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Louis Motek of LESSLOSS

Louis Motek has vast musical experience. The son of an organist and choir singer, his two brothers played violin, his sister classical guitar, his uncle a professional pianist/organist, and his grandmother was an opera soloist. His first piano recital was given at age six. At this early age he was already successfully advancing through the books of the Suzuki cello school. At the age of twelve he took up the saxophone as well. He has played in big-bands, symphony orchestras, ethnic music ensembles, has sung in mixed choirs, has composed his own popular and academic music, and was a student of musicology. At one point he had mastered at least a C major scale on all of the instruments you would encounter in any of the above mentioned ensembles.


He has worked as a jeweler in New York City and has 10 years of experience in a private Pro-Tools based recording studio. It is in the recording studio where his interest in high end audio was born and where, eventually, with LessLoss, he found all of his musical talents bear fruit with his developing top quality components he now offers for sale. Some of these are fifteen years in the making, and anyone who knows Louis will attest to their being mature solutions for the discerning audiophile. As to why Louis "does what he does":


“Every audiophile knows that at certain times, late at night, at around 3 AM, something happens to the electrical supply in the city in which they live. The sound becomes magnificent. There is no distortion. Everything clicks into place. It is some sort of audio nirvana. You can experience this perhaps 2 or 3 times a year, at best. Audiophiles spend vast quantities of time remembering this experience and even more time attempting (and failing) to recreate it. The experience is haunting and elusive. It only happens late at night and very rarely. This is what I am selling. I am selling this 3 AM sound for your enjoyment all day long, every day.”


Louis is trilingual. He speaks and writes fluently in English, German, and Lithuanian. His favorite things are those which are evident, but are yet unexplainable by mainstream science.

Louis Motek of LessLoss
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