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Dynamikks Monitor 12

The Dynamikks Monitor Series consists of the new Monitor 10 and Monitor 12 models. This series is based on a clear aesthetic form and a clear technical concept:

Comprised of a large-format bass driver and mid-range horn, the 2-way topology ensures a relaxed but highly dynamic reproduction, with exceptional resolution and wide bandwidth performance.

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If you on are on this page, I need to underscore that this loudspeaker is one of the very best we have heard in a very long time ... and we are really difficult to please ! From the very first notes, it was a total shocker. On a scale of 1 to 10 ... its a 12.


We can't get over the ridiculous price either .... a no brainer. Then, it gets better ... the awesome German finish, the attention to small details, the packaging, the versatility.


... And this speaker is a sonic "Chameleon". Let us explain : Sophisticated and delicate Classical ? ... excellent. Jazz, Vocals as well ... but, then ask it to do some really serious Rock and get vicious and heavy ... when one knows that most speakers really cant "do it all" ? You better be strapped in to your seat, because its going to come at you like a freight train :=)) Hint : Its not called "DynamiKKs" for no reason.


Enough said !


Oh, and don't worry too much about amp compatibility ... 8W SET, Big Tone 22-30W DHT, 100-250W Hybrid ... as long as the amp is of appropriate high quality ...  the DynamiKKs speakers ... all of them ... are very "accommodating".


If you are wondering if the  Monitor 10, or the 2 models from the DynamiKKs Aton Series, are any different ... they are not. The Monitor 10 is a tad scaled down vs the Monitor 12 (for smaller rooms) ... and the ATON speakers are even more impressive, and more pricey of course, ... but are still accessible at not-too-crazy prices ... the Aton 10DC can be had for under $25K ... but it really belongs to a select sub-set of speakers from the $40K to $70K  fraternity !


More ...


Alexander Aschenbrunner / HiFi Stars 50th Anniversary Edition - 2020

... an excellent description and review of this 2-way Horn speaker design

Ulf Monning's Monitor Series has been known since 2009, and it was simply a matter of time before Ulf launched a new series consisting of the types 10 and 12. In this review, we are discussing the larger of the two new models, namely the Monitor 12. Following on from the formerly more aesthetically “round” monitor creations, his new models have taken on a much more independent presentation in terms of form and expression. As Ulf Moning, the mastermind of DynamiKKs, said somewhat dryly: "It was about time!"



The technical details of the loudspeaker are as follows :

The monitor 12 is 112 cm high, 35 cm wide and 50 cm deep. Its weight is 45 kg. Its impedance is an amplifier-friendly eight ohms; its efficiency is a tube-friendly 93 dB; the crossover frequency is a low 750 Hz - and it is not just the WBT Nextgen binding posts that point to a love of excellent components .. but namely also those in the the crossover ... highly selected elements predominate here. Incidentally, the crossover is located in the enclosure of the tweeter horn.

The crossover can be regulated by up to 6 dB via the level adjuster that can be seen on the rear - this can be very helpful if required ...    ... keyword : the room.


Nevertheless ... Due to its special geometry (in contrast to round horns), the horn guide allows different horizontal and vertical beam angles. Here, the applied "Constant Directivity Characteristic" prevents "clustering / concentration" in the high frequency range. This differs from other horn designs such as spherical wave horns and tractrix horns ... all of which exhibit increased "clustering" the higher the frequency. Due to this fact, the high frequency response with the Dynamikks approach is anything but annoying - on the contrary, you can stay in a rather large and thus immediately comfortable listening area.

The Monitor 12

The DynamiKKs Monitor 12 is a two-part enclosure design. The bass enclosure is inclined backwards by 3 ° and supports the high-midrange horn which is located in the top enclosure, and which is decoupled by spikes. The bass cabinet is designed as a reflex system with porting at the rear. The rear opening leads to a better integration of the loudspeaker in the room, because the general room modes are less stimulated. Contrary to the prevailing notion that this would be a hindrance for positioning the speaker closer to the wall, it must be stated that problems arising from close-to-back-wall positioning are basically possible - though NOT with DynamiKKs loudspeakers. 


Further "notable" observations :  


The bass driver -- An extremely powerful motorized 12 inch (30 cm) chassis in a die-cast basket with a membrane made of paper with carbon fiber components, has been specially manufactured and used for this model.


The spikes -- I have only one word to describe the spikes : exemplary! No cheap stuff from Asia, but solid and blasted stainless steel from Germany is used here ... another indication of the attention to detail at DynamiK Ks!


Aesthetics / Appearance -- We guys always have to "guggn" [German for "ogle"] with our fingers... so, to the touch, we experience perfect paintwork ... on perfect real wood veneer... yes, we like that. To be be specific, the new Monitor 10 and Monitor 12 are available [as standard] in Makassar, Dark Santos Palisander and Zingana. However, these veneers are multi-laminated and sustainable real wood veneers corresponding to the ISO 18775 standard, and NOT ecologically problematic exotic woods.


About Sustainable Wood Veneers --  a special production method is followed by Dynamikks and is characterized by minimizing errors and optimizing dimensions. The woods used are special because of their ecologically-conscious sourcing. They come from plantations, or from controlled forest management with FSC certification, and are made in a very special way, namely using the "filled tree trunk" technology.

Here, poplar wood is peeled. These peeled veneers are then bleached and dyed. Then they are glued, single sheet by single sheet, and then pressed into a block. This block is then cut in the opposite direction to create the finished veneer sheets. The production process varies depending on the texture of the veneer leaves. In this way, the color, the texture, or "double cutting" can change the final appearance decisively. Fascinating! So, who invented this technique? No, not the Swiss this time, but not far off ... it was the Italians. I think this approach is exceptionally good, it is exemplary of great concern for sustainability ! In addition, this colored and knife-cut veneer looks really "sharp". I especially like the darker veneer variants very much.


About the Cabinet -- Ulf Moning uses a relatively small material thickness of 25 mm [1 inch] for the cabinet. The cabinets are stiffened at the strategically important points. This however is not intended to improve damping, but rather causes surfaces of different sizes to vibrate differently at different frequencies. There are different approaches in loudspeaker construction, and I'll group these into two alternatives as follows : "dead dampening" or "calculated resonance". A “better / worse” cannot be derived from comparing these two approaches. As in law, it always depends on the individual case.

Or, to quote Ulf Moning : “The art of loudspeaker cabinet construction consists in finding a successful compromise between: a) stimulated frequencies, b) the lowest possible amplitude and c) the fastest possible decay of the vibrations. As we have found out in countless experiments, optimizing just one of these parameters leads to a poor overall result. A relatively low material thickness ensures that the vibrations subside quickly. The result is a defined, clear sound."


The Sound

A defined, clear sound has always been the maxim of Ulf Moning's loudspeaker constructions. It would therefore be surprising if he had changed this in the case of monitor 12. Before I forget: We tested this speaker with the very impressive 805 Gold Lion tube amplifier from Thivan Labs.


As is usual for us, the listening session opens with a female vocal, this time Vanessa Fernandez performing the Led Zeppelin cover version of “When The Levee Breaks”. Super-harmonious with Hammond organ, violin, etc. - and in between all of this, the artist's voice ... all this complexity was presented very cleanly.


Next we listen to some blues : Ronnie Earl from his 2003 album "I Feel Like Going on". In my opinion one of his best albums ever. The tracks on this album are some of the best examples of instrumental and jazz-influenced blues ... which the Model 12 renders with an awesome realism ... ohhh, what sublimely great music ! ...


Before we asked ourselves the exciting question -- "How well does the Monitor 12 do classical music ?" -- we decided to take a brief detour via Yello. We know that all Yello albums present a serious sonic challenge for a stereo system. Especially the "Kiss The Cloud" track from their LP "Yello"! This track is definitely best served up by cranking up the dBs ... louder is better! - I love this "electronic tsunami" ... and was super-thrilled with how the Model 12 cranked out the thrills !


Now finally to the classical music: The second symphony by Gustav Mahler is undoubtedly one of the best known - the monumental finale performed by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and conducted by the brilliant Sir Georg Solti - What can I say ... it was simply breathtaking ... particularly considering that I forgot that the volume level had remained unchanged from the Yello track.

Bottom Line

How would you like me to conclude ... what are you expecting me to say ? ... That the Monitor 12 is "super-cool"? That is exactly what my words above imply! ... That the manufacturer can build loudspeakers ? Nothing new ... this has been an established fact for decades ! That I'm really impressed ? With whom ... the manufacturer? No, we're talking about his new Monitor 12, a loudspeaker that has taken music across the "edge" of sonic sanity - and how!


... "just saying". Listen for yourself !


MSRP $  16,800 per pair

Limited Time Direct Dealer Price : $13,750

Dynamikks Monitor 10 in Showroom.jpg



Refined ... Dynamic ... Powerful

  • Impedance : 8 ohms

  • Topology :

    • Passive 2-way speaker,
      horn and bass reflex loaded

  • Horn : 30x30cm, 1 "Compression Driver - Crossover at 750Hz

  • Woofer : 12" 

  • Sensitivity : 93 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m

  • Frequency response :

    • -3dB / 35Hz-20kHz

  • Wiring : DynamiKKs! SpeakerLink

  • Terminal : WBT Nextgen

  • Dimensions/ mm  (HxWxD) :

    • 1120 x 350 x 500

  • Weight : 45.0 kg each (99 lbs)

    • Horn : 27 lbs  / Bass Cabinet : 72 lbs

  • Finish Options :

    • Makassar, Zingana

dynamikks-monitor-12profil rechts.jpg

Meet our DYNAMIKKS Speaker Line

ATON 8DC.jpg



$21,500 /pr
91 dB
Dynamikks Monitor 10 Side View Toned.jpg


$12,995 /pr
91 dB
ATON 10DC.jpg



$28,000 /pr
93 dB


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