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"C-MARC™ is a new type of Litz wire. C-MARC’s noise reduction is based on the bucking coil method using two counter-polarized coils. Every strand's clock-wise turn aligns with a corresponding counter-clockwise turn of exactly mirrored diameter and step. The two resulting counter-polarized coils are mutually superposed. A second-scale fractal replication of the already bucking coils is then repeated. Through electrical cancellation of the induced noise, C-MARC™ provides an enormous signal-to-noise ratio in today's demanding environment."

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  • Superposed bucking coil geometry

  • Two-scale fractal braid structure

  • Low resistance

  • Highly flexible

  • Very lightweight

  • Effective vibration damping

  • Mercerized cotton for a satin look

  • Aged via cryogenic treatment

  • Gold plated copper contacts 

  • Precision transparent connectors    


  • Quieter background

  • Higher resolution

  • More neutral timbre and focus

  • Pinpoint accuracy on realistic soundstage of proportion

  • Natural dynamics

  • Potent transients

  • Relaxed, natural listening experience     


  • Compromised Dynamics

  • Listening fatigue


  • Cable drawing attention to itself


  • Bloating image out


  • Artificial 'embossing'


  • Harsh


  • Brittle 'hi-fi' sound, headache     


The tonal character of

C-MARC™ is very liquid, fluid, and resolves more detail from any recording.

C-MARC™ is made entirely of cotton and a very thin layer of clear lacquer instead of plastic. The extremely well balanced counter-polarized coil technique lowers the noise dramatically, so the overall result is one of both lowered noise as well as one of purer tonal character.

It is very easy to recognize these improvement straight from the start, even without burn-in. 


After about 14 days of settling, the sound quality becomes even more organic and life-like.


C-MARC™ is here to stay for a very long time.

One further advantage of

C-MARC™ is its extreme flexibility and light weight.


Thus, even sensitively placed lightweight gear has the very best conditions to maintain the fine vibration control of even the most delicately positioned special tuning feet.

XLR Interconnect
C-MARC™ XLR interconnect cables feature high quality professional gold plated connectors. These connectors are robust and heavy. This serves to mitigate parasitic vibration at the very XLR inlets of the component through brute force weight. After connection, the cable's complex cotton composition further dampens this crucial junction. Sonic purity and depth of image are thus maintained. When a typical XLR cable is inserted into a socket, the typical click of the securing spring can be heard to resonate throughout the cable.
Not so with C-MARC™. The connection click is heard without any ringing.
$   950 - 1.0m / pair
$1,150 - 1.5m / pair
Entropic  $ 1,615 - 1m /pr 

RCA Interconnect


C-MARC™ RCA interconnect cables feature pure copper connectors, plated directly in pure silver, with no rhodium, nickel or other substrate linking the two. To our critical ear, such substrates serve to introduce undesired coloration of tonal character which ultimately disappoints. These connectors are robust and heavy, with extremely over-engineered wall thicknesses. This serves to mitigate parasitic vibration at the very RCA inlet of the component through brute force weight. After connection, the cable's complex cotton composition further dampens this crucial junction. Sonic purity and depth of image are thus maintained.

C-Marc  $   850 - 1m / pair

C-Marc  $1,005 - 1.5m / pair

Entropic  $1,428 - 1m / pair

LessLoss Audio C-Marc Interconnect_edite
LessLoss-C-Mark-XLR Interconnect.jpg

Other Lengths - Call


Spade Schematic

Speaker Cable


C-MARC™ loudspeaker cable features pure copper spades, plated in pure silver, with no rhodium, nickel or other substrate linking the two. To our critical ear, such substrates serve to introduce undesired coloration of tonal character which ultimately disappoints. A banana version is also available, should the spade option be incompatible with your amp's or speaker's terminals. To the left you will find detailed dimensional schematics of the spades to ensure they fit.

C-Marc $1,905 - 2.5m / pr

C-Marc  $2,215 - 3.0m / pr

Entropic  $3,198 - 2.5m / pr

Entropic  $3,718 - 3.0m / pr

LessLoss C-Marc Speaker Cable Spade Detail
LessLoss Speaker Cable - Spades

Other Lengths - Call



LessLoss is soon going to disrupt one of the largest margin, complicated and bulky aspects of the audio business. We've come up with a way for you to connect a small, relatively inexpensive set of devices to your speaker terminals which will, for little money, open the doorway to a completely new horizon of performance.


You will get results comparable, if not better, than upgrading your speaker's tweeter, or the caps, or the internal wiring. And you won't need to tinker with anything like that.

Lean More ... > 


STEREO SET - Classic  $1,656

STEREO SET - Stellar  $2,348


2+ Units: 5% off       4+ Units: 10% off

Spade or Banana Termination

LessLoss-Firewall for Loudspeakers Stere



The C-MARC™ RCA Digital Cable features high quality, large size, pure silver plated copper Xhadow plugs. The RCA plugs feature superb conductivity and a very low self-resonance.


The C-MARC™ Digital Cable for AES/EBU signals features gold plated contacts.The XLR plugs are modified by LessLoss to fit the large diameter C-MARC™ Triaxial cable. Pure mercerized cotton fibre strands provide superb vibration damping throughout the cable, without introducing unwanted sonic coloration.

C-Marc  RCA  $510 - 1m / $588 - 1.5m

Entropic  RCA  $858 - 1m / $988 - 1.5m 

C-Marc  AES  $570 - 1m / $670 - 1.5m

Other Lengths - Call

LessLoss C-Marc Digital RCA Cable.jpg
LessLoss-Digital RCA Cable - Entropic.jpg
LessLoss-Digital AES Cable.jpg




LessLoss offers highest performance power cords. These are plug-and-play hand-braided C-MARC™ 'super-cables' based on three separate runs of coaxial C-MARC™ cable. We developed this new generation product to be well-equipped to deal with today’s over-polluted electro-magnetic environment. 


1m or 1,5m or 2m

C-Marc $1,148

Entropic $1,934

Stellar $2,450

$94 or $112 per

additional 0.5m

2 cables - 5% off

3+ cables - 10% 0ff

LessLoss Power Cord - Profile View

 The C-MARC™ power cord features our very best C13 plug. It features gold plated contacts made not of bronze or brass, but double thickness pure copper from Japan.


The hand braided C-MARC™ power cable exhibits very high flexibility and light weight.

Electrical contact pressure is extremely strong for rock solid sound and superb physical grip. The hard, dense, crystal clear housing does not color the sound. These are cryogenically treated in a specialty lab under the auspices of LessLoss Audio for especially smooth, natural sonic performance.

The IeGO Dreamworks model Ti2000(M) 8085CT-Gu Plug features cryogenically treated 99.99% purity, gold-plated copper from Furukawa, Japan.


It is made according to the NEMA 5-15 (North American 15 A/125 V grounded) standard, the world's most common.

LessLoss IEC Power Connector-Female
LessLoss Power Cable Braiding
LessLoss IEC Power Connector-Male
LessLoss Female Power Connector Pins
LessLoss Power Connector
LessLoss Power Plug Features Video

LessLoss Power Plug


LessLoss C-Marc Wire Explained-Video



Firewall 640X

Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach. 

Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. 

Use the Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere.

Plug & Play

640X   $654

Entropic  640X   $1272



Placing your equipment upon three Bindbreaker feet reduces the influence of microphonic effects within its circuitry. Micro-vibrational energy sinks into and is absorbed and dispersed by the Bindbreaker more readily than it bounces back up into the equipment. 


The Result :

fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, more distinguishable bass, clear and uncolored highs, and a rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. 

Music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker.


The Bindbreaker foot is about 38mm high. The foot rests upon a hexagonal platform made of beautiful Bog Oak, which measures about 90mm across.


$224 / pc  -  $672 / 3pc Set 

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LessLoss Evaluation Request

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  • Evaluation SET can consists of :

    • 1 or 2 Power Cord - 2m

    • 1 pr Speaker Cable - 2.5m or 3m

    • 1 Pair of RCA Interconnects - 1m

    • 1 Digital S/PDIF Cable - Request

    • 1 pair XLR Interconnects - Request

    • 1 pair Phono Cable - Request

    • 1 Firewall 64X - Request

    • 4-Outlet Power Distributor - Request

    • Set of 3 Bindbreakers - Request

  • Available subject to reservation

  • 10 Day Evaluation Period - excl. shipping

  • You pay outbound shipping 

  • You pay return shipping 

  • Deposit  : Variable

    • Existing Customers - No Deposit

    • New Customers - Please Contact Us

  • Free shipping on subsequent purchases.

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