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"If you’re an audiophile with a good set-up at home, and you are looking for a pair of headphones that can match the very best loudspeakers, then you really owe yourself the opportunity to audition these superb headphones"… 

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Meze Empyrean

Planar Magnetic Headphone



February 2019

"Are the Meze Empyrean the world’s best headphone? The Romanian company make a strong case in the affirmative... The Empyrean deliver a double shot of detail and dynamics but with a sense of audible refinement that shows compromise the door."


November 2018

“ We’re pretty spoiled when it comes to good gear and good headphones, but this one is extra special… What a masterpiece. Double thumbs up. A new King is born. This is a headphone everyone will still be talking about in 20 years.”

Inner Fidelity

February 2016

“ Mechanical engineering that is meant to be worn, the Empyrean is part objet d’art and sonic time machine, transporting the wearer to the exact moment and space the song of their choice was recorded.”

April 2019

“ The Empyrean plays in a different league. Full-bodied, the new flagship of Meze Audio praises itself with the name Empyrean, as the 'highest heaven'.

The best part is that the Meze Empyrean truly deserves its name."
- Original review in German -

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Meze 99 Classic

Closed-back Circumaural Dynamic Headphone



May 2016

"The 99 Classics sound simply glorious – uncannily spacious, brimming with energy and vivacity and a cranked up sense of performance that’s genuinely surprising and frequently riveting."

Soundphile Review

December 2017

“I consider the Meze 99 Classics among the best headphones you can buy – hence the high rating. Their peculiar design and sound signature make them stand out from the crowd and affords them a niche where they reign supreme.”

6 Moons

February 2016

“Siding with audiophiles, and considering competition in our realm, I view the 99 Classics as very high value. And make no mistake, I'd much rather listen to them than the Focal Spirit One and Aëdle VK-1 in our collection.”

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Meze 99 NEO

Closed-back Circumaural Dynamic Headphone


Audio Reputation

July 2020

"Meze Audio 99 Neo headphones represent the combination of breathtaking design, spectacular build quality, and exciting sound signature... Unique and attractive design, remarkable construction quality, great comfort, and a joyful sound signature at an affordable price – that’s what Meze Audio 99 Neo is all about."

Mind The Headphone

January 2019

“We are talking about a handsome, absurdly well-finished, beautifully built, spectacularly comfortable handset that has some of the most musical midtones and treble that I have ever heard in the world of headphones."


September 2017

“The Meze 99 Neo is more than just a good sounding headphone. The look and feel of it combined with the sound provided all add up to make it an experience that’s quite unique.”

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Meze Headphone Couch

For 99 Series and Empyrean


Your beloved headphones deserve a cozy place to rest after a long listening session. Sturdy yet elegant, covered in vegan leather, the Headphone Couch completes any audiophile’s home furnishing.
It fits beautifully on a shelf or on your audition table without scratching the furniture, thanks to the bottom cushion.

The Meze headphone couch is foldable, which makes it easy to store when you are not using it. It comes ready-assembled, so out of the box and straight at display in your headphone room!

Surround yourself by your passion and give your eyes the opportunity to enjoy your favorite headphones even when you are not listening to them!


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