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diptyque reference 1.jpg
diptyque reference 1.jpg
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diptyque reference 1.jpg


An Artisanal Masterpiece of Acoustic Glory


General Introduction


In March 2020, during the first COVID 19 containment, everything stopped ... except for our imagination ! In this suspended time, we dreamed of an ultimate loudspeaker, one without compromise, capable of reproducing the entire spectrum from infra-bass to ultrasound with all the naturalness, speed and transparency that only isodynamic technology is capable of reproducing with perfect consistency. As a sign of providence, during that same time, we received a phone call from Philippe Teissier du Cros, a fabulous sound engineer who has been practicing his art for many years with our favorite musicians. We asked him to accompany us in this ambitious project ... a request which he responded to with enthusiasm !


The specifications for the Diptyque Reference were born out of our many questions and passionate exchanges. We questioned and challenged all the existing technical solutions, with a particular desire to obtaining powerful and controlled low frequencies down to the infra-bass. Our research and innovation work led us to develop a totally new technology that we have now patented : The "Crossed Push Pull" driver topology

Here, each bass cell is driven by two independent coils (set of ribbons), one vertical and one horizontal. This exclusive technology allows the 12 µm mylar membrane to be set in vibration by hundreds of small square motors. The "crossed push-pull" technology allows to control the vibrations of the membrane without deformation. This guarantees very linear low frequencies, without distortion and with much greater efficiency than existing isodynamic systems.

For the midrange section, we developed a new 20mm isodynamic ribbon that covers a wide spectrum from 600 to 7000 Hz, and for the high frequency section, a super tweeter in pure aluminum of 8mm that goes beyond 24000 Hz.

From the very first listening sessions, Philippe Teissier du Cros and our music lover friends were subjugated by the realism of the sound reproduced by the Diptyque Reference. We have made our dream come true !

General Specifications



Isodynamic Crossed Push Pull

3.5 ways acoustic panel

89 dB / 1 W / 1 m

4 Ohms

22 Hz to 24 kHz
Permissible power

300 W
Recommended amplifier power

> 60 W
Panel dimensions

1800 x 650 x 45 mm
Panel weight

82 kg

Choice of customization

Black - Standard / White - special order 

The Creators & The Diptyque Reference.jpg

Diptyque Reference

$  50,000



So, what are reviewers saying ?




Munich High End 2022 Impressions / UK

Jay Garrett


"Diptyque's Reference was one of my 'sounds of High End 2022"

HiFi Pig

Linette Smit


"I was chatting to our reviewer Ian who had been in this booth before me and he had said how great it was…he was not wrong! Even in a small sound booth, Diptyque gave a sense of air and space and what a stunning speaker to look at. Both practical and wonderful sounding"

The Audio Beat

Roy Gregory


"This is a big panel with the speed and resolution of the best electrostatics, combined with the presence, scale and immediacy of the best planar magnetics. Even running from a modest system in Munich, driven by a Kora integrated amplifier, it delivered a performance that easily justified the €44K asking price, causing quite a stir amongst the assembled crowds"


TED Magazine

Jean Denis Doyle - translated from French


"The build quality is superb and the presentation is simply stunning. The experience of rendering this pair of speakers left me speechless ... despite a not so crazy price, (for the HighEnd in Munich…). One of the best listening experiences at the HighEnd show in Munich, and probably a new quality standard in this price range"

ON Mag

Pierre Stemmelin - translated from French


"These top-of-the-range panels, implementing a new patented technology of "crossed push-pull" ribbons, impressed us with the purity and naturalness of their musical reproduction, as well as with their bass, which is really present ... but with a lightness, and unparalleled flexibility in the world of classic electrodynamic loudspeaker enclosures in bass-reflex or close loading. Congratulations for these achievements which have now raised Diptyque Audio to the ranks of the big names in the High-End."

VUMETRE / France

August 2022 - translated from French




Listening to these isodynamic panels constitutes a unique and highly addictive experience. Once we started, it becomes very difficult to stop. We laid down LPs with a frenzy, and went from delight to delight. First and foremost, we must give much deserved praise to the technical efforts that presided over the birth of these speakers. The work done in terms of research and development has been long and thorough. May the progenitors of this exceptional product be here to receive our congratulations.


What excites us most about listening to this product is its ability to make people forget the "gear" and to delve deeper into the heart of recorded music. Here we go beyond the simple concepts of hi-end equipment to enter that of pure emotions. This is a major achievement at an admittedly price elitist price, but which constitutes a major advance in French acoustics. These new Reference speakers are obviously not intended to be accessible to everyone, far from it. They will inevitably be out of reach of the greatest number, but they are addressed to the seasoned listener ready to seize the unique treasures from the refinement of which they are capable."


Diptyque Reference Loudspeaker in White.jpg


DIPTYQUE DP107 Pair _photos_v2_x2.jpg



Diptyque-audio-DP140MK2-x 2 BIS.jpg



dp77-paire-_photos_v2_x4 bis.jpg

from $5,000


logo_diptyque x8.png

An Artisanal Masterpiece of Acoustic Glory 

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