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Holger Fromme of Avantgarde Acoustic

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" la dolce vita ! "
... taking a break in the Valais Alps Switzerland - October 2020

Urs Frei of Swissonor

Swissonor is a small hi-end company located in Geneva, Switzerland. Our first product was a non-magnetic cast iron main platter for the classic Thorens TD124 turntable. We became famous for our mods and improved parts for this beloved turntable. Since then, Swissonor has developed a genuinely complete product range with a single goal of achieving the best sound and performance from analogue sources.

What you can get at Swissonor is a design approach geared to a careful evolution of great audio classics, selected and optimum components, functional and user-friendly design, expenditure on component and overall design only where necessary, and finally -- Swiss handmade quality 

​What you will not get from us is short-lived high-tech, an excess of unnecessary complexity, Bling, heavy front panels but sheet metal everywhere else, and low-cost Imports from low-cost countries.

We still believe in vinyl discs as the true quality standard in music reproduction. Over the last twelve years we have been developing upgrade parts for the Swiss Thorens TD124 turntable, and have gained a worldwide reputation for our efforts.

While solid state technology replaced the vacuum tube for mass production 40 years ago, we prefer the tube for superior high end music reproduction. We carefully adapt selected classical tube schematics and integrate them on smart mainframes.

Our B.A.C.H. Coax/Coplanar Horn Loudspeakers are totally unusual for high-end loudspeakers. You can put them directly against a wall, and instead of a narrow sweet spot, you will exprience a huge three-dimensional stereophonic soundstage. High efficiency allows wide dynamic range with amplifiers from 3W on, and hours of fatigue-free listening.

URS FREI of Swissonor
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