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One of the strongest of all the Feickert attributes is an ability to make one forget they're there. Easy to place and easy to use ... and they don't ever get in the way of the music"

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The idea

... was to build on the technical foundation of the  Blackbird and to further refine the concepts applied there. Two tonearms were "de rigueur", but we had to ensure that it would be possible to mount two 12-inch units in parallel. Of course, the simplified operation of the turntable we are known for was preserved. In terms of looks and sound, the Firebird sets a new reference point in our product line.

The mission

... was not to tweak the electronics from the Woodpecker and Blackbird - no ... we developed them from scratch. Not only did we switch to a more modern hardware base, we also rewrote the control software from scratch and gave priority to multi-engine operation.

This technique has also been integrated into Woodpecker and Blackbird. We have chosen what we believe to be the only sensible geometric arrangement of three motors - the equilateral triangle.

In the case of the smaller Blackbird, we have already been able to show that the absence of drafts in the platter bearing has a very positive effect on the sound by eliminating undesirable torque forces from the motor on the bearing. Due to the triangular arrangement, the platter is also geometrically stabilized ... 

...  This prevents any tendency to wobble and, in conjunction with our completely newly developed bearing, reduces rumbling noises to an absolute minimum. The new bearing is much stiffer, and harder and really shines with its 80% less contact surface due to greatly reduced coefficients of friction - ideal for excellent synchronism ....

The result

... aesthetic elegance, clean lines, and excellent measured specs. Here, we have also integrated the template for adjustment that is already present on the Blackbird.


You will be amazed at how easy the set-up process will be.

In addition, we have also further refined our armboard system, which makes the adjustment even more precise..


The sound

... here, calm and serenity is paired with dynamism ... "fire" and power meets neutrality.

The Firebird, literally takes flight and lifts the musical experience to new altitudes !

The Firebird will offer you a maximum of enjoyment from every conceivable arm / cartridge combination.

You can sit back and relax, knowing that nothing will be withheld from you ...

Leave the tedious discussions about technology behind, and concentrate on the music!

You will most definitely be enchanted !

Feickert Firebird Front View Large_photo

$ 13,000 - $ 23,500


The idea

... was obvious. The design of the smaller brother of the Firebird offered charms to build a larger drive on this basis. Since there are many enthusiasts who want to operate two tonearms in parallel, we satisfied this desire. The new design was not only to be an "upscaled" version of the existing base concept, but was also to add new accents ... to enrich the familiar ease of use Feickert turntables were already well known for.

The mission

... was to develop further on the technical basis of the Woodpecker and to advance into new "dimensions". Operating two tonearms was one of the requirements, but the drive was to be refined further by operating the two motors in a “master-slave” configuration.

The arrangement of the two motors at 180 ° to each other ensures that the platter is driven tangentially - thus eliminating "unilateral pull", and reducing to an absolute minimum the "flutter" movements of the platter ... 

... This is accompanied by a further reduction in rumbling noise. We were able to increase synchronization accuracy 

compared to the Woodpecker.

The result

... is a further increase in the  "sovereignty" of the sound image - the same excellent measured values, timeless aesthetics, and the simplest user experience possible.

With the Blackbird, we were the first in the industry to introduce an integrated template allowing for the simplest possible alignment of the tonearm and cartridge.

You will be amazed at how easy the set-up process will be.


The sound

... confident, dynamic, powerful and yet neutral. Regardless of which tonearm you use, you can relax and immerse yourself in the fascination of the music, because you can be sure that no detail of your black treasure will be withheld from you.


Forget about technology, enjoy music in all its beauty!


$ 8,000 - $ 18,500


The idea

... came from multiple customer requests. Many people associate turntables with a rectangular case, a platter and a tonearm on it. Et voilà, here is our idea of ​​what something like this should look like.

After the bar had already been set very high with our earlier drives, the smaller brother was only supposed to have a completely different appearance..

The mission

... was not easy to achieve. From the beginning it was clear that we wanted to surpass our previous creations and transfer their virtues into a traditionally designed housing. Thus, new ways were sought to achieve improved performance.

With a lot of fine-tuning, we have succeeded in modifying our chassis concepts to the point that a ground bed that interacts with the chassis in a defined manner is sufficient  ... 

... At the same time, the concept should be very user-friendly, and offer an ideal working environment for all available tonearms.

The result

... is a new, unique design - where timeless elegance is paired with excellent sound. By further developing already proven components such as our inverse bearing, the PO turntable and the high-torque drive, the virtues of our earlier drives could be transferred to a more compact turntable.

The motor control was developed from scratch and ensures the best possible synchronization.


The sound

... will surprise you too. No matter which tonearm you use (the sliding mechanism allows the assembly of almost all 9 to 12 inch tonearms available on the market), you can relax and immerse yourself in the fascination of analogue music reproduction and forget about the technology - music enjoyment at the highest level.


$ 5,500 - $ 12,000



... the name is not just a concept - it is the goal ! After long development work, we succeeded in developing a completely new turntable that embodies what we stand for in a compact, pleasing design - quality in sound and design, paired with an elegant appearance.

The journey

... this wasn't an easy one. All components of our previous drives were questioned with regard to their usability in this new product. Since the design was to be radically different, it quickly became clear that everything on this drive would have to be redesigned.

With a lot of precision work,
we have succeeded in creating a turntable that will set standards in terms of sound and feel in its price segment. Even if it was not possible for us to use our famous sliding bases in this product, there is a quick-change option that makes exchanging tonearms much easier.

The impulse

... was not just the result of requests from retailers and our distributors. In many conversations with customers, we were asked again and again whether we could build a drive that would transport our philosophy to lower price ranges. The answer?

Yes we can!


The mission

... was fulfilled. We don't like to make compromises and therefore all individual components had to be rethought. Uncompromising can be expensive - but it doesn't have to be.

Let yourself be surprised!

The new chassis concept concentrates a large amount of mass in the enclosure. In addition to low coefficients of friction, this results in a high robustness. The new oil bath bearing, directly coupled to the platter, has been optimized for the highest precision and a low level of noise by using fewer components.


The sound

... Volare - let yourself be carried away ... !

feickert_volare front angle view.png

$ 3,500 - $ 4,500


In the search for improvements in record reproduction, we are always looking for new ways to make existing information audible and tangible. In addition to mechanical parameters, the electrical side is also of great importance.

The solution we opted for 6 years ago was a battery PSU that we developed for series production. Unfortunately, it was practical in everyday life.

We found by transferring the knowledge from the development of the battery power supply to a linearly regulated power supply unit. All the sonic advantages of the battery variant could be mapped onto the new product - and that at a third of the price..


The sound gains calm and inner dynamism. Details come to light more clearly - the room size and image gain in sharpness and precision. The stage becomes more realistic in width and depth..

Feickert Linear PSU 3_photos_v2_x4.jpg



Linear regulated, very low-noise power supply unit

Automatic detection of the input voltage

24 V / 500 mA DC secondary

Secondary current limitation 1000 mA

Primary overvoltage protection

Protective earthing

Primary fuse 315 mA at 230V
Primary fuse 800 mA at 110V


Max.current consumption 35 VA

$ 995


Feickert Protractor 2.jpg



Feickert Protractor 1.jpg
Feickert Spike Feet Set_photos_v2_x2.jpg


Spike Feet

Feickett Spike Feet Set 1.png
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