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TAKET LIVE Supertweeter



360 degree-radiating Air Motion Transformer Super Tweeter by TakeT! 

This new TakeT “Heil-based” AMT Super tweeters is an astonishing add-on to any system. Notably you will get a huge boost in three dimensionality, you will also get a more palpable midrange and greater density with incredibly more vivid image outlines! You will not get a thinner sound, and no, you will not get a brighter sound ...on the contrary, you will get a boost in realism and a significantly blacker background.

Designed and manufactured in Kanagawa Japan by
Toshitaka Takei
TAKET LIVE Front and Rear.jpg

TAKET LIVE Supertweeter

These Supertweeters are truly transformational and are compatible with all Loudspeakers topologies. 


Drive system

Cylindrical TAT driver (TAKET's unique drive system. 

Minimum impedance

200 ohms

Frequency response

20kHz - 100kHz


360° (omnidirectional)

Output level / position switch

1 to 7 and 7+(position turned further from 7 is 7+)


about 265 gram

75 mm W, 112 mm H, 88 mm D (terminals included)
Base and Cap

Walnut wood, urethane clear matte coating


SPCC perforated metal with absorptive matte black paint


Comparison photo of BATPRO2 and TAKET-LIVE side-by-side is shown on the right.

Comparison photo2mini_ml_resize_x2 Transparent Frame.png

Adjustable SPL output via 8-way switch :

Level 1 : Discrete output level

Level 5 : Natural level
Level 7 & 7+ : High Intensity level

TAKET LIVE Front and Rear.jpg

$ 1475.00  / pair  -   Time-limited Special Offer $ 1255.00 - In STOCK
US Distributor Warranty Included - We are not responsible for Purchases made on E-Bay or Amazon from non-US resellers.


How do the TAKET Supertweeters affect the sound field ?


Please read the explanatory document provided via the link below :


Inaudible Frequencies - Effect on the Human Brain ?

Please read the downloadable technical document provided via the link below :

JBL Paragon + TAKET super tweeters

JBL Paragon + TAKET super tweeters

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