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No question at all. In my opinion, the TRAFOMATIC PRIMAVERA is currently one of the very best tube amplifiers for operation via ear speakers that money can buy ... 

"a musical dream come true"


by "FIDELIO" | October 2021




Primavera is in many ways the symbol of an experiential rebirth in Trafomatic's illustrious life cycle. Its creation represented a point in time when the brand celebrated a season of renewal and regrowth.


The brand new Primavera headphone amplifier from Trafomatic Audio is precisely and specifically this :  


  • A novel, fresh approach to achieving the most intimate listening experience possible

  • A Flagship "no compromise" product representing a milestone in creativity and loving care to detail

  • A "Timeless Classic" that would find a very special place in any top flight headphone system


Once one is captured by the Primavera's spell and is drawn into its musical expression, one gets to experience a unique richness of colours, of delicate tonal contrasts, a captivating emotional palette ... "it is all there".


Such a very special product needs not justify itself with an endless technical descriptive of its its "bells and whistles".


Suffice it to say that the Primavera is  capable of driving even the most demanding loads -- it’s striking design sets the Primavera apart as a pure objet d’art -- it really is an icon in the rarefied world of Hi-End.


Nonetheless ... some key features include :


  • Direct coupling between stages

  • The design implements special C-L-C anode voltage filtration using Mundorf MLytic HV type electrolytic and High inductivity custom filter chokes made by Trafomatic Audio

  • Completely separate power supplies for each channel, including separate mains transformers

  • II C core oversized output transformers

  • The output transformers are highly sectioned with harmonically sized sections, resulting in a minimum leakage inductance and exceptional high frequency performance

  • Zero feedback



Class of Operation

Single Ended  DHT Class A

1 x 6S45P and 1 x SV 811-10 per channel
Input voltage

230V/50Hz- 115V/60Hz selectable
Power consumption

Headphone Output impedance

25 – 50 -100 – 300 and 600 ohms

33 dB
Maximum output power on headphone output

9W into 50 ohms
THD at 0.5W/1kHz

Output for headphones

Neutrik 4 pins balanced connector + ¼” Neutrik connector + 2 x Neutrik 3 pins balanced connectors

Input sensitivity

0.5Veff – Input impedance: 47Kohm
Frequency bandwidth

Headphone and line out 10Hz (-1dB) – 80KHz (-3dB)


30 kg

W 340 x D 480 x H240 mm


$ Custom - Call


by "FIDELIO" | October 2020

It combines the fundamental strengths of the tube principle such as impulse speed, spatial imaging and naturalness with the outstanding performance values of transistor amplifiers, garnishes them with a good pinch of emotions and impresses with a highly dynamic and irrepressible joy of playing.


The fact that the PRIMAVERA does all of this without the tonal characteristics of classic tube amplifiers, such as the exuberant wealth of timbres and the sometimes unrealistic size representation, is to its credit in my opinion.


Unfortunately, the Serbian super tube amp will probably not be "found in the wild" in the future either. Especially since the TRAFOMATIC PRIMAVERA from the Serbian manufacturer is only given to handpicked knights of the grail of the finest notes for a not inconsiderable monetary tribute.


This amplifier is without a doubt a musical dream. And after all, great music and dreams have been bedfellows since the beginning of time"

And further : 

With regard to the Primavera's dynamic power reserves, there is also nothing left to be desired ... Because the TRAFOMATIC PRIMAVERA is able to unleash an acoustic assault on the eardrums completely without compression ... an ability which is second to none. And the superb fine dynamics also meet the highest demands. Simply great.


It is hard to imagine that this performance can still be topped. Nonetheless, the interaction with the HIFIMAN SUSVARA taught me more ... And once again reminded my “ears” that Aristotle cannot have been completely wrong after all. Because here, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.


In conjunction with the SUSVARA, the bass quality and quantity reach almost the ideal state. Depth ... pressure and volume ... all in absolute harmony, especially since the somewhat more powerful bass of the HIFIMAN, when compared to the ABYSS, is perfectly leveled out via the svelte "contouring" magic of the PRIMAVERA. In addition, the Serb "drums up" hyper precise and tonally pitch-black bass passages with truly stunning fervor and exuberance. 

Trafomatic-Audio-Primavera-GLOWING BANNE
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