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LessLoss C-Marc Speaker Cables

Everything here ... yes everything ... is about

the purity of Music 

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C-Marc Version

2.0m / 6.5ft - $1,595

2.5m / 8ft - $1,905

3.0m / 10ft - $2,215


Over 3m : +$310 per 0.5m 

Entropic Version

2.0m / 6.5ft - $2,678

2.5m / 8ft - $3,198

3.0m / 10ft - $3,718


Over 3m : +$520 per 0.5m 

Jumper Set

C-Marc - $2,678

Entropic - $3,198


Standard Jumper Cable Length - 20cm

Try-before-you-Buy Evaluation Program

Contact us for an in-home trial - Conditions Apply

"I'm simply convinced ... LessLess has the answer"

"Best of 2021"

December, 2021    Srajan Ebaen

6moons has chosen the LessLoss C-MARC Entropic Process series of cables out of 106 reviewed products from various manufacturers during the year 2021 as their pick of the year!


"I'm simply convinced that for a very relaxed utterly grain-free and liquid sound, LessLoss' C-MARC Entropic range has the answer."

The Entropic

The new C-MARC™ Entropic Process Speaker Cable is by far the most advanced Speaker Cable we've ever developed


The C-MARC™ Entropic Process Speaker Cable features the very best of our cable technologies: Common-mode Auto-rejecting Cable geometry and the Entropic Process. The insulation is 100% mercerized cotton fiber. 


The Entropic Process is an advanced series of production steps taken by LessLoss to harness the power of the so-called "burn-in" phenomenon. Through this proprietary technology, vastly superior sonics are achieved. It takes us an entire workday to create just one stereo pair of these special cables.

C-MARC™ speaker cables feature mercerized natural cotton fibre instead of plastics. Plastics tend to give the sound a sticky, artificial tonal quality. Transients become smeared and out of focus. Cotton also serves to absorb micro-vibration to a very high degree. This technique has long been used in the filler of professional microphone cable.

The mercerized and braided cotton structure reflects light more readily and has more lustre than non-mercerized cotton. C-MARC™ cable is very lightweight and highly flexible. It does not tug at the equipment at all, which means that delicately tuned and balanced gear will perform at its very best.  


The cable is highly flexible and features 192 individually enameled, 0.125mm diameter copper conductors around a 100% cotton core. This copper structure is then over-braided with 100% natural, mercerized cotton fiber, then another braid of 192 enameled copper wires. On top are two layers of mercerized cotton fiber braids. No plastics throughout.


The total conductive cross section of this wire is 2 x 2.304mm^2. We use this wire for our C-MARC™ loudspeaker cable. In this application, we join all strands together at the ends, resulting in a single polarity loudspeaker cable of 4.608mm^2 cross section which provides completely silent signal transfer. Signal purity is simply outstanding.

The C-Marc


For the non-Entropic version of this cable, other than the additional Entropic process, all other technical aspects of this version are identical to those of the Entropic version. A burn-in period will therefore be required, and the relative sonic performance, although excellent in its own right, is not on par with the spectacular prowess of the Entropic ... which after all commands a 66% higher price.    


Cable Detail Gallery

"C-MARC Loudspeaker Cable delivers top tier performance."

David Grzyb  -  HiFi Knights   February,  2019


What they say ...

"...the very best of their kind..."

"...the ability to extract the very essence of each major device with no drawbacks..."

"...allows a component to fully flourish yet remains unseen while doing so."

"...can be twisted, bent and tangled far more than the usual suspects... Routing in-between components is very easy with this one."

"...smoother, quieter, more organic..."

"...less veiled, more orderly, sported cleaner more lively background and served all nuances in more subtle and delicate fashion."

"...far better on detail retrieval and sounded cleaner yet not artificial at all. Not in the slightest."

"...its own character is no character at all."

"...did far better in showcasing what the AMP-13R is truly capable of and there was a lot to show. Not even one thing the Lithuanian did of lesser quality than the Excellence and the more I switched between these two vastly different cords, the more I acknowledged that the difference between 'em went far deeper than their voicing."

"...delivered more refined and sophisticated outcome."

"...sheer quality and class."

"...utmost graceful..."

"...fabulously black background for music, fine detail retrieval, smoothness, maturity, balance and insight..."

"It's meant for an enthusiast seeking to fully unlock his setup's potential to push it even further, yet with its core flavor intact."

" league performance..."

"...LessLoss C-MARC loudspeaker cable gets my vote..."


More of what they say ...



C-MARC Entropic Process Cables : "This is cable stuff which moist dreams are built on"

Srajan Ebaen  -  6 Moons   October, 2021

"...richer deeper tone"

"...more enhanced sense of spaciousness"

"...thicker and richer"

"...the antidote to forwardness and grain"

"...a fat compliment to the Lithuanian"

"like + like = like2"

"In my book, that makes these latest LessLoss cables a very advanced proposition"

" was all give no take"

"...infused by uncut treble"

"...made it go deeper and eliminated any ambiguity or conditionality"

"...a truly excellent sonic adventure"

"This is cable stuff which moist dreams are built on"



More of what they say ...


"I wish I could have used [these C-Marc cables] to teach this concept to my students"

Mark Blackmore  -  Audio Beat    April, 2019

"I was immediately surprised at how much more information was spread across my living room. Reverb went on forever and the whole soundstage of the prelude seemed much larger and deeper."

"The LessLoss interconnects certainly revealed more detail than I thought possible from my DAC, and it occurred to me that until then, I hadn't really heard all that the BorderPatrol DAC had to offer."

"Quick attacks." "No sense of blur." "Huge soundstage."

"Increased sense of soundstage width and depth."

"Improved resolution and focus in the upper bass and lower midrange."

"I could more clearly hear the performer's technique, the instrument's character, and the idiosyncrasies of the performance."

"I listened to Andre Previn's After Hour's with Ray Brown and Joe Pass CD [Telarc CD83302], noticing a specific benefit of this improved clarity. In music education, we teach that great jazz bass players will play on the "front side" of the beat, enhancing the excitement of an up-tempo tune without rushing the beat. Alternately, the bass player will need play on the "back side" of the beat for ballads or the blues, for that lazy, but not late, groove. On "There'll Never Be Another You", Ray Brown drives the trio with a percussive right-hand technique, always on the front edge of the beat, to propel the tempo forward. The LessLoss cables conveyed greater insight into Brown's musicianship and his ability to play a melodic bass line while also acting as the percussive drive for this drummerless trio tune. I wish I could have used a similarly revealing system to teach this concept to my students."

"Image definition was definitely improved. The sound was purer, more focused, yet retained good extension."

"The LessLoss speaker cables [on electrostatic loudspeakers] did a fine job, with improved image location and depth. Owners of electrostatic speakers should certainly add them to their audition list. They seem made for use with electrostats."

"The change was equivalent to swapping a good preamp for a really great preamp."

"Every aspect of the sound was improved, but most notable was the treble, which had been too forward before, with the tweeter being much too obvious. The improvements exceeded those in my own system, and the owner texted me many times in the following days in amazement at the effect of inserting just one LessLoss power cord. I doubt I would have believed this story if I hadn't witnessed the outcome myself. This was certainly the best sound I've heard at his house."

"Prior to adding the LessLoss cables, I had auditioned many cables in the same general price range, and one power cord that was three times as expensive. While all were well made and sounded good, none of them made my system sound better in terms of bringing performers and their craft into my listening room. The LessLoss cable loom helped me hear more deeply into recordings, and I spent more of my listening time thinking about the musician's performance rather than the sound of the system. That is a high compliment for any piece of audio gear."

"The [LessLoss] cables' inclusion in my system removed a previously unnoticed level of confusion, or noise, resulting in clearer soundstage cues, cleaner upper bass and vocals, and greater overall musical enjoyment. The results were positive enough that I'm saving my audio money to add a set of interconnects and a power cord for my BorderPatrol DAC SE."



Digital Interconnect Cable SPDIF [RCA / BNC] 


C-Marc   from $ 510

Entropic   from $ 858



Digital Interconnect Cable AES / EBU [XLR] 


C-Marc   from $ 570



Entropic Process 

 Wenge RCA


from $ 1,428




ViaBlue Reference RCA 


from $ 850



Balanced Interconnect


C-Marc   from $ 950



LessLoss Bindbreaker - Solo


The Result :

fantastic clarity, lower noise, more focus, better imaging, more distinguishable bass, clear and uncolored highs, and a rich midrange with melodic qualities which simply sing music in all its purity. 

Music frees itself from the bounds of the loudspeaker.


The Bindbreaker foot is about 38mm high. The foot rests upon a hexagonal platform made of beautiful Bog Oak, which measures about 90mm across.


$224 / pc  -  $672 / 3pc Set 

LessLoss Power Cable


These are hand-braided 'super-cables' based on three separate runs of coaxial C-MARC™ cable. Developed to deal with today’s over-polluted electromagnetic environment. 


1m or 1,5m or 2m


C-Marc   $1,148

Entropic $1,934

$94 per additional 0.5m

2 cables - 5% off

3+ cables - 10% 0ff

10% Off with Power


LessLoss C-Marc Power Cord
LessLoss IEC Connector
LessLoss C-Marc Cable Braid
LessLoss Male IEC Connector
LessLoss Firewall 64X Original

Firewall 640X


LessLoss Firewall 64X Original

Featuring the latest and most advanced LessLoss Skin-filtering technology, the Firewall Module blocks noise pollution to levels traditional capacitor and coil-based solutions can only hope to approach. 

Developed from our critically acclaimed DFPC (Dynamic Filtering Power Cable), the LessLoss Firewall Module reveals hidden subtleties of the entire audio event as it eliminates the widespread negative effects of high frequency noise pollution. 

Use the 640X Firewall module with any equipment so that its potential performance can be realized in today's over-polluted electro-magnetic atmosphere

Plug & Play


Plug-and-Play Firewall 640X module featuring C-MARC™ flexible umbilical. Our finest, state-of-the-art power conditioning product

Plug & Play


LessLoss Firewall 64X / C-Marc

Firewall 640X


C-MARC Evaluation Form




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