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Dynamikks Athos 10 & 12

The Athos 10 & 12 loudspeakers deliver what others only promise ... a rousing reproduction that takes you into the deep emotional experience of music with all its richness.


Real dynamics, wonderful timbres and powerful rhythms, coupled with the finest detailed information let you experience music as something absolutely sublime. You will then be able to understand why music has accompanied humanity from the earliest times.

Dynanikks Driver cone detail.jpeg
Dynamikks Athos Coax Driver  Close Up_ph



Design Philosophy & Topology 

"What the microphone is to the recording room,

the loudspeaker is to the playback room."


The DynamiKKs are monitor-type loudspeakers and deliver exactly what the name implies : tonal neutrality, dynamic accuracy and the capability to reveal even the finest micro details submerged within  the texture of a recording.


Great attention to detail in design and to the manufacturing process enables the musical performance to be portrayed as a whole, with the image and the tonal balance remaining stable, irrespective of listening distance or listening volume!


This ambitious goal can only be achieved when the loudspeaker  forms a point source, thus effectively mimicking the behavior and performance characteristics of the recording microphone.

Our custom-built coaxial drivers cast a wonderfully coherent image throughout the listening room ... one hears real live instruments playing real music! Furthermore, the listener does not have to be "nailed to a sweet spot“, as is the case with "arrayed" speakers ... a seating position where the obvious faults of the array topology are minimized, but remain nonetheless noticeable.


The high efficiency of our monitor-type speakers, combined with their linear impedance, offers the amplifier an easy load. This makes Dynamikks speakers suitable for all amplifier types, from low output triodes to large and powerful transistor or class D amps.
Using large diameter drivers powered by huge magnets improves the air loading and greatly reduces intermodulation distortion ...


... which is the inevitable plague suffered by small area long throw speakers ... Have you ever seen a small acoustic bass instrument ?


Summing these factors together, we have a very different, truly accurate loudspeaker far removed from current "high end fashion" crowd. Let us be very clear : A Dynamikks is a loudspeaker for the seasoned listener who wants to experience the full beauty and emotional impact which recordings keep secret until revealed.         

Dynamikks Athos 10 and 12 Driver White B
Dynamikks Coax Driver Close Up.jpeg
Dynammiks 10%22 Coax Driver.jpg


Our DynamiKKs Monitor models have been around since 2008. The fact that coaxial technology has since then been used more and more by other manufacturers, is an encouragement to us. We are honored that our way of interpreting this design approach has even given rise to "direct imitators".


In our latest and most advanced designs, the coaxial chassis of the Athos 10 and the Athos 12 are beautifully executed. In these models we introduced carbon fiber-reinforced paper cones for the bass / midrange, and a unique sandwich polyester membrane for the high-frequency pressure chamber drivers. These truly high-tech features have also been augmented by incredibly powerful magnetic drive made possible by extra powerful neodymium tablets.


These exceptional coaxials are supported by more than just "adequate" bass ... it's " strong as a bear" ... highly resilient, ... super fast ... deep and bouncy light ... a combination of desirable attributes that are not easy to fulfill at the same time


Typical high-end chassis -- of any kind -- fail at least one criterion. 

Only real professional studio technology can help here. Technology of this kind has been used by us for over 25 years and has always made the difference versus most of our competitors ... which is reason enough to continue with it now.


The DynamiKKs Athos 10 and the Athos 12 versions meet all needs : These speakers were conceived for the tube amplifier clan ... as well as for those of us who prefer potent transistor technology.


Athos 10 versus Athos 12

So what is the difference between the Athos 10 and the Athos 12 ?

Essentially, they are the "same concept" that has been translated into two "scales"... 

The Athos 10 implements an 8" Coaxial driver with a 10" Bass driver, whilst the Athos 12 represents a "step-change" with a larger 10" coaxial and a 12" bass driver, ... the latter requiring a larger cabinet.

Essentially, the larger (and heavier) model will be more at home in larger rooms that will require its "scaling" abilities.

Athos 10    from $ 27,500 / pair

Call for Offer

$ 27,500 / pair - Black Satin

$ 29,000 / pair - Macassar / Palisander / Rosewood / Zingana

$ 31,500 / pair - Dark Palisander / Ziricote

Athos 12    from $ 35,000 / pair

Call for Offer

$ 35,000 / pair - Black Satin

$ 36,500 / pair - Macassar / Palisander / Rosewood / Zingana

$ 39,000 / pair - Dark Palisander / Ziricote

Please Note !

Temporarily Unavailable due to Redesign

Dynamikks Athos 12 at Show_photos_v2_x2.



Refined ... Dynamic ... Powerful

  • Impedance : 6 ohms

  • Topology :

    • Passive 3-way speaker,
      horn and bass reflex loaded

  • HF/MF : 10 "Coax Driver 

  • Woofer : 12" 

  • Sensitivity : 93 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m

  • Frequency response :

    • -3dB / 33Hz-20kHz

  • Wiring : DynamiKKs! SpeakerLink

  • Terminal : WBT Nextgen

  • Dimensions/ mm  (HxWxD) :

    • 1090 x 425 x 590

  • Weight : 80.0 kg / 176 lbs each

    • Mid-High Cabinet : 51 lbs

    • Bass Cabinet : 125 lbs

  • Finish Options :

    • Black, Makassar, Dark Palisander, Zingana, Ziricote, Santos

Dynamikks Athos 12 Front Transparent Bag
Dynamikks Athos-10-1-1_photos_v2_x2.png



Refined ... Dynamic ... Powerful

  • Impedance : 6 ohms

  • Topology :

    • Passive 3-way speaker,
      horn and bass reflex loaded

  • HF/MF : 8 "Coax Driver

  • Woofer : 10" 

  • Sensitivity : 91 dB SPL 1 Watt 1m

  • Frequency response :

    • -3dB / 34Hz-20kHz

  • Wiring : DynamiKKs! SpeakerLink

  • Terminal : WBT Nextgen

  • Dimensions/ mm  (HxWxD) :

    • 1050 x 360 x 500

  • Weight : 60.0 kg / 132 lbs each

    • Mid-High Cabinet : 38 lbs

    • Bass Cabinet : 94 lbs

  • Finish Options :

    • Black, Makassar, Dark Palisander, Zingana, Ziricote, Santos

What the say ...

Carsten Bussler - Hifi Statement


"With the exhibitors, I very benevolently scheduled to meet Ulf Moning at Dynamikks - the name says it all. He presented his loudspeakers with a tube amplifier that he built exclusively for demonstration purposes ...


The performance I experienced was clearly "THE" highlight of these HiFi show ... worth it! ... The Athos 10 from Dynamikks is definitely one of the best speakers in the world! "




Wolfgang Kemper - Hifi Statement


"At Dynamikks I first experienced the Athos 10 with Gene Ammon's album Bass Tenor and the track "My Romance". I immediately understood why my colleague Carsten was so excited.


I was able to totally immerse myself in this pleasantly warm music with its beautiful, caressing tones. The instruments were arranged in a very realistic way, and were easy to follow in detail. With Ulf's tube amplifier for the mids and highs, the partially active system had loads of dynamic reserves ...  dynamic reserves, however, that it uses with great sensitivity and an assertive confidence.


Christina Pluhar's interpretation of Henry Purcell's music is very enjoyable because of her pleasant and clearly articulated voice and the silky, precise background instrumentation. 

In Gustav Mahler's symphonic work, the Dynamikks create an impressive sense of musical tension and drama, and even manage to recreate a realistic and sensitive differentiation of the steel triangle in the midst of the dynamically swelling large orchestra.


This is definitely a loudspeaker for high level musical enjoyment. "

There will be more reviews very soon post-Covid ... and based on all the reactions to date, they will no doubt sing the praises of the Athos 10 and Athos 12 ... we can't wait !



Meet our DYNAMIKKS Speaker Line

Dynamikks Monitor 10 Side View Toned.jpg


$12,999 /pr
91 dB
Dynamikks Athos Flagship Loudspeaker 2.j

ATHOS - Flagship


from $125,000 /pr
CALL - Custom Order
Dynamikks Monitor 12 Loudspeaker.png



from $16,500 /pr
93 dB


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