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THE TWELVE - Premium
[ Mundorf Supreme / Heptalitz Coil ] 



96dB /8ohm - 3W to 300W

Various Wood Finishes

Coherent Audio Twelve Floorstander Loudspeaker 2_ml_resize_x2.jpg
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 KT170.jpg


X 200 Integrated Tube Amplifier


KT90, KT120, KT150 or KT70 tubes

100W to 150W @ 8   


Echo's End r2R DAC 


with Bindbreaker

Footer Set

ZEN Mini MK3 Server + ZEN LPSU


Music Server

1 TB SSD Drive - ROON Ready

Innuos Zen Mini MK3 with LPSU.jpg




Before Discount

Discount - 6.5%

- $1,500



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Additional 2.5% DISCOUNT

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This $20K system is all about combining Laszlo Fabian's absolutely fabulous Qualiton Tube Electronics with Frank Fazzalari's Coherent Audio TWELVE Premium  Loudspeaker ... a carefully designed and beautifully voiced "Coaxial" incorporating  the very special 12" Radian driver with its 1.75" HF dome augmented by a wave guide...and an otherwise optional baffle-mounted Supertweeter. The TEWLVE is offered in 3 versions ... the Standard model - PREMIUM, and 2 further upgraded "Levels" including the SIGNATURE and the all-out NEO+. The version in this system includes the aluminum tweeter diaphragm, Duelund Internal Cables, and the Mundorf Supreme Classic capacitor. 


Then, we incorporated a very lyrical Music Server - the INNUOS Zen Mini MK3 + LPSU. Not only is this ROON / UPNP server incredibly easy to set-up and use, it is blissfully musical, throwing a huge and super-quiet soundstage and all the detail retrieval one can possibly expect.... The INNUOS servers are truly exceptional front ends. We incorporate these into almost all of our systems.

This system's sound character being what is -- notably, the result of Qualiton's highly articulate and extended tube sound driving a large concentric high sensitivity driver, presenting a non-complex X-over load -- led us to select a DAC of the r2R type, Louis Motek's LESSLOSS ECHO's END Original ... an object of zen-like beauty, of extreme attention to component design, and a diva-esque and beguiling performer, to say the least.

I really need to come back to the tube electronics ... and Qualiton's latest creation - the QUALITON X200. This "thing" is a chameleon ... a Tube version of the Swiss Army Knife ... except that is genuinely High-End in every way. The X200 can be used as a separate preamplifier, as an integrated power amplifier, as a stand-alone power amplifier with direct inputs, or as a headphone amplifier, but other configurations are possible.


The low noise analog front-end is built around a wide-band and transparent circuit and features a phono preamp with enhanced precision too. Line level and subwoofer outputs are an absolute necessity in this category, and these ports are included on the back. Audio Hungary added a real specialty too: a built-in, studio grade Parallel Equalizer. This kind of tools is primarily used as a master channel effect in recording studios, to bring fresh air into the mix, as a finishing touch. We've found that this effect can also be a huge help at home as well, as it can breathe new life into certain, not so vivid records.

The balanced power amp is based on KT120 (optionally KT150, KT90, or the even the new KT170) beam tetrodes and our latest, fully symmetrical output transformer design. Due to the symmetrical circuitry, we were able to further reduce the output noise of the output stage. In addition, our new BIAS section on the front panel makes it really easy to check and fine-tune the bias levels of the output tubes. ... and all of this for $6,500 ... Thank you Laszlo !

I'll tell you this much, this amplifier makes almost any speaker sing, as the Coherent Audio TWELVE well knows :=))

This system is suitable for rooms from a minimum size of 15ft x 20 ft, and up to about 20ft x 30ft.

If you are in Nashville, call us for an appointment to come listen to this System at Atelier 13 Audio

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