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 Audio Hungary Qualiton Tube Amplifier


When engineers at Audio-Hungary were trying to get the measurements for their amplifiers as perfect as possible, Laszlo Fabian decided to train the ears of the engineers by exposing them to natural sound via live symphony concerts. That’s the kind of bold and different thinking that has led the company’s Qualiton brand of tube amplifiers and preamplifiers to quickly gain recognition in the European high-end audiophile market

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Audio Hungary Qualiton A50i Integrated tube amplifier



Listz-ian prodigy !

QUALITON A50i    Class A / PSE Integrated Amplifier

Class-A integrated vacuum tube amplifier with an output power of 2 x 50 W in PSE configuration. The amplifier can be connected to 4 Ω and 8 Ω nominal impedance speakers. The power outputs, based on output pentodes type KT 120, were tuned to the before-mentioned nominal loads through our in-house manufactured, precision-wound output transformers.


The bias control circuit plays an important role in the operation of the power output too. This circuit monitors the quiescent current of the output tubes and adjusts it to a preset value. Thus, all four output tubes are in perfectly equal operation states. The KT150 tube can be used in place of the stock KT120.

The symmetric input features a mini XLR connector. The clearly arranged, minimalistic remote control was designed in line with the unique and aesthetic exterior design, and the usability was enhanced.


Finally, a couple of words on the set of tubes we use: the audio signal arriving on the selected input of the amplifier is received by Tungsram ECC83 vacuum tubes. The driving voltage, as well as its matching, are produced by E88CC/6922s. In the power output stage, the before-mentioned output pentodes KT 120 are in action—strictly in Class-A. 


Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)



Product of Hungary

MAP   $ 8,500.00  Chrome/Silver             $8,000.00  Black


transcendental meditation

Topology                    Tube PSE Class A         
Output Power           50 Watt/channel into 8 Ω
Gain                           +33.5 dB (8 Ohm); +25.5 dB (4 Ohm)                 

Input Impedance     10 kΩ
Input Sensitivity       425 mV, unbalanced input
Power Bandwidth    30 Hz - 100 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)

THD                           < 0.75% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)

Signal-to-noise ratio                  > 95 dB; output noise less than 1 mV

Power requirements                 300 W

Tubes required                           4 x KT120; 4 x E88CC; 2 x Tungsram ECC83

Inputs                                           3 x RCA + 1 x XLR

Outputs                                       2 x Speaker [ 4 & 8 ohm taps ] , 1 x Line pair

Weight                                         25 kg

Dimensions                                 35 x 21 x 40 cm

Audio Hungary QUALITON A50i Integrated

YouTube Demo

@ Chameleon Audio, Greece

September 18, 2018

QUALITON A50i Integrated

Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i Integrated tube amplifier



concerto in six-L-six

QUALITON A20i    Class A / PP Integrated Amplifier

Stereo, Class-A integrated amplifier with push-pull circuitry. The rated power output of the appliance is 20 W at the most, each side. The power tube is the 5881 which is a ruggedized tube version from the infamous 6L6 tube family ... amongst having many qualities, this tube is also known as the "king of Jazz".

This family of tubes is very large and substitutes include all 6L6 versions, the Russian 6P3S-SE, 7581A, and with simple socket adapters the 807, 5933WA 6BG6G, 7591A and at least 6 others !

The outputs at the rear panel can be connected to 8 Ω nominal impedance speakers. The design of the output transformers of the power amp enable to connect the amp with 4 Ω nominal impedance speakers as well. This entails a slight deviation from the parameters indicated in the technical data sheet.

At the front panel, the volume control potentiometer and the input selector rotary switch are connected to the same shaft. Indicators informing about the actual state of the amp are also located at the front panel too. It can be monitored whether the appliance is ready for operation (if so, the LED next to the volume control turns from red to white light). The user is also informed about the actual position of the input selector unit. The amp is made of solid, 1.5 mm thick, polished stainless steel sheet.



Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)


Product of Hungary


MAP   $ 5,500.00  Chrome/Silver             $5,000.00  Black

Topology                    Tube PP Class A         
Output Power           20 Watt/channel into 8 Ω
Gain                           +34.8 dB                     

Input Impedance     10 kΩ
Input Sensitivity       230 mV, unbalanced input
Power Bandwidth    25 Hz - 100 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)

THD                           <0.3% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)

Signal-to-noise ratio                  > 90 dB; output noise less than 1 mV

Power requirements                 150 W

Tubes required                           4 x 5881; 2 x E88CC ; 2 x ECC83

Inputs                                           3 x RCA

Outputs                                       1 x Speaker Terminals [ 8 ohm ]

Weight                                         16 kg

Dimensions                                 27 x 18 x 30 cm

Audio Hungary QUALITON A20i Integrated

YouTube Review

Ron Erenay

February 19, 2021

QUALITON A20i Integrated

Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 Resized.jpg

X 200


dazzling ... meteoric ... electrifying !

QUALITON X 200    Class A-AB / PP Integrated & Power Amplifier

We are excited to announce that the latest member of our Qualiton Classic Series, the Qualiton X200 Integrated Stereo Power Amplifier is finally here and is in production.

The Qualiton X200 is designed to serve analog enthusiasts who need a combination of a high-performance vacuum tube power amplifier and a versatile preamplifier, along with sophisticated technical details, built into a single chassis. In this way, perfect matching is achieved - both sonically and technically - between the main signal processing sections.

The most important aspect of the design process was to meet the widest possible range of user needs in a compact footprint. All internal circuits were designed from scratch, avoiding the usual clichés throughout, to create a complete all-rounder.


The X200 can be used as a separate preamplifier, as an integrated power amplifier, as a stand-alone power amplifier with direct inputs, or as a headphone amplifier, but other configurations are possible.

The low noise analog front-end is built around a wideband and transparent circuit and features a phono preamp with enhanced precision too. Line level and subwoofer outputs are an absolute necessity in this category, and these ports are included on the back.


We've added a real specialty too: a built-in, studio grade Parallel Equalizer. This kind of tools is primarily used as a master channel effect in recording studios, to bring fresh air into the mix, as a finishing touch. We've found that this effect can also be a huge help at home as well, as it can breath new life into certain, not so vivid records.

The balanced power amp is based on KT120 (optionally KT90.  KT150 or the new KT170) beam tetrodes and our latest, fully symmetrical output transformer design. Due to the symmetrical circuitry, we were able to further reduce the output noise of the output stage. In addition, our new BIAS section on the front panel makes it really easy to check and fine-tune the bias levels of the output tubes.


Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)


Product of Hungary


MAP   $ 6,500.00   ...  mind blowing Value !


Tube PP Class A-AB         
Output Power

100 W/ch CL AB  & 12 W/ch CL A  -  into 8 Ω

+35.5 dB (8 Ohm)

Input Impedance     

10 kΩ SE / 20 kΩ balanced
Input Sensitivity       

460 mV unbalanced & balanced input (LINE1)
Power Bandwidth   

27 Hz - 70 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)


<0.5% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)

Signal-to-noise ratio

> 101 dB; output noise < 1 mV (LINE1)

Power requirements 

720 W

Tubes required

4 x KT120, KT150 or KT90 ; 2 x ECC88;

2 x Tungsram ECC83

Inputs    3 x RC -- 1 x XLR 


1 x Speaker [ 4 & 8 ohm taps ]



Input impedance - Phono

47 kOhm || 120 pF

Input impedance - Line

25 kOhm || 10 pF

Max. input signal - Phono

40 mV (f = 1 kHz)

Max. input signal - Line

8 V

Gain - Phono

+46 dB (f = 1 kHz)

Gain - Line

0 dB

Max. deviation from RIAA curve Phono

+/- 0.5 dB

Frequency response - Line

4 Hz to 1 MHz (-3 dB)

THD - Phono

< 0.03% (f = 10 kHz)

THD - Line

< 0.001% (f = 20 Hz to 20 kHz)



< 0.002% (f = 20 Hz to 20 kHz)

Signal-to-noise ratio - Phono

> 60 dB (1 V, without A-filter)

Signal-to-noise ratio - Line

> 90 dB (1 V, without A-filter)

Signal-to-noise ratio - EQ

> 90 dB (1 V, without A-filter)

Bass boost in setting I - EQ

+ 5.6 dB

Bass boost in setting II - EQ

+ 7.6 dB

Treble boost in setting I - EQ

+ 6 dB

Treble boost in setting II - EQ

+ 8 dB


23 kg / 51 lbs


43 x 20 x 47.5cm

QUALITON X200 Integrated

Audio Hungary Qualiton APX 200 Integrated tube amplifier

APX 200


the beauty and the beast

QUALITON APX 200    Class A-AB / PP Integrated & Power Amplifier

The APX 200 delivers fully 2 x 100 W, and is consequently able to dynamically operate very insensitive speakers. This is achieved by a pair of KT90 tubes ( Special Edition : EL509 / PL519 / 6P45S tubes) per channel operating partially in Calls A (~12W) and predominantly in Class AB. The input and driver duties are handled via two 6N23P and two 12AX7LP tubes.

The frequency response of the power amp is fully linear in the audio-frequency range, at nominal, i.e. 100 W output power, measured with sinusoidal waveform. The low frequency breakpoint of the frequency response is 15 Hz, the upper cutoff frequency is 100 kHz (-3 dB points). In the entire audio-frequency range, the total harmonic distortion is less than 1% and the signal-to-noise ratio of the appliance is typically higher than 101 dB. While developing this product, the listed technical parameters were attained due to carefully designed circuit arrangements, a selected set of vacuum tubes and an accurately dimensioned and a manufactured output transformer.


The protection of the vacuum tube set is handled with special care. The lifespan of the tubes can be drastically reduced by uncontrolled transient surges of current at the moment of power-on. Similarly, suddenly switching high anode voltage on non-preheated vacuum tubes can have an adverse effect on the lifespan. In order to eliminate those effects, the appliance is equipped with a slow-start circuit and an anode voltage delay circuit.  


Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)


Product of Hungary


MAP   $ 5,400.00   ... Great Value !

Topology                    Tube PP Class A-AB         
Output Power           
100 W/ch CL AB  & 12 W/ch CL A  -  into 8 Ω
Gain                           +32.5 dB (8 Ohm); +29.5 dB (4 Ohm) (LINE1)  

Input Impedance     10 kΩ
Input Sensitivity       665 mV unbalanced & balanced input (LINE1)                                     (LINE2)  -- 1330 mV unbalanced (LINE2)
Power Bandwidth   
15 Hz - 100 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)

THD                           <1% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)

Signal-to-noise ratio                  > 101 dB; output noise < 1 mV (LINE1)

Power requirements                 520 W

Tubes required                           4 x KT90  or EL509 / 6P45S ; 2 x 6N23P;

                                                      2 x 12AX7

Inputs                                           1 x RCA (LINE 1)  

                                                      1 x RCA   +  1 x XLR  (LINE 2)

Outputs                                       1 x Speaker Terminals [ 4 & 8 ohm taps ]

Weight                                         29 kg / 63.8 lbs

Dimensions                                43 x 18,5 x 40 cm


Audio Hungary Qualiton APR 204 Tube Preamplifier

APR 204 MK2


transcendental meditation

QUALITON APR 204 MK2   Class A Preamplifier / with MM Phono Pre

The APR 204 offers three unbalanced RCA  line level inputs as well as one MM phono input. With the help of the audio source selector switch at the front panel, the user can determine, out of these four audio sources, which one of the relay-switched, volume-controlled signal should reach the output RCA connectors.


If the input selector unit is in ‘P’, i.e. PHONO position, the signal to be processed gets on the grid of the first voltage-amplifying vacuum tube through RCA connectors marked PHONO - thus, through the shortest possible signal paths.


From here, in the before-mentioned classic way, the signal component gets on the grid of the second voltage-amplifying stage through a passive correction network between stages according to RIAA standard, realised exclusively with passive elements.


We use double triodes ECC83/12AX7 both in the first and in the second voltage-amplifying stage . Through an appropriate tuning circuit and volume control potentiometer, the output of the PHONO stage is connected to the LINE stage, consisting of E88CC/6922 double triodes.

The APR 204 comes with an aluminum hand-held Remote that controls volume level and input selection.


Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)


Product of Hungary


MAP   $ 2,600.00   ...  mind blowing Value !

Nominal output level               Line 2 V
Input sensitivity                        Line 500 mV, to nominal output level
Input sensitivity                        Phono 5 mV, to nominal output level
Inputs                                         3 x RCA , 1 MM Phono
Outputs                                      1 x RCA, 1 x XLR, 1 x Headphone
Max. input signal                      Line 7 V

Max. input signal                      Phono 200 mV
Gain                                            Line +12 dB
Gain                                            Phono +52 dB, (f = 1 kHz)

Total harmonic distortion         Line < 0.05%, (f = 1 kHz, input level: 500 mV)
Total harmonic distortion         Phono < 0.5%, (f = 1 kHz, input level: 5 mV)
Frequency response                  Line 4 Hz - 300 kHz, (-1 dB)
Frequency response                  Phono 20 Hz - 20 kHz, (-0.3 dB)
Input impedance                        Line 100 kOhm
Input impedance                        Phono 47 kOhm
Signal-to-noise ratio                   Line > 100 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio                   Phono > 70 dB
Tube Complement                      4 x Tungsram ECC83; 2 x Tesla E88CC
Weight                                           8.4 kg

QUALITON APR204 Mk2 Preamplifier

Audio Hungary Qualiton PHONO Tube Phono Stage



finis coronat opus

QUALITON PHONO     MM or MC Phono Preamplifier

A premium category vacuum tube phono stage with extreme low noise and distortion level, made for complementing the series Qualiton. On its input, the appliance can receive low level signals coming from moving magnet cartridges. Optionally at extra charge, with the help of the changeable card at the rear panel, the circuit can be re-configurated, this way, the appliance will be able to process signals coming from moving coil cartridges. In the signal transmitting circuit, signal processing is done by Tungsram ECC83 as well as Tesla E88CC double triodes. The standard RIAA correction is realised by a classic passive network between the amplifying stages. In this case, we did not use a negative feedback. The nominal input sensitivity of the appliance is 5 mV. In response to an input signal with an effective value like this, at the output ports an effective output signal value of the nominal 500 mV can be measured.                                            


In order to achieve the lowest possible noise level, we have designed an external, stabilised power supply unit for the appliance with high capacity filter capacitors and high quality connectors. In this respect, we were not willing to settle for any compromises either, considering that this construction is much more advantageous than a usual configuration. In the case of the latter, the scattered magnetic field of the power supply transformer has a significantly adverse effect on the signal-to-noise ratio of the signal transmitting circuit, directly deteriorating the musical experience. 

Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)

Product of Hungary


MAP   $ 4,750.00  Chrome        /        $ 4,250.00  Black

Nominal output level                             500 mV
Input sensitivity - w/ MM card      5 mV, to nominal output level
Input sensitivity - w/ MC card       0.4 mV, to nominal output level
Inputs                                               1 x MM, or optionally 1 x MC
Outputs                                            1 x Line  - 500 mV nominal output level
Max. input signal - w/ MM card    100 mV
Max. input signal - w/ MC card      2 mV
Gain - with MM card                       +40 dB, (f = 1 kHz)
Gain - with MC card                        +62 dB, (f = 1 kHz)
THD with MM card                          < 0.07%, (f = 1 kHz, input level: 5 mV)

THD with MC card                           < 0.2%, (f = 1 kHz, input level: 0.4 mV)

Frequency response                                   20 Hz - 20 kHz, (-0.3 dB)
Input impedance - with MM card             47 kOhm
Input impedance - with MC card              145 Ohm
Signal-to-noise ratio - with MM card        > 70 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio - with MC card         > 65 dB
Tube Complement                                      4 x Tungsram ECC83

                                                                       2 x Tesla E88CC
Weight                                                           5.4 kg
Dimensions                                                  35 x 8 x 30 cm

APX 200 & APR 204 VIDEOS

Courtesy of Chameleon Audio Greece







Qualiton APX 200 with KT90 Tubes copy
Audio Hungary Qualiton APX200 - Rear
Audio Hungary Qualiton APX200
Audio Hungary Qualiton A50i
Audio hungary Qualiton a50i Black
Audio Hungary Qualiton A50i Rear
Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i
Audio Hungary Qualiton A20i Rear
Audio Hungary Qualiton APR204
APR 204 MK2 - New with XLR Output