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 “Audio Hungary ... get ready to own one”

So why would you acquire the Qualiton A75i? For every audiophile, there are more times than less where we would want to listen so well ... across the genres ... to have a purely musical experience. I couldn’t have imagined that the "elusive" magic would come from Hungary, but now living with it, I know it's impossible to be anything else.

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Listz-ian prodigy !


Class A / PP Integrated Amplifier


Class-A integrated vacuum tube amplifier with an output power of 2 x 75 W in PP configuration. The amplifier can be connected to 4 Ω and 8 Ω nominal impedance speakers. The power outputs, based on output pentodes type KT 120, were tuned to the before-mentioned nominal loads through our in-house manufactured, precision-wound output transformers.


The bias control circuit plays an important role in the operation of the power output too. This circuit monitors the quiescent current of the output tubes and adjusts it to a preset value. Thus, all four output tubes are in perfectly equal operation states.

The KT150 tube can be used in place of the stock KT120.

The balanced input features a mini XLR connector. The clearly arranged, minimalistic remote control was designed in line with the unique and aesthetic exterior design, and the usability was enhanced.


Finally, a couple of words on the set of tubes we use :

The audio signal arriving on the selected input of the amplifier is received by Tungsram ECC83 vacuum tubes. The driving voltage, as well as its matching, are produced by 12AT7/ECC81 tubes.


In the power output stage, the aforementioned KT 120 kink-less tetrodes (optionally KT150 or KT170) are in action - strictly in Class-A. 



Product of Hungary

$ 9,250  Chrome/Silver

$ 8,250  Black

Warranty : 2 years   (6 months tubes)



Tube PP Class A
Output Power

75 Watt/channel into 8 Ω

+28.5 dB (8 Ohm)

Input Impedance

10 / 40 kΩ
Input Sensitivity

920 mV
Power Bandwidth

25 Hz - 70 kHz (-3 dB, rated output power)


< 0.1% (f = 1 kHz, rated output power)

Signal-to-noise ratio

> 100 dB

Output noise

less than 1 mV

Power requirements

300 W

Tubes required

4 x KT120 (KT150 / KT170)

4 x 12AT7

2 x Tungsram ECC83


3 x RCA

1 x XLR


2 x Speaker [ 4 & 8 ohm taps ]

2 x Line pair


21 kg


35 x 22 x 42 cm

Audio Hungary QUALITON A75i Integrated

YouTube Demo

@ Chameleon Audio, Greece

February 8, 2023

Courtesy of Chameleon Audio Greece



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