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Our Dealer Demo component sales page offers high value audio gear, all in pristine condition, broken in, and with residual Warranty. 



Dual Mono PCM1794A - Switzerland

MRSP - $ 6,000 

SALE : $ 3,000 - 50% Off !

Plus $100 Shipping & Insurance, and $200 Credit Card Fee / No fee if check 

Excellent Condition

" There are lots of excellent sounding DACs in this price territory. With an MSRP of $6,000, it’s my opinion the Merason DAC-1 is a serious contender for best DAC at any price. Sonically, it competes toe to toe with the high priced big boys. 6K is not exactly loose change but I’d still be impressed even if the DAC-1 was substantially more expensive."
Mike Wright / StereoTimes


" The intoxicating immediacy of the Merason can be quite addictive, it does what few digital components do, strips away the polish and lets you hear the real meat of the music. Talk Talk’s Myrrhman has a mesmerizing intensity that’s created with immense restraint and poise, you can’t hear the days and nights of studio time it took to make but you do feel a nervous energy that few converters bring home. The muscularity and depth of the bass is pretty gorgeous too. Another  such track is Gun by Scout Niblett, a track with so much palpable tension in it that it’s positively visceral when played on a converter that’s as revealing as this one."
Jason Kennedy / The Ear  2021



Type: PCM only digital to analogue converter
THD+N: <0.012% / Signal to noise: 120dB 
Digital Inputs: USB 2.0, Coax
, Toslink, AES-XLR
Analogue Out: single ended RCA, balanced XLR
Supported sample rates: PCM 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz, 192kHz
Output VOL
: 3V RMS balanced, 1.5V RMS SE
DAC chip: 2x BurrBrown 1794A
Dimensions HxWxD: 100 x 450 x 290mm
Weight: 8kg (11kg with stainless steel front)



AH Qualiton APX 200 / EL509 version

Integrated/Power Amp - EU / Hungary

MRSP - $ 5,250

Review : Mono & Stereo 

SALE : $ 2,900 - 45% Off !

Plus $100 Shipping & Insurance, and $95 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check


Pristine Dealer Demo Condition
150 hours on the clock.

"At 2 x 100 W, the APX 200 it capable of dynamically driving even the most insensitive speakers. The frequency response of the power amplifier is completely linear over the audio frequency range, at a nominal output power of 100 W, measured with a sine waveform. The low frequency roll-off frequency is 15 Hz, and the upper cutoff frequency is 100 kHz (-3 dB points). Most notably, the first 15W operate in Class A !"

This one is a "keeper" ...
.... a collector's amp

Audio Hungary Qualton APX 200 Angle view_photos_v2_x2.jpg

Over the entire audio frequency range, the total harmonic distortion is less than 1% and the signal-to-noise ratio of the device is usually greater than 101 dB.

Power Tube : EL509/6P45S

2 x 100 Watts Class AB into 8 Ohms

First 15 W in Class A

Gain : 32.5d/8ohms, 29.5dB/4ohms

Auto Bias 
Tubes : 6922x2, ECC83x2, EL509 x 4
Input Line 1 : 1 x RCA / Integrated

Input Line 2 : 1 x RCA, 1 x XLR / Power
Load impedance : 4-8 ohm
Bandwidth : 15 hz - 100khz / 3db
Output : 1 line
Remote control Yes
Dimensions : 43 x 18.5 x 40 cm

Weight : 29.6 Kg / 65 lbs

QUALITON APX 200 Rear View.jpg
Qualiton APX 200 Rear 1_photos_v2_x2.jpg


TOTEM Acoustic 1

Iconic Monitor Loudspeaker - Canada

MRSP - Historical / $ 2,200

Review : Stereophile 

SALE : $ 900

Plus $75 Shipping & Insurance, and $37 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

6 Month Dealer Warranty


9/10 Private Collection Condition

"The Model 1s use Totem-modified 5" Dynaudio woofers and 1" SEAS aluminum tweeters. The woofer has a 3" voice coil, and the woofer and tweeter are connected to the crossover with shielded dielectric, and multi-strand oxygen-free copper wiring. The crossover uses larger and higher-grade oil-dielectric capacitors, and metallzed polypropylene capacitors"

The  5" Woofers were replaced in 2019 with original NOS stock drivers sourced directly from Totem.

This one is a "keeper" ...
.... a collector's speaker

totem_signature one_mahogany.jpg

"These are truly world class speakers that seem to defy the laws of physics. The bass they can produce has to be heard to be believed. They score most highly in terms of sound staging, reproduction of acoustic instruments and vocals, and are also thoroughly engaging connecting you to the message and emotion of the music"

Topology : 2-way

X-Over @ : 2.7kHz

Mid-Woofer : Dynaudio 5.5"

Tweeter : SEAS  1.2" Aluminum Dome 

Sensitivity : 87dB

Load impedance : 4 ohm

FR : 50Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB

Power Handling : 15W > 120W RMS
Input : 2 way Binding Posts

Dimensions : 6.5W x 12.5Hx 9D in

Weight : 4.1Kg / 9 lbs

totem-acoustic-model-1 Rear_ml_resize_x2.jpg
Totem 1 Signature Side.jpg

LOUDSPEAKERS - Floorstander

CSA Lowther - 2.8 MK1 / PM6C

Full Range Loudspeaker - USA

MRSP - Historical / $ 3,200
including cabinets and grilles


SALE : $ 1,550

Plus $200 Shipping & Insurance, and $55 Credit Card Fee / No fee if Check

6 Month Dealer Warranty

9/10 Private Collection Condition

This pair of floorstanding loudspeakers was purchased from David Dicks at Common Sense Audio back in the early 2000's. It was delivered fully assembled with a pair of Lowther PM6C drivers mounted into their CSA 2.8 CSA 2.8 MK1 Series Bass-Reflex light oak-veneer cabinets. Grilles in perfect condition.

At the time it was powered by the  venerable and "very vintage" HH Scott 340B tube receiver sporting the 7591 power tubes outputting 30W p/c. The completely refurbished 340B was also purchased from David Dicks ... still have this receiver here in Nashville !

LOWTHER PM6C Driver.jpg

Topology : Full Range / Bass Reflex

Driver : Lowther 8" PM6C

Cabinet : CSA 2.8 MK1

Overall Sensitivity : 96dB

Load impedance : 8 ohm

FR : 30Hz to 20kHz +/- 3dB

Power Handling : 100W RMS

Recommended Power : 2W > 30W
Input : 4 way Posts

Dimensions : 14.5W x 37Hx 12D in

Weight : 17.5Kg / 40 lbs

Very low hours relative to age.

Drivers in excellent condition.

Shipping is possible, but pick-up is preferred.

Lowtrher 2.8 MK2 PM6C withought Grille.jpg
Lowther 2.8 Mk2 PM6C with Grille 2.jpg
Lowther 2.8 MK2 PM6C Rear .jpg
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