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Bent Nielsen - Primare
Lars Pedersen - Primare

Bent Nielsen and Lars Pedersen of Primare


During the early 1980’s, leading Danish industrial designer and passionate audiophile Bo Christensen, now with Bow Technologies, set out to create a new kind of audio company. Frustrated by the sound quality, aesthetics, and user interface of typical audio gear, he created a team of designers, which included gifted engineer Bent Nielsen, to form a technology group named Primare Systems AB.


Their corporate mission was, first and foremost, design components of exceptional sound quality. Secondly, the products must have an elegant appearance, precise proportions and a user-friendly interface. Additionally, it was decided to eschew the industry standard twelve-month product life cycle and instead develop “living products” that could easily evolve as technologies and methodologies changed. The potent combination of clean Scandinavian design, simple yet elegant circuitry, and straightforward operation created audio components of uncanny originality.

In 1993 Primare formed an association with another Swedish audio company Xena, known for the popular Scandinavian brands Copland and QLN. This partnership fused the design and business talents of Bent Nielsen and Xena’s Lars Pedersen, setting a new course for Primare, resulting in the 1998 introduction of the 30 series, the basis for all future designs. Today, Bent heads up the technical side as Chief Designer, and Lars is Primare's CEO.​​

Bent Nielsen - Primare
Primare LOGO 3
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