$$.

All this Misery is about to come to a screeching halt. Although a "disruptive revolutionary movement" has been brewing for about 4 years, it finally gained Critical Mass in 2018. Its about time we, as Dealers, could offer and stand behind REAL Value again ... as opposed to LA-LA-LAND Value, cloaked in false promises or justified by peripheral non-essential distractions. ENTER THE TERMINATORS :


Andrew Jones and Perter Madnick at ELAC, the venerable folks or LP recording fame at Mobile Fidelity, Bent Nielsen and Lars Pedersen at PRIMARE, Tim de Paravicini at QUAD, Thorsten Loesch at IFI & AMR Abbingdon, Nuno Vitorino at INNUOS, the folks at HANA, Gayle Sanders founder of Martin Logan and now EIKON, and Jim Kinne and Jeff Haagenstadt at EXOGAL [ formerly at WADIA ]. All of these folks have one thing in common : They are DISRUPTING the Status Quo with a Bang, and their timely arrival finally vindicates and validates the insufficiently appreciated and recognized efforts of those few lonely Purists that have for so long believed in Value, such as Graeme Holland at AUDION [ formerly at Audio Innovations and AudioNote ].

But hold on, and before we go any further, you may be asking what we mean precisely when we refer to VALUE ? For us, VALUE means a high Musicality-to-Investment Ratio, whether the system costs $1.5K or $75K. Systems that sound like they should have cost much more than what you actually paid for them.



This particular $5K system is comprised of three key components ... Andrew Jones' super elegant ELAC UNI FI FS U5 SLIM floor-standing loudspeakers [finished in either white or black satin], Bent Nielsen's killer-value - and equally elegant - PRIMARE i15 Prisma Integrated Amp And Network Player, and Nuno Vitorino's INNUOS Zenmini MK3 Music Server.


The ELAC UNI FI SLIM speaker is a 3-way bass reflex design specified at 4ohm impedance with a power handling capability of 40W Nominal and up to 140W Peak. It offers exceptional Bandwidth performance, and its claimed FS is 45Hz to 25kHz. Just like its bigger brothers in the ADANTE Series, this $1500/pr speaker "speaks many genres" - from Jazz to Classical to Rock. No real weaknesses here, except for a limitation in room size compatibility of up to 15ft x 20ft. Its sound character is typical of an Andrew Jones Speaker, and has a sophistication and authority in the bass that you don’t find with many alternatives at the price. Bass lines are deep and taut and phase coherence is really good for a three-way design. Voices are a distinct strength of this loudspeaker and one can always hear lyrics clearly -  suggesting that the midrange is very clean and coherent. Gutsy, engaging, highly entertaining, and powerfully weighty are other attributes that come to mind.   


The PRIMARE i15 PRISMA integrated amplifier section, when driving the UNI FI Slim, delivers 2 x130W of Class D HYPEX power. It has an on-board AKM 4497 DAC with capabilities of up to PCM 384kHz and DSD128, as well as the proprietary Prisma Network Player. 


PRISMA is Primare’s new whole-home, high-fidelity control and connectivity solution that provides multi-room/multi-zone connectivity and control for playback of stored and streamed media, wired or wireless, all managed from any mobile device through a dedicated system control app. In addition to Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Spotify Connect, Prisma features Chromecast built-in, a unique streaming portal allowing effortless direct connection to hundreds of streaming applications for the best possible performance and user experience.


The PRIMARE products are masterpieces of Scandinavian design and engineering ingenuity. This line shares the same design heritage as the better known COPLAND, XENA and QLN products. Bent Nielsen and Lars Pedersen have at some point or another been the main drivers behind the four brands. The attention to detail and the finish has always been, and still is today, remarkable. With the PRIMARE line however, these gentleman have decided to incorporate as many goodies as possible into each of their products. Functionality, Versatility and Simplification are the kew words here.


Their Goal ? : BEST-VALUE-IN-A-BOX ... not surprising really. Its in their Scandinavian DNA.


PRIMARE is SO VERY typically Scandinavian ... no uber-hoopla BS promises ... no nonsense ... no hype ... rigorously practical ... clean, understated, elegant aesthetics ... seriously dependable, quality build. Ohhh, and by the way, they do care about Music very much ... and are very discerning and demanding audiophiles.


So what do their products sound like ? Not surprisingly, their sound is liquid and crystalline, unembellished, dynamics and scale are in balance, no nasties anywhere ... nothing that would color, or render unnatural a really good recording. This may lead some to describe the sound as neutral. This is actually true, but also very good, because this allows all the color and excitement in good music to be heard, as it was recorded. 

Then, we incorporated the ZENMINI MK3, a Music Server from one of the very best Music Server Brands available - INNUOS. INNUOS is gaining a reputation as the GO-TO server in terms of both functionality and superb sound quality ... and these qualities are present across their entire line, starting with the ZENMINI MK3. All INNUOS servers include, a CD drive for Ripping, their own proprietary motherboards, sophisticated linear power supplies, all manner of gremlin-killing filtration and shielding ... in brief, an all out declaration of war on all the known perturbations plaguing DIGITAL, this in as far as retrieving, ripping, storing, and "serving up" digital media to the next critical digital component in the chain, the DAC.


Amongst many other functionalities, the super-intuitive InnuOS software allows the user to select between UPNP, ROON Core or ROON Server. Logitech's downloadable iPENG9 [Phones and Pads] and LMS [Laptops] apps provide really user friendly "Command and Control" capabilities.


The ZENMINI MK3's character -- YES IT HAS ONE -- is very PRaTy, rhythmic and engaging. Compared to the ZEN MK3, it is more playful and wistfully entertaining in a Mozart-ian sense. The ZEN MK3 has a slightly more laid back Brahms-ian presentation, which is larger and more serene. The Zenmini MK3 in this system configuration has 2TB of HDD storage. For about $600 more one can order the MK3 PLUS version which comes bundled with a a superior linear PSU housed in a chassis idetical to the one used for the Standard unit. Not only is this ROON / UPNP server incredibly easy to set-up and use, it is blissfully musical, throwing a super-quiet soundstage and all the detail retrieval one can possibly expect.... The INNUOS servers are truly exceptional front ends. We incorporate these into almost all of our systems.

This system is suitable for rooms up to 15ft x 20 ft.

Have a Turntable ? Add MOFI's $249 MM/MC Studiophono Phono Stage - another Star Performer.

Pay by Check or ACH Transfer ?

Additional 3% DISCOUNT


An alternative to the PRIMARE i15 Integrated Amplifier& Network Player, priced at $1,995, is QUAD's new SOLUS priced at $2,495. The SOLUS offers integrated CD Playback should this be needed which the PRIMARE does not. It is an A/AB design delivering about 140W at 4 ohms to the UNI FI SLIM Loudspeaker. the DAC is the 32bit Sabre ESS ES9018 with capability up to PCM 384kHz and DSD256. In Preamp mode it offers RCA inputs, and XLR and RCA outputs. On the other hand, the QUAD does not offer the sophistication or capability of the PRIMARE in as far as Streaming or Network Control is concerned. As you can see from the above-mentioned prices, the inclusion of the QUAD instead of the PRIMARE adds about $500 to total system cost.


SOLUS Integrated Amp / CD Player



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