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"If you’re in the market for a top-spec tubed preamplifier, I strongly recommend that you take the time to listen to it -- it might just be love at first listen".


Aron Garrecht

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REX 3 Preamp marks 25 years of stellar BAT design

The culmination of 25 years of engineering excellence from Balanced Audio Technology, the fully balanced REX 3 preamplifier represents the pinnacle of the company’s purist approach to creating an audio control center without peer. Featuring a stunning new industrial look that complements its internal circuit improvements, the 18-tube REX 3 provides the greatest levels of transparency and musicality of any preamplifier in BAT’s renowned history.

Comprised of a vacuum-tube power module and separate control module, the groundbreaking two-box component features second-generation amorphous-core output transformers wound with Cardas Audio’s finest OFC wire. Equally remarkable, the 10-tube REX power module incorporates additional oil-filled capacitors in an enhanced SuperPak assembly. Sonically, these critical additions offer finer dynamics, clarity, and top-to-bottom extension when compared to the already stellar previous REX generation. The easy-to-use REX 3 also boasts an incredible user interface and plenty of customizable options. And with the REX 3’s proprietary electronic shunt volume attenuator, you can always get the volume just right.


Vacuum-tube power module now incorporates third-generation SuperPak Assembly

B To support the control module’s signal-handling needs, the separate REX 3 power module contains 10 vacuum tubes supported by two, large toroidal transformers in true dual-mono configuration. Vacuum-tube rectifiers and user-configurable current sources—as well as vacuum-tube AC shunt regulators—provide further levels of refinement.


The final filtering stage employs BAT’s newest SuperPak assembly, featuring additional bypass oil capacitors to deliver an even lower noise floor.


Trademarked Unistage design anchors control module

The signal in the REX 3 is transmitted through only one gain stage. Its Unistage circuit provides the ultimate simplicity of amplifying the incoming signal only once, while using zero global feedback. Eight 6H30 SuperTubes in the control module achieve extraordinarily high-current, low-impedance drive capability. Indeed, REX 3 would need nearly three dozen 6922 tubes to offer the same current delivery!


But REX 3 doesn’t stop there. Imagine the robust nature of a vacuum-tube power supply designed to support such instantaneous current delivery, and you have a better idea of REX 3’s incomparable abilities and build.

More than just a preamplifier with an external high quality power supply

Contrary to its external appearance, REX 3 is not simply a preamplifier with an external power-supply box. This conventional type of partition suffers from several well-known drawbacks, foremost being the high-impedance nature of the remote power supply.


In REX 3, the control box offers the benefit of a low-impedance local power supply. BAT designed each box to contain the complete power supply for one polarity. What's more, the size of each individual supply compares to that found in many power amplifiers !


Extreme performance, engaging musical reproduction

Easy to operate out of the box, REX 3 is just as simple to customize. Name your sources. Fix your volume for the MOVI input to take effortless control of your home-theater system from your pre/pro remote. Select a fixed balance adjustment for the phono input to accommodate an older phono cartridge. The possibilities are seemingly endless.


Most importantly, REX 3 provides utterly beguiling levels of transparency, dynamic scale, and textural insight. The 18-tube statement lets you hear and feel the power, finesse, and beauty of music in ways you’ve never imagined!


Transformer coupled

5x XLR

2x XLR + 1x XLR / Tape

Maximum Gain
18 dB

Global Feedback

Volume Control Resolution
0.5 dB

Volume Control - # of steps

Absolute Polarity


Noise (unweighted)

-110 dB

Maximum Output Signal

40 V

Distortion (at 2V output)


Frequency Response

2Hz to 200kHz

Input impedance (minimum)


Output impedance

200 ohms

Tube Complement - Control Module
8x 6H30

Tube Complement - Power Module

2x 5AR4, 4x 6C19, 2x 6H30, 2x 6C45

Power Supply
Third generation SuperPak: 8x50uF with internal silver/oil hybrid construction
Silver gold oil bypass caps

Signal Path
Unistage design with only one gain block and no capacitors in signal path

Second generation output transformers with Cardas OFC wiring

Power Consumption
250 VA

Dimensions / each module
19" x 5.75" x 15.5"
Weight Control Module
40 lbs 

Weight Power Module

36 lbs 



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What they say ...

If what they said about the REX II was extremely flattering, imagine what will be soon said about the new generation REX 3 preamplifier !

The Absolute Sound

BAT REX II Preamplifier

Jacob Heilbrunn   February, 2015



“The marvelous midrange and bass of BAT’s latest designs is almost impossible to listen to without wanting to listen to one recording after another, even as the glowing tubes exert an almost equally tantalizing visual appeal. Anyone seeking a tube amplifier with great clarity, indefatigable drive, and exquisite midrange magic need look no further than the BAT Rex II.”


BAT REX II Preamplifier

Fred Kaplan   December, 2015



“The Balanced Audio Technology Rex II is a wonder that has eked from my LPs and CDs more new things than any other component I've sampled in years—and not in a cold, analytical way, but with the full, coherent soul of music intact.”

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