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Lorenzo and Luciano Sanavio of MastersounD

Early History

In the 1950s, the original founder and family patriarch Cesare Sanavio, earned an electronics degree with a thesis on output transformers in tube amplifiers.


His first major consultancy mandate in the field of radio and television equipment, at a time of great ferment, was for an American company that led him to travel to various foreign locations. Originally in Brazil, where he also founded the family, then in Chile and finally in Paraguay, where he also gets involved with the design and installation of sound systems (initially amplified by tube systems) for churches and shops.


It is in those years that his son Luciano began his first experiences in the art of building tube amplifiers .

Cesare come back to Italy with his family, and for several years he worked as a consultant for various hi-fi companies.


After fifty years of experience in the design and construction of audio systems, and design refinement achieved after much work in the construction of its special output transformers, he decides to found MastersounD together with his sons.


The first "2-11 A" amplifier under the "MastersounD" brand receives unanimous applause from the public and the trade, and allowed the company to become a reference in the Italian and European market.


After the passing of Cesare, Lorenzo and Luciano, continued their father's projects for many years ... and at the end of 2015, thanks to new partnerships aimed at increasing international affiliations and expansion, the new "Mastersound srl" company is born.

MastersounD Today


MastersounD today has a new and larger headquarters in Arcugnano in the province of Vicenza. The products are made by people ready to seize new challenges, united by the same profound passion of Cesare Sanavio.


Luciano Sanavio, (currently also Production Manager) thanks to his engineering studies, his natural ability and curiosity, continues to achieve ever more exciting results. MastersounD output transformers designed and built entirely by their laboratories, achieve unmatched bandwidth performance, ​​and are deservedly recognized globally.


Lorenzo Sanavio (currently also Administrative Manager) with his passion and ability has successfully enabled the introduction of family amplifiers around the world, enabling Luciano to continue his passionate focus on research activities.


Newer amps in current production were designed Luciano Sanavio ... music lover.


Thus, there are two distinct lines of Master Sound electronics :

  • The original ones designed by Lorenzo ...

  • ... and the Luciano-designed series. Luciano Sanavio designed the Final 845 mono amps with a goal to arouse emotions and connect the listener with the composer and the performer in a natural life-like way.


All Master Sound amplifiers are Zero Feedback, Class-A based designs. Each product is hand-built in stages and according to Master Sound, one amplifier can take up to a full week to manufacturer. Master Sound recommends a minimum of 200 hours burn-in to reach peak performance.

The company's  goal is to produce tubes amplifiers with the best quality available on the market, while maintaining the tradition of an Italian "hand-made" product.


MastersounD intends to satisfy, indeed to delight, the most demanding

high fidelity enthusiasts around the world

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