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With its new transformer-coupled outputs, its 6H30 SuperTube high-current, low-impedance gain stage, and its superb user interface, the fully balanced VK-80 offers extremely dynamic and transparent renditions of musical events as well as the industry’s best ease-of-use versatility. This makes this admittedly costly preamplifier one of the best values available. 








Breakthrough Design: Third-Generation BAT SuperPak

The VK-80 preamplifier features Balanced Audio Technology’s all-new, third-generation SuperPak in its power supply. The design represents a significant rethinking of what is possible from an energy storage device. For the first time, the BAT SuperPak features hybrid construction that incorporates two capacitors built and potted into each individual shell.


An additional silver-in-oil capacitor—arguably the finest-quality capacitor offered at any price in the industry—is used as part of the Gen 3’s construction. The two capacitors are then assembled into a new low-resonance shell. The result: Low-level detail is revealed in a clear and unforced manner, while the overall sound takes on a beguiling sweetness and naturalness from top to bottom.

New Industrial Design for Aesthetics, Flexible Interface for Convenience

B Visually, VK-80 features the elegant industrial design first seen in BAT’s flagship REX 3 system. The graceful architecture is complemented by a powerful, easy-to-use customer interface. You can dim the display from the comfort of your chair by using the BAT remote. Fade music at the touch of a button. Switch phase to see if a recording is made in reverse absolute polarity. Even name your sources. For example, name your home-theater playback input “THTR.” Then, fix the volume for your THTR input to control your home-theater system from your pre/pro remote.


Love analog? Simply order your VK-80 with BAT’s VK-P3 phono card, which provides switch-selectable moving-magnet and moving-coil gain settings.


The Uncommonly Good Transformer Design Gets Even Better

VK-80 incorporates a second-generation output transformer using the finest Cardas copper winding. With its second-generation transformer-coupled outputs, VK-80 offers an outstandingly dynamic and transparent rendition of the original musical event.


Each of the preamplifier’s transformer-coupled outputs comes encapsulated within a mu-metal shield, which is substantially superior to any capacitor in maintaining purity of signal transmission. True to its heritage, VK-80 also uses the 6H30 SuperTube to form a high-current, low-impedance gain stage. For extra convenience, the fully balanced VK-80 incorporates balanced and single-ended inputs (as well as outputs).

Never Fret About Volume Levels Again

The signal in the VK-80 preamplifier is effectively transmitted through only one gain stage. This Unistage™ circuit provides the ultimate simplicity of amplifying the incoming signal only once and uses no global feedback to double-back on the straight-through integrity of said signal. Pass music through too many gain stages, and you’ll no longer recognize the genius and beauty of your favorite recordings. And with VK-80, you can always get the volume just right. A proprietary electronic shunt volume attenuator offers 140 steps of 0.5dB resolution that give precise, repeatable volume settings that sound continuous to the human ear


Transformer coupled

3x RCA + 2x XLR

1x XLR + 1x RCA + 1x RCA / Tape

Maximum Gain
18 dB

Global Feedback

Volume Control Resolution
0.5 dB

Volume Control - # of steps


Noise (unweighted)

-96 dB

Maximum Output Signal

30 V

Distortion (at 2V output)


Frequency Response

2Hz to 200kHz

Input impedance (minimum)


Output impedance

300 ohms

Tube Complement
4x 6H30, 2x 6C19

Power Supply

Third generation SuperPak: 4x50uF with internal silver/oil hybrid construction
Silver gold oil bypass caps

Signal Path

Unistage design with only one gain block and no capacitors in signal path


Second generation output transformers with Cardas OFC wiring

Absolute Polarity

Power Consumption
150 VA

19" x 5.75" x 15.5"
40 lbs



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