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How much potential is still in the old silver disc? Plenty!

These three digital athletes from Canor Audio are dedicated to retrieving every bit ... and the DAC circuit's tube output stage in particular brings forth a rarely heard passion that breathes a captivating analog-like life into the music.

Low Beats 

Andreas Gunther | January 2020

Canor CD 1.10

Premium Tube CD Player / DAC


Dual Mono DAC Circuit

Ultra High Quality CD Mechanism



Canor CD 2.10

Performance Tube CD Player / DAC


Silent slot-in CD drive mechanism

AK4490 32-bit DA converter



Canor DAC 2.10

Performance D/A converter with tube-based output


Dual Mono DAC Circuit

7xPCM Filters / MQA / Oversampling Bypass

4x 6922 tube buffer output stage



 Take a listen ...

Canor Audio CD 1.10

In very good company with

 Aida Nabucco speaker

Euro 12,000



Single Track / Monokiwi

Video courtesy of Nikos @ Chameleon Audio / Greece

Canor Audio CD 2.10


In very good company with

 AS Overture 0304F speaker

Euro 4,000


 I Cant Get Started

TBM / Iasao Suzuki Quartet

Video courtesy of Nikos @ Chameleon Audio / Greece

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