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Soulnote Digital Line



Soulnote D-3 D/A Converter

Soulnote D-3 DAC Black.jpg

$ 25,000

Product Highlights


The ultimate D/A converter with ZERO asynchronous circuits.
This unit will not operate unless connected to a 10 MHz external clock generator like the X-3.

The Soulnote X-3 is sold separately.

Available in Premium Silver / Premium Black




Connecting a network transport equipped with ZERO LINK creates a network system that is completely synchronized with the DAC clock, achieving dramatic improvements in sound quality by eliminating asynchronous circuits. The input from the ZERO LINK terminals passes through a selector consisting of a mechanical relay that does not add jitter and connects directly to the DAC chip using a layout unique to ZERO LINK.





The D-3 utilizes a dual monaural construction that employs two identical and dedicated sets of terminals, Type-R circuits, power supply channels, power transformers, relay drive circuitry, and relay power supplies for the left and right channels. It is also fully separated from the digital power supply, including the transformer. A photo-coupler completely separates the relay control signals that connect with the analog signal system. The mounting base for the aluminum circuit board is not fixed, laying the foundation for uninhibited and more impassioned sound quality. Analog circuit boards are mounted on independent right and left circuit board chassis and are also independent from the rear panel connectors. Similar to the P-3, foaming Teflon-covered cables connect the left and right independent side aluminum ground anchors to the respective aluminum ground anchors that are isolated from the chassis.

Soulnote D-2 D/A Converter

Soulnote D-2 DAC_ml_resize_x2_ml_resize_x2.jpg

$ 9,000 w/ Wood Panels 

$ 10,000 w/ special order Silver Panels
Our Offer Price $ 9,600

Product Highlights


A DDS using the LMX2594 super low jitter features with external clock generator inputs.
A perfectly symmetric, discrete non-NFB D/A converter that uses a total of four ES9038PRO circuits ... an Industry first ! ... and supports non-over sampling.

Available in Premium Silver / Premium Black

The DSS uses the LMX2594 from Texas Instruments

D/A converter formats that recreate the required master clock from standard clocks typically use a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer). The performance of external clock generators in this format guarantees extreme frequency accuracy (e.g. how many seconds of deviance will occur over tens of thousands of years), but jitter (fluctuations in waveform width arising in the clock) and the resulting phase noise are highly dependent on the performance of the DDS. By convention, audio equipment generally uses DDS-specific ICs with 10 ps (picosecond) jitter functions, but the D-2 is the first device to use Texas Instrument's PLLatinum™ RF LMX2594 synthesizer for an audio DDS. The LMX2594 synthesizer was developed for radars and measurement instruments and boasts the world's highest specifications with an efficiency index of -236 dBc/Hz and jitter of 45 fs (femtosecond, 1/1000 of a picosecond). This ultra-low jitter DDS results in an overwhelmingly clear and deep spatial presentation when inputting the high-precision external clock and using the built-in TCXO..




Supports 10 MHZ external standard clock inputs

Using a DDS with jitter functionality that surpasses quartz means that the D-2 comes with 10 MHz external standard clock inputs, a SOULNOTE first. The internal clock relies on a high performance TCXO boasting stunning phase noise (-121 dB at 10 Hz offset). It also features a high frequency relay with mechanical contacts to avoid additional jitter from the IC when switching between the internal clock and an external clock generator. The internal clock power supply shuts off and vibrations stop when using an external clock generator, this way removing any risk of mutual interference.

Soulnote D-1N D/A Converter

Soulnote D-1N DAC_ml_resize_x2.jpg

$ 7,000

10th Anniversary Special - $ 6,000

Product Highlights


Compatible with 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and 22.6 MHz DSD (DSD512) sound sources.
A perfectly balanced discrete non-NFB D/A converter using independent monaural modes equipped with non-oversampling mode.


Compatible with max. 32-bit/768 kHz PCM and max. 22.6 MHz DSD (DSD512) sound sources. In addition to compatibility with new high-resolution sound sources across a range of PCM and DAD formats from USB inputs, the D-1N also supports coaxial digital inputs (2 systems) and AES/EBU.





The ES9038PRO, ESS' flagship 32-bit DAC, is installed separately in the left and right channels through a monaural mode that achieves the world's highest specs (DNR140 dB). SOULNOTE's original discrete nonnegative feedback amplifier that extends into the MHz region receives up to 120 mA from the powerful DAC current supply and amplifies this power for the output. The combination of the ES9038PRO and the discrete non-NFB amplifier achieves vibrant music playback bursting with energy that cannot be obtained from standard OP amplifier circuits.

Soulnote X-3 Clock Generator

$ 5,000 

Soulnote X-3 Clock Generator.jpg

SC Cut ultra low phase noise OCXO 

Born out of discovery of World-first designing principle. It's an incredible breakthrough in designing Clock generator. The X-3 incorporates an SC Cut ultra low phase noise OXCO (thermostatic bath-type crystal oscillator) selected for its unprecedented sound quality.

Soulnote Z-3 Network Transport

$ 15,000 

Soulnote Z-3 Network Transport.jpg


Flagship Network Transport developed to maximize ability of ZERO LINK by eliminating any bottlenecks at the development stage.


ZERO LINK drastically reduces the work of the D/A converter and completely eliminates the use of asynchronous components in the D/A converter housing. In the Z-3, ZERO LINK replaces every asynchronous component to transmit only signals polished beautifully by the clock to the D/A converter. The resulting sound quality is an unprecedented leap forward in the sonic universe. This solution surpasses the highest levels of analog playback..

Soulnote S-3 Reference CD Player

$ 25,000 

Soulnote S-3 Reference SACD Player.jpg

Type-R non-NFB circuits 

The ultimate digital playback system with clock synchronization. Extremely powerful Super Audio CD player that reproduces delicate natural sounds and liveliness.


The analog circuits adopt the newly developed Type-R non-NFB circuits. These are balanced voltage amplifier circuits constructed using only 4 high-frequency bipolar junction transistors and 8 resistors. The first stage uses differential amplification without any gain. Gain is only generated in the second stage, which is a grounded single-end amp. And by changing the output stage bias from a LED solution to a transistor thermal coupling, the conventional emitter resistance of 22ohm has been successfully reduced to a mere 1ohm. This incredibly simple construction effectively eliminates power source noise to allow overwhelming drive power and enable the sound to truly shine with fresh and vivid expressiveness.

Utilizes four ES9038PRO circuits

Each channel in the DAC chip uses two ES9038PRO chips, for a total of four in the player. Each channel’s incomparably powerful 120 mA current output is an essential element of the discrete non-NFB DAC. One current voltage conversion resistor converts this current output into a voltage directly before the first stage of the Type-R Circuit.



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