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" The first contact with the 5060 is cathartic: completely absent is the "pressing", monochromatic character of many transistor amplifiers, often dry and thin, and in its place we find an amazing freedom of flow with an excellent variety of speeds, full bodies and "delicate" resolution with well-crafted, sweet hues of exquisite texture "

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Fezz Audio Torus 5060 Rear View-scaled_ml_resize_x2.jpg


The Torus weighs barely 7.5 kg, and we are not talking about a class D amplifier, but a dual mono system operating in class AB, equipped of course with a toroidal transformer (in the power supply)made by Toroidy, a well-known and recognized manufacturer of toroidal transformers in the world ... and Fezz Audio is a subsidiary of Toroidy. Power delivery is 90W into 4Ω and 65W into 8Ω - enough to drive most loudspeakers available on the market.

Build & Functionality
The 5060 housing construction is solid and rigid, and has the dimensions that can be expected from a transistor integrated from this, or even a slightly higher price range. One notes the inscription "Made of Music" integrated into the lid, where one also sees a whole series of elongated ventilation holes.


On the front, in the middle, below the elegant logo, there is a large knob in the color of the housing, which is used to adjust the volume. On the left side of the faceplate there are three elements - The power switch with its power indicator LED. The main switch however is located at the back, Next, is the remote control receiver eyelet and the 6.3mm jack output for the onboard headphone amplifier. On the right side you will find a series of buttons for selecting inputs.


The Torus 5060 provides the user with four analog inputs (single-ended gold-plated RCAs), one of which is the input to the built-in phono preamplifier that supports MM and high-output MC cartridges. Next to this set of sockets there is a grounding clamp and a small on/off switch for the phono module ... in other words, it is not on all the time, but only when used.


Below there is an area for the digital section connectivity - The Torus 5060 is also equipped with a built-in digital-to-analog converter based on the Wolfson WM8740 chip, and the converter is supported by a jitter reduction system. We have three digital inputs at our disposal - two SPDIFs ... coaxial / RCA and optical / TOS ... and a type-B USB input.

The Torus 5060 is also equipped with a Bluetooth aptx 5.0 that allows you to play music directly from a phone, tablet, computer or other device with a BT module. On the back panel there is a small antenna and a button to turn this function on and off. This feature is another plus -- as with the phono circuit -- and is a well-thought-out and simple solution which has a positive impact on the sound quality.

As if these functions were not enough, especially for a device at this price, the Torus 5060 user will also be able to use the pre-in input, i.e. use an external line preamplifier, or a source with adjustable output, with the integrated power amplifier. Fans of subwoofers will be pleased to find an output for connecting an active subwoofer. The last feature on the long list of connections is the tape loop. Finally, we need not forget a very nicely made metal-housed remote control that supports basic functions.


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Summary of Key Features 

  • Dual Mono Class AB Topology

  • Power " 65W @ 8ohm / 90W @ 4ohm

  • Toroidal power transformer

    • Toroidy - Low Noise Series  

  • Wolfson 8740 DAC

  • BT - aptx 5.0 Streaming Input

  • MM and High Output MC Phono Stage

  • Headphone amplifier w/ 6.3mm HP jack

  • Remote

$ 2,250

DAC Board.jpg


Class of Operation

Dual Mono / Class AB

Power Output

65W @ 8 ohm

90W @ 4 ohm 

Analog Inputs

3 x Line - RCA

1 x Phono

1 x Line Preamp
Analog Outputs

1 x Tape Loop - RCA

1 x Subwoofer - RCA

Digital Inputs

1 x USB 24 bit 192kHz

1 x S/PDIF 24/192kHz

1 x Toslink 24/192kHz
Frequency Bandwidth

5Hz -100kHz (3dB)


Noise S/N

> 100dB

7.5 kg  / 16.5 lbs


(W x D x H)

What they say ...

X|hos+ Magazine

September 2022


"Made of Music"   

The folks at Fezz firmly believe that the new Torus is musically superior to the competition, which is why they didn't hesitate to emblazon the right grill on the lid with the inscription "Made of Music" on the aluminum background. This section of the lid does not prevent the heat from being evacuated, as there are only the two bridges of the riser below it.


The first contact with the 5060 is cathartic : completely absent is the "compressed", monochromatic character of many transistor amplifiers, often dry and thin, and in its place we find an amazing freedom of flow with an excellent variety of speeds, full bodies and "delicate" resolution with well-crafted , sweet hues of exquisite texture.


Its dynamics are full of energy and clarity and come with smoothness and peak scale ratios, reminiscent of a single-ended tube. It do not have the immediacy and closeness of the Copland CSA-70, but it captures the moment so well, tonally and temporally, that it sounds more impetuous and alive than amplifiers with multiples of its power.


Such linearity, transparency and finesse we rarely hear from transistors of this neutrality and resolution... so much so that it is as if the 5060 was in fact a "supernatural" 100W single-ended triode !

The similarities with "tube-like sound" are unmistakable : Music through the Torus acquires a ritualistic, ecstatic dance-like character, and the energy flows with unimaginable calmness ... civilized ... mellow and crystal clear.


So, it would seem that at Fezz Audio, neither their "Lampas" [tubes], nor their new "Transistors" play "traditionally".


Inner Essence

The amplifier analyzes without exaggeration and artificial mannerisms, but rather focuses on the inner essence of the music ... the rhythm, the pauses, the atmosphere, the transients, the micro-dynamic contrasts. So the music is always in motion. The stage is slightly back-weighted, is extremely focused and holographic, with crystal-clear attacks and great decays. And the deep lower end is extremely dense, rich and powerful, with perfect control of the note and top notch "drive and cadence" in the rhythm.


"The Fezz Sound"

Considering all of the above, we can therefore speak of a "Fezz Sound" -- regardless of wether tube or solid state -- a sound that is modern, refined, dynamic and extremely musical with all genres.


Furthermore, and In line with the "Fezz Sound", the built-in DAC, headphone amplifier and phono stage all bring the same high level of musicality ... and thus are fully in harmony with the musical character and performance of the Torus 5060 power amplifier.


Closing thoughts

The new Fezz really excited our senses ... we won't hide it. When setting it up with the Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G we got an amazing high-end system at a reasonable price that has everything except... blinds.


In short, the most sophisticated and authentic thing we've heard in its class for years !



What they say ... more snippets :



"More Normal"

"For me, the Fezz Audio Torus 5060 sounds more NORMAL compared to other amplifiers 


It is not clarified or overcomplicated

It does not strive for unnatural hyper analyticity

it does not flex its muscles by suffocating the bass

It does not hiss

It does not tire [run out f steam]


This is a very "pleasing" amplifier.

It works well in any music genre ...

... even with poorer quality songs ... which brings a smile to your face !


I've been looking for such "good healthy normality" for a long time and I hope that after playing for a long time, Torus will continue to follow this course. I will definitely add my comments and observations, that will arise over time, but I wish myself and other users and future owners of Torus that it will play as well as it plays for me now. For me, it hits the spot..”




Its early days ... more to come for sure !

In the meantime ... take a listen !

Fezz Audio Torus 5060


In very good company  with

 Audio Solutions Figaro S speaker

Euro 5,600


Some other Time

Blue in Green / John Nazarenko Trio

Video courtesy of Nikos @ Chameleon Audio / Greece

Fezz Audio Torus 5060


In very good company  with

 Audio Solutions Figaro BL speaker

Euro 3,850



The Gates of Daefos / Mickey Hart

Video courtesy of Nikos @ Chameleon Audio / Greece

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