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Audio Consulting
Meteor Phono

"With the Meteor Phono in the system, it's been one of those "died and gone to heaven" type experiences.

I can only imagine what the rest of his components would do. It's hard to believe folks that just starting out with battery-powered phono stage, could infuse this much magic into my own rig.

Yes, and it's only the start!" 



"With the Audio Consulting Phono Amplifier, it's not so much that you imagine you are transported to the recording venue, as that you feel uncanny intimacy with the modulations in the grooves. It is convincing that every last factoid sent along by the stylus is available in the presentation. As such, it speaks the truth of the grooves: You are not missing out on anything.


The AC's voice is revelatory and I wanted to explore all it had to offer. The extent of this was not revealed immediately because the machine's small footprint allowed each label to sound distinct. It took time and many LPs from various labels and vintages to gauge what it could do.

With links to the past in its naturalism and aspects of contemporary in its dynamics and resolution—it bears little resemblance to modern digital.


If, like me, you have preconceived notions of battery powered phono stages, I ask you to please leave them at the door. The Silver Rock annihilates the stereotype and resides in a class of its own.

If you can afford it, there's no need to look further"

Marshall Nack -  Positive Feedback  - April 2016




The "Meteor" Phono Stage by Audio Consulting  - absolute reference performance.


The Silver Rock Phono first was made available in 2003. It has been a very successful Phono stage that the press and many of our customers have accepted with great enthusiasm.

The basic topology was quite simple, while the complexity resides in the 4 inductive elements per channel.

MC step up at the beginning, followed by an active device including inductive RIAA crossover, and finally an output transformer, which together reaches a comfortable 70 dB of gain @ 1KHz.

Over the years we have developed several products containing new toroidal core transformers (MC step up, Meteor AVC, Mipa Reference).

We gained knowledge in this specific field and decided to improve the already excellent Silver Rock Phono Amplifier, replacing all 4 inductive elements with toroidal cores.

The power supply capacitors as well as the resistive elements were also improved while working on this “no compromise” Silver Rock Phono Amplifier.


Further research in the field of airborne and ground transmitted vibrations led to the “Meteor” version, which was presented to the public in May 2015.

An oval cabinet that is milled out of a piece of wood the same way we produce our AVC “Meteor” cabinets was the beginning of this new version of the Silver Rock Toroidal Phono Amplifier. This cabinet design avoids standing waves and contributes to a substantial improvement in noise reduction.


In order to fight ground-transmitted vibrations, we decided to use the brand new Gyrotension VEGA Vibration Isolation Devices by Nasotec.

They are built into the Meteor cabinet. 


Further vibration control for the 8 magnetic elements (silver wire transformers and inductors) are also being used in the form of natural damping materials.

This technology totally excludes the use of any type of toroidal coiling machine. Thus, all magnetic elements are hand coiled.


Imagine several thousand turns applied by hand…

$  67,000


Silver Rock Meteor 

Toroidal Phono Amplifier





  • Solid state circuit for 43dB gain and L-R RIAA equalisation

  • Toroidal Silver Rock MC step-up transformer at the input using cryo silver wire

  • RIAA equalization is achieved with resistors and toroidal silver wire inductors

  • Toroidal Silver Rock output transformer using cryo silver wire

  • Gain: 70 dB 

  • Lead/acid batteries as power supply

  • Very low production of heat

  • Power consumption: idle 0.5 watt

  • Several type of cabinet finishes are available

  • Size:  65cm x 35cm x 21cm

  • Weight: 23 kg



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