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"Decades in the making"


Stepping up from the half-width entry-level N100, the Melco N50-H60 (6TB HDD) bridges the gap with exceptional performance and pricing.


The next step up is the Melco N50-S38 (3.84 TB SSD), Melco’s first full-width library benifiting from an advanced SSD (solid state) hard drive. 


The 3.84 TB SSD drive at the N50’s heart, brings the benefits of solid state storage and playback to discerning music lovers wanting a full-width (43 cm) solution to complement existing audio devices.


Based on the original N1A library, the new N50 brings contemporary features and the latest Melco expertise to a classic design aesthetic

The new design is based around a new platform that includes a new chassis, innovative casework, and new power supplies. In it new form, it offers a previously unreached performance level.


Key Design Highlights

  • Specially selected HDD and SSD drive for audio performance

  • High-quality positive-click front panel buttons 

  • Crystal-clear easy-read low-noise OLED display

  • 3x USB 3.0 ports for easy back up, expansion and DAC connectivity 

  • Easy music importing from flash, CD or HDD drives

  • IEC mains inlet with true electrical ground to define the source component as ground point

  • Internal power-line noise filter

  • New PCB, layered rigid SSD mounter and feet

  • Made in Japan


Melco N50 Black Front_ml_resize_x2.jpg
Melco N50 Front & Rear Silver.jpg



Music storage
1 x specially selected 6 TB HDD

1 x specially selected 3.84 TB SSD

Network connectivity
LAN Port-Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Dedicated PLAYER port

Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
DHCP server in isolated mode

USB connectivity
USB 2.0 port USB DAC-dedicated
USB 3.0 port USB DAC-dedicated / file import
USB 3.0 backup port
USB 3.0 expansion port

USB 3.0 port for music importing and CD drives
USB 3.0 front panel port for importing and DACs

USB player file support


USB player sample rate support
16-32 bit (PCM) to 384 kHz :
Gapless PCM support
1 bit (DSD) to 11.3 MHz :

Markerless DSD support
DSD to 32 bit PCM conversion : 

Gapless DSD support
OLED displays player sample rate

Power supply
110-120 V AC


436 x 62 x 352mm


7 kg

Melco N50-S38

with 3.8TB SSD

$ 5,500

Melco N50-H60

with 6TB HDD

$ 3,500

Review Extracts - Feature Insights


All-new chassis and casework

A full-width design, the high-capacity N50-H60 and the N50-S38 enjoy the classic aesthetics of Melco’s full-width predecessor, the N1A. Available in silver or black, they offer wide-ranging internal upgrades to power supplies, circuity and drive unit performance. They retain the 1.7 mm-thick chassis, IEC power inlet and noise filter and timeless Melco appearance.


Key to the N50-H60's performance is an enhanced main circuit board with a specially selected, generous capacity 6 TB HDD drive. The storage medium is coupled to a brand new rigid HDD mounter carefully floated inside the chassis for greater isolation. Additional audiophile-quality storage capacity can also be added with Melco’s E100 3 TB HDD drive.


The two models also add a new dynamic PSU with 25 % more output, plus re-engineered isolation feet for additional protection from unwanted vibration.


Ease of use
The new N50 models also offer Melco’s famous ease of use and operation. Accordingly, the rear panel includes four specific USB ports: USB 3.0; EXPANSION; BACK UP; plus a dedicated USB DAC output for USB convertors and USB DAC-equipped amplifiers/active speakers.

The USB suite enables connected devices to operate effortlessly without any configuration. It offers importing/playback from memory devices, HDD/SSD drives and CD drives/rippers. Capacity can also be expanded with Melco’s E100 (or other) storage drive. Additionally, it offers easy back-up functionality.


In line with Melco’s trusted audiophile credentials, the back panel also includes a key Melco USP: dedicated dual Ethernet ports which provide a dedicated PLAYER port in addition to the LAN port, to minimise the unwanted effects of noise on the music signal and present network audio players with a direct, high data-integrity connection.


The N50 models can be connected to a streamer (via Ethernet) using the PLAYER port, or used as a local player with the dedicated USB DAC output.

They benefits from a high-quality OLED display with push-button control, plus Melco’s Intelligent Music Library suite comprising MinimServer and SongKong software.


The two-model Melco N50 series is Roon Ready, DSD compatible and offers app control via DLNA/UPnP (in USB DAC mode) with support for TIDAL, Qobuz and vTuner streaming. Qobuz Downloader and also enable direct, high-res downloads without the need for a computer.


The new 2023 HDD model follows the October 2021 introduction of the N50-S38 which is differentiated by the use of a high-performance SSD drive for improved sound quality. The Japanese-made N50's are available in silver or black.



Ethernet Cable




Maki Engineering Laboratory Company

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