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... And finally, the Canor CD1.10 is one of the best differentiating CD players I know. It plays the music in such a way that we truly believe that what is happening before us took place and has not been created!

High Fidelity 

Wojciech Pacula | July 2020

Canor CD 1.10

Premium Tube CD Player / DAC


Dual Mono DAC Circuit

Ultra High Quality CD Mechanism



Product Features


A tube PCM1792 A DA converter / CD player

A standalone 24-bit / 192kHz DA converter for each channel

A high-quality CD drive with compact discs ejection bearing driving mechanism

PCB’s utilize our premium CMT ™ technology

Super symmetrical passive filters optimized for the highest steepness

PCM 44.1 kHz - 192 kHz playback and DSD64, 128, 256



Analog Outputs & Voltage

2.5V RMS / 1 x RCA

5.0V RMS / 1 x XLR 
Frequency Range
20 – 50 000 Hz ±0,8 dB
Output Impedance
100 ohm


<0,005% / 1 kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio

102 dB

Digital Inputs

USB / Optical / Coax

Digital Outputs

Optical / Coax

Tube Complement

2 x 6922 / 2 x 12AX7 / 1 x 6CA4


435 x 170 x 485 mm


17 kg

canor-ai-1-1 Front Angle.jpeg

What they say ...



Low Beats

Andreas Gunther | January 2020


Listening Test

First up is Tom Waits and his great ballad "Tom Traubert's Blues" from the album Small Change . Frankly, music like this should be banned :=))

This is where your heart rises. And right in the middle, when we have opened up, where the melancholy hits us. The mix is ​​actually quite simple. An orchestra in the background, everything seems soft. But Tom Waits sounds like he's already into the second bottle of his favorite whisky. [ Rod Steward tried his hand at chasing and also recorded the song ... not good ].

So, Tom Waits remains the benchmark ... and we desperately want to be overwhelmed... And, we were not disappointed : the Canor CD1.10 played this track like it was a vinyl disc ... with lots of heart, lots of pain, lots of information. This track has lots of rich bass from the double basses and cellos. Then comes the vocal from the middle of the stage axis - that was the really big audiophile highpoint. At this point I simply had to bow - and once again grant the silver disc a right to life. It just shows that the ultimate quality really depends on the skills of the sound engineer.


Next, I'll put on a little more classical music. There is no recording of Puccini's Tosca that has received more applause than Karajan's early '60s version . The Decca recording offered everything that money could buy. The legendary Sophiensäle was taken over, and the Vienna Philharmonic was carted in. Here shines splendor and blood. Karajan at his best - every note is charged with energy.

Next ... Tim Fischer who is an "insider tip". His recordings are not available in high-res stream. He delivers everything live, or on CD. His latest album is called Zeitlos. Big recommendation! The master sings, in the background resides a quartet with piano, drums, bass and guitar. All recorded very directly... A bonanza of sheer joy.


A CD player should deliver everything - the subtleties of the dynamics and the power of the arrangement. It is absolutely great how the Canor CD 1.10 rendered this track. As the ultimate competitor, we then connected the Luxman D-380 next to it. Similar price range, same claim, also with a tube stage. But the Canor surpassed the LUX. There was a lot more information, and a touch more elegance in the illustration. And to think that the Luxman is currently one of the best CD players we have access to ...




How much potential is still in the old silver disc? Still a lot. The Canor CD 1.10 is dedicated to every bit, wants to know everything. The converter is strong, but the tube stage in particular brings a rarely heard passion. That brings joy. We had many players as guests. Most cheaper, but also with far less emotional access. The canor played them all against the wall.


Anyone who is still loyal to the CD - here is a powerful competitor who, thanks to the built-in DAC, can also breathe new life into the digital equipment that is already available.

 Take a listen ...

Canor Audio CD 1.10

In very good company with

 Aida Nabucco speaker

Euro 12,000



Single Track / Monokiwi

Video courtesy of Nikos @ Chameleon Audio / Greece

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