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from $18,900 to $27,800

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$1,849 / $2,948 w/LPSU

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Our Take on the INNUOS Servers at Atelier 13 Audio


I really don't know where to start when it comes to describing the pleasure I am experiencing with the INNUOS servers in our various systems here at Atelier 13 Audio ... there are many aspects to this.


I am essentially a Vinyl lover, appreciated the convenience of very acceptable CD-playback through top CD Transports and excellent DACs....but I had never been a friend of server-based playback whether Hi-Rez or otherwise. Ripping quality of CDs was dubious, restitution of downloaded hi-rez files not "exactly musical", and this in every sense of the what has been, and still was, commonly known as the sub-optimal "Digital Experience".


With time, digital file quality improved 

... [somewhat], and DACs have certainly improved musically, at least some of them. Nonetheless, what still was a major annoyance was the geeky complexity of server operating application set-up, glitches in interface, and the notorious Wifi/Networking headaches plaguing the entire "Command and Control" aspect of the user experience.


Although I am over 60

... I am not a computer neophyte as I use all manner of sophisticated CAD apps and have hacked my own Windows OS in the days when this was still easy. I personally will always be able to manage my way through the process of setting up server based systems.


But I am also a Dealer

... and very many of my clients are not able to do so, nor do they have the slightest inclination to want to be put through any sort of torture of this kind. As so much of this gear was still GEEK-oriented, something needed to change if servers were going to appeal to all types of users. 


Enter the INNUOS Servers

Well, suffice it to say that it takes about 15 to 30 minutes to set up these servers and start listening to music ... Awesome !  15minutes if opting for only UPNP, and about 15 minutes more if wanting to use ROON / Streaming as well.


The Innuos multi-platform SENSE Operating System software itself is super-simple and intuitive. So ... finally ... we now can look forward to no more headaches ... leaving the all important question : 


How do the INNUOS servers sound ?


The answer is, in one word ... Superb !! ... and this from a Vinyl lover ... truly superb !

In this video, Qobuz interviews Innuos’ management team about the latest products and the new SENSE opertating system

Qobuz Innuos Management Interview Video_ml_resize_x2.jpg
PULSE_Series_1920x1080px_001 (1).jpg

Innuos PULSE Streamer Series - New in 2022

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