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An Artisanal Masterpiece of Acoustic Glory

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General Introduction


The dp160 concentrates all the know-how of Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix for the design of high-end isodynamic speakers, intended for the most demanding music lovers. They are composed of two bass / mid membranes with a total area of 0.36 m2. This design operates according to Diptyque's proprietary PPBM* principle and is calibrated in its tension in order to obtain a more extensive and linear bass.


The TW116 ribbon tweeter is mounted in a decoupled panel made of Finnish birch, profiled for a perfect dispersion of high frequencies in space.The crossover located at the base of the wooden panel is made with very high quality components manufactured in France : an air choke of strong section, polypropylene capacitors with tin structure and non-inductive resistors.


Gilles Douziech and Eric Poix imagined the dp160 as an uncompromising speaker for you to experience all the intensity of a concert in your living room. The subtle blend of steel and birch from Finland make it a unique object that will never go out of style.


Listening to the Diptyque dp160 will transport you to the most beautiful concert halls and make you feel the physical presence of the performers.


*PPBM: Patented Push Pull Bipolar Magnet system, allowing an extended response in the bass and transient levels perfectly controlled


Choice of customization: The trim of these speakers can be ordered in one of 160 RAL colors. The replaceable textile grille can also be ordered printed with art or images of your choice. Finally, the speakers are offered in a very premium range of carefully composed finish combinations available known as the Elegance series.

General Specifications



isodynamic acoustic panel

treble cell 30 cm high

2 x mid-bass cells - total area 0.36 m 2

87 dB / 1 W / 1 m

6 Ohms

30 Hz to 20 kHz
Permissible power

200 W
Recommended amplifier power

> 60 W
Panel dimensions

1625 x 5755 x 42 mm
Panel weight

26 kg

Choice of customization

160 RAL colors

Textile printed with your photos.

Diptyque dp160 at


$  15,000


$  20,500 - special order

Signature Crossover

$  6,000 - special order

Elegance Trim

$  3,000 - special order


Passionate about quality sound reproduction for more than 30 years, we have listened to, compared and experienced all the speaker technologies existing on the market :


  • electrodynamics, high efficiency, electrostatic, ribbons in different forms, flat diaphragm speakers rigid… etc.

  • Each of these technologies have undeniable qualities, but we are convinced that the one that brings together the most advantages and allows music to be reproduced most naturally are isodynamic loudspeakers, also called Magnetostatic.



  • Diffusion over a large area by plane wave, which allows for immersive listening without sound projection effect.

  • Dipole operation, on both sides of the speakers, to recreate the spatialization of the concert in your listening room.

  • The use of extremely thin mylar membranes (12µm) for high speed and no drag effect.

  • The same type of diaphragm used from bass to treble, everything works at the same speed which provides consistency in dynamic behavior across the spectrum.

  • No box behind the speaker; there is no "box sound" associated with the midrange buzz in the driver. The timbres of the voices and instruments are perfectly respected

  • Consistent, balanced and detailed listening even at low levels.

  • A regular impedance which does not represent a complex load on the amplifier.

  • High reliability over time, our speakers are not afraid of dust or humidity, they do not have a high voltage circuit.





The isodynamic technology well known to music lovers was developed in 1970 in the United States. Through our numerous tests and experiments, we have sought solutions to improve this technology and push back its limits, in particular for bass reproduction.

PPBM®: Push Pull Bipolar Magnet is an innovative patented architecture. The large section bipolar magnets, manufactured to specification, are located at the front and rear of the diaphragm. They make it possible to maintain the coil (aluminum tapes) in a constant magnetic field when the membrane moves, which is thus perfectly controlled. The bass is more dynamic and transient sounds are reproduced with precision. Listening to a grand piano is impressively realistic.

A Mechanical Sandwich Structure. Composed of the assembly of 3 different materials: MDF frame, fine felt and stamped sheets held in force by a mechanically welded steel frame. This structure is perfectly rigid and non-resonant, it is a mechanical reference which guarantees the absence of coloration and the respect of the timbres.

Proprietary ribbon tweeters. The ribbon is produced as an isodynamic cell (mylar film and aluminum coil). It moves in an intense magnetic field made from neodymium magnets. These tweeters operate over a wide frequency range and mate perfectly with isodynamic cells. A simple crossover (6 db per octave) allows a perfect fusion of the registers. The highs are soft, precise and spin high to give a sublime soundstage.

Diptyque ppbm membrane structure

The Elegance Series


A range made in the artisan tradition of French luxury.
In partnership with ISCID, Institut Supérieur Couleur Image Design at Toulouse Jean Jaurès University, we have composed combinations of colors and materials which confer ultimate elegance and refinement to the diptyque dp140 or dp160 speakers. The ELEGANCE is available in five versions shown above, each offering a unique universe.


The Elegance Series - Description



A dynamic and vitamin-rich, sophisticated and daring atmosphere thanks to the combination of gold, a noble wood, Zebrano, and a blue which evokes the blue of Yves Klein.



Inspired by natural materials with plant colors such as lime, absinthe and a traditional wood, walnut. These colors characterize a serene and balanced universe.



Evokes a warm, enthusiastic and friendly universe thanks to the association of an exotic wood, rosewood with warm and sparkling colors.



This harmony is a contemporary decorative reference of Nordic inspiration. With traditional wood, walnut. and thanks to the combination of light and bright tones, it characterizes a soft and calm atmosphere synonymous with tranquility and relaxation.



The combination of these materials evokes the lush gold and velvet decoration of an opera house. With the presence of an exotic wood: Wenge, it is characterized by a grandiose and flamboyant universe.


So, what are reviewers saying ?





Haute Fidelite/ France

July, 2019


Listening Impressions

With the dp160 AB all the extraordinary natural qualities of the midrange of the "non-active" dp160 are preserved, but the Active Bass (AB) adds what is required to extend the lower registers and to render the image even more credible, by delivering a bass that is sufficiently powerful and realistic. The aptitudes of definition and transparency of the dp160, however, require a fairly powerful amplifier to cope with the rather low sensitivity, but this does not necessarily mean an "expensive amplifier". 


On "Ofrecer Mi Corazon" by Jacinta, the sensuality and the expressiveness of the voice, and the tiny vocal inflections are obvious, and offer incomparable realism. The accordion develops its powerful breath and the scale of the instrument is credible.


The contribution of the Active Bass is significant on orchestral and organ pieces such as Les Messes retrouvées by Jehan Titelouz where the space is masterfully rendered in all its dimensions and reverberations. Free from a conventional box sound, the realism of the organ is expressed with great serenity. The creatively rendered percussion of Christian Ville are a real discovery : we were amazed by the agility of the Diptych, its impressive tonal palette free of distortion, and its alacrity in translating microdynamics.


To truly experience the effectiveness of the active bass, just listen to the
"Les Chameaux" track. The "nature" of the bass register here is different from what can be obtained with a large diameter driver loudspeaker, but the extremely low layers descend low thanks to the dp160's large emissive surface... and does this without breaking up timbral nuances in the low-to-mid frequency range.



Thanks to the Active Bass, the dp160 extends deeper into the extreme low frequency register, while maintaining its unique qualities in the mid range and the perfectly integrated and natural treble. This equilibrium is achieved without difficulty and provides immense musical satisfaction. The design offers latitude for fine tuning room response.
Based on what we experienced with the dp160/AB, Diptyque's future developments of active panels dedicated to the bass restitution offer much promise.

Our Comments

Please note that the all of the critical sonic characteristics of the dp140 are carried forward into the dp160. To learn about what these characteristics are, please read the reviews and the descriptive provided in our dp140 page ... [here].

Essentially, the dp160 is a larger version of the dp140 that was designed to "scale" the capabilities to meet the requirement of larger room sizes and volumes.


To further augment performance and listening pleasure, Diptyque offers two additional upgrade options ... the Signature Crossover which uses ultimate-class components, and factory-modified bass drivers that are powered by high-power amplifiers designed, voiced, and supplied by Diptyque to maximize bass the dp160's response. 

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An Artisanal Masterpiece of Acoustic Glory 

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