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LessLoss Entropic Power Distributor
New for 2022 

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The Purist "no-compromise" AC Solution 

Everything here ... yes everything ... is about

the purity of Music 


  • C-Marc Entropic Internal Wiring throughout

  • Effective Vibration Damping

  • Aged via Cryogenic Treatment

  • Gold plated Copper Contacts 

  • Precision Furutech & Oyaide Reference Class Connectors

  • Hi-Tech Panzerholz Enclosure


  • Extensive Firewall Filtering 


  • New : Entropic Process  


  • Quieter background

  • Higher resolution

  • More neutral timbre and focus

  • Pinpoint accuracy on realistic soundstage of proportion

  • Natural dynamics

  • Potent transients

  • Relaxed, natural listening experience



  • Compromised Dynamics

  • No Current Restriction

  • Listening fatigue


  • Cable drawing attention to itself


  • Bloating image out


  • Artificial 'embossing'


  • Harsh


  • Brittle 'hi-fi' sound, headache     


The LessLoss Distributor has three duplexes - six individual outlets.


These are housed in our custom-manufactured PANZERHOLZ frames, the best acoustic micro-vibration absorption in the industry


The Panzerholz is hand waxed using natural beeswax oil. 


Outlets are 100% copper contacts, not brass. These are the most costly Oyaide R-0 Signature Edition from Japan, and are mounted on "cost-no-object" Panzerholz / Carbon Fiber cover plates !


The Furutech-sourced AC Inlet is copper, gold plated, featuring huge conductivity contacts ... best in class.

Everything is specially treated by LessLoss to include our advanced Entropic process for all conductive paths throughout. 


Everything is fit tight by additional clear slow-curing epoxy resin.


This makes for the widest, clearest, soundstage.


This also guarantees that even 15 or 20 years from now all physical traits will still be as solid as on day 1, even if the natural wood has micro-warped during that time.


Internal wiring is 4.6mm^2 C-MARC. It requires much labor. This is the most silent cable in the world. 

Our most advanced Firewall technology is embedded in this distributor.


In fact, double length! And it is included on the ground path as well.


This distributor has got to be the most silent and pure-toned unit available. 

Delivered in a custom made, very robust shipping box with extensive quality padding.

Recommended for use while standing on 3 LessLoss Bindbreaker feet - $ 672

MRSP  $ 4,380 Entropic



The Power Distributor is recommended for use while standing on 3 LessLoss Bindbreaker feet


MRSP Set of 3    $ 672

LessLoss Distributor on Bindbreaker Footer.jpg
LessLoss Bindbreaker - detail
LessLoss Bindbreaker - Solo
LessLoss Bindbreaker under DAC

Placing your equipment upon three Bindbreaker feet reduces the influence of microphonic effects within its circuitry. Micro-vibrational energy sinks into and is absorbed and dispersed by the Bindbreaker more readily than it bounces back up into the equipment. 


The Result :

fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, more distinguishable bass, clear and uncolored highs, and a rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. 

Music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker.


The Bindbreaker foot is about 38mm high. The foot rests upon a hexagonal platform made of beautiful Bog Oak, which measures about 90mm across.


$224 / pc  -  $672 / 3pc Set 



LessLoss Power Cable


LessLoss offers highest performance power cords. These are plug-and-play hand-braided C-MARC™ 'super-cables' based on three separate runs of coaxial C-MARC™ cable. We developed this new generation product to be well-equipped to deal with today’s over-polluted electro-magnetic environment. 

1m or 1,5m or 2m

C-Marc $1,148

Entropic $1,934

$94 per

additional 0.5m

2 cables - 5% off

3+ cables - 10% 0ff

10% Off with Power


LessLoss C-Marc Power Cord
LessLoss IEC Connector
LessLoss C-Marc Cable Braid
LessLoss Male IEC Connector
LessLoss IEC Connector Pins
LessLoss Power Connector Detail
LessLoss Power Connector Video

LessLoss Power Plug


LessLoss C-Marc Cable Explained - Video




LessLoss Firewall 64X Original

Firewall 640X


LessLoss Firewall 64X Original
LessLoss Firewall 64X Original

Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach. 

Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. 

Use the Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere

Plug & Play


LessLoss Firewall 64X / C-Marc

Firewall 640X


LessLoss Firewall 64X / C-Marc

Plug-and-Play Firewall 640X module featuring C-MARC™ flexible umbilical.


Our finest, state-of-the-art power conditioning product

Plug & Play





C-Marc Evaluation Request

Thanks for your interest in C-Marc !

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Best Buy Award


  • Evaluation SET is flexible.  CALL US

  • Examples :

    • 1 or 2 Power Cord - 2m

    • 1 pr Speaker Cable - 2.5m or 3m

    • 1 Pair of RCA Interconnects - 1m

    • 1 Digital S/PDIF Cable - Request

    • 1 pair XLR Interconnects - Request

    • 1 pair Phono Cable - Request

    • 1 Firewall 64X - Request

    • 4-Outlet Power Distributor - Request

    • Set of 3 Bindbreakers - Request

  • Available subject to reservation

  • 10 Day Evaluation Period - excl. shipping

  • We pay shipping to you

  • You pay return shipping - PayPal

  • Deposit  : Variable

    • Existing Customers - No Deposit

    • New Customers - Please Contact Us

  • If Evaluation results in minimum purchase of $1500, Evaluation return shipping deducted off Invoice.

  • Free shipping on purchases.

  • NB - Due to the high value of the cables, Evaluation is typically subject to a Security Deposit, e.g. a Check

C-MARC Evaluation Form
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