Audio Components are not simply instruments of technology. They have a soul. And that soul is the expression of the passion and relentless dedication of the people that created them. 

We thought we'd bring them front stage at Atelier 13 Audio, and let you know more about who they are, and how they came to express and share their passion through the audio components we have the pleasure of representing

Serge Schmidlin | Audio Consulting
About Serge
Holger Fromme | Avantgarde Acoustic
About Holger
Jacob George | Rethm
About Jacob
Urs Frei | Swissonor
About Urs
Sugano-san of Koetsu
Thorsten Loesch
Thorsten Loesch
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Andrew Jones | Elac
About Andrew
Peter Madnick | Elac
About Peter
Tim de Paravicini | Quad
About Peter
Nuno Vitorino | Innuos
About Nuno
Lars Pedersen | Primare
About Lars
Sasa Cokic - Trafomatic
Sasa Cokic - Trafomatic
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Louis Motek | Less Loss
Louis Motek Of LessLoss
Bent Nielsen | Primare
About Bent
Thomas Schick | Schick
About Thomas
Laszlo Fabian | Audio Hungary
About Laszlo
Frank Fazzalari | Coherent Audio
About Frank
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