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Where the Heart and the Soul meet Innovation


At Trafomatic Audio we don’t take any of the usual high-end audio norms as standard.
We’re setting new standards by moving the bar to extremes in each of our products. We strive for a level of excellence that goes beyond what the industry has tried to impose on listeners for the past few decades. Where most stop, our journey just begins.







6N30P Line Preamplifier

Dual Chassis - External Power Supply

Class of operation : 

Fully Balanced Class A with Line Output Transformers & separate Power Supply

Remote Control : Yes

Tubes complement :

2x 6N30P
Inputs : 3x RCA, 2x XLR 
Outputs : 1x RCA, 1x XLR (switchable), 1xSub 

Input transformers:

LL1592 high level line input mu metal core based transform
Gain : 20dB
Frequency bandwidth : 10Hz-67KHz (-1dB)
S/N Ratio : 88dB
Output impedance : 1K (RCA & XLR)

Power supply:

Low Induction toroid transformer by Trafomatic, High Inductivity custom made chokes, Mundorf MLytic HV type
Power consumption : 80VA
Size : 400×310x100mm / each chassis
Weight : 10kg total

Handmade in Serbia

$ 10,300

Trafomatic has a long history of creating bespoke systems at the bleeding edge of technology. Those creations have prices to match as sometimes years of R & D have gone into a circuit or concept to push forward what is possible.  It is not long after that we struggle with the notion of how we can make music reproduction of the highest marker, available to those who aren’t willing to wait years or liquidate a college fund to have the very best, or at least close to what is possible.


With that in mind, we are proud and happy to introduce the LARA Line Preamplifier. 

LARA incorporates many  design principles from our reference and state of the art preamplifiers. After months of research we managed to find a properly performing circuits that reflects with a grand portion of trickle down high tech solution from the Trafomatic top range.


But, thats not all. We pushed things further and LARA comes as a two chassis line level preamplifier fully balanced, remotely controlled Class A line stage with outputs transformers, custom made chokes, separate power supply and 20dB gain. LARA implements 6N30P tubes for best linearity, transparency and musical impact. LARA line preamplifier follows the Trafomatic Audio ultimate pursue for the highest musical reproduction, but at more affordable price, that open up the doors of pure musical enjoyment to wider audience.


LARA is no coincidence or market filler. This is full bloodied Trafomatic Audio high-end audio line stage preamplifier that can compete with products with much higher price. As always, we’re letting you to judge the final sonic results by yourself and let your ears and heart decide.

LARA strikes where its most important – music! We treat gain as the epicenter of the preamplifier and without utmost refinement of the signal traveling through the high-end audio preamplifier there is not even a remote chance to accent the fragile music signal to the level worthy to be called high-end audio.



Trafomatic Audio Reference Line One Side

Reference Line One

Reference Line One 


6N30P Line Preamplifier

Class of operation : 

Fully Balanced Class A

with Line Output Transformers

Remote Control : Yes

Tubes complement :

2x 6N30P, 2 x ECC88
Inputs : 4x RCA, 2x XLR 
Outputs : 1x RCA, 2x XLR 

Gain : 23dB
Frequency bandwidth : 10Hz-80KHz (-1dB)
S/N Ratio : 88dB
Output impedance : 

6ohm - RCA & 25 ohm - XLR

Input impedance : 47K

Power consumption : 60VA
Size : 450×350x100mm
ht : 11kg 

Handmade in Serbia

$ 8,300 - Special Order / Custom

Our Reference Line One is the ideal complement to our 300B Reference or Kaivalya monaural amplifiers and naturally any other power amplifier including any SS power amplifier.


Make no mistake ... as its name [truthfully] implies, the Reference Line One Preamplifier is in every way a bona-fide full-blooded "Reference Product".

It is a less elaborate "derivative" of our two-chassis Lara line level preamplifier presented above. As with the Lara, it too is a full-balanced push pull Class A design preamplifier, and also sports II C core output transformers at the output. It can therefore easily drive virtually any power amplifier, allowing you to have the most choice possible ... in other words, it is a "keeper" ... making it system-upgrade-proof.

It offers four RCA inputs, two XLR inputs and one RCA and two XLR outputs. The new Reference Line One has also swift phase outputs switchable separately for each channel on the back side. Gain is 23 dB.


The tube complement consists of a pair of 6N30P and a pair of ECC88 tubes .
The power supply is a special very low-noise solid state design especially developed for use in Reference Line One.

Trafomatic Reference Line One Preamplifi
Trafomatic Reference Line One Preamplifi


Trafomatic Evolution One Preamplifier He

Evolution Line One

Evolution Line One 


ECC88 / 6922 Line Preamplifier

Class of operation : 

Single Ended Class A

Remote Control : Yes

Tubes complement :

2x ECC88 / 6922, 1 x ECL82 (6BM8)
Inputs : 5x RCA
Outputs & Impedance : 

1x RCA LINE / 150 ohm output impedance

1x RCA TAPE / 47K ohm output impedance

1x RCA SUB Out / 22 ohm output impedance
Gain : 22dB or 25dB (selectable)
Frequency bandwidth : 12Hz-65KHz
S/N Ratio : 85db

Input impedance : 47K

Power consumption : 50VA
Size : 450×320x105mm
Weight : 10kg 

Handmade in Serbia

$ 2,700

The Evolution Line One is a full tube stereo line preamplifier in the Evolution series. It was developed as a logical extension of the Elegance Evolution power amplifier. Consequently, we were challenged with the difficult task of meeting the high quality of the existing Evolution products.


This product, as well as all the previous ones, is built following the principle of using a minimum of active parts, combined with top quality passives. After the long development, and a multitude of circuit variations, the Evolution Line One was finally born. Previous experience has shown that only a no-compromise design is worth the effort and we followed that philosophy throughout this work.


The final tube selection called into duty the well known ECC88 double triode ... which has its place among the very best ... and the Evolution Line One has two ECC88 tubes, one per channel. In order to achieve minimum output impedance, the second triode within a single glass envelope is connected as a cathode follower.


Special care was taken to design a high performance power supply, a common trait of all products from the Evolution series. Here, diode rectification followed by a C-L-C filter and high quality electrolytic capacitors ensure extremely low output ripple on the anode supply. We however decided to add a "twist" to this circuit : Stabilization for the ECC 88's anode voltage is the very special and well known ECL82 ... an indirectly heated tube. A specially-designed Toroidal transformer with a very low magnetic field radiation improves the power supply circuit even further.

The Evolution Line One has 5 line inputs, one stereo output, fixed TAPE out and Subwoofer out .


This preamplifier is noteworthy for its elegant and under-stated modern styling ...  and its refined and "purist" sonic character allows it to deservedly claim a leading position on the audiophile scene.




shown with









 $ 2500




KT88 - 50W PP


Trafomatic Elegance Evolution Integrated














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