General Intro

The Head 2 is a Class-A Push Pull circuit design . This is the second headphone amplifier in the Trafomatic Audio product range, introduced after the very successful Experience Head One. In the Trafomatic Headphone Amplifier range, it sits in between the $2K Experience Head One and the $15K Primavera flagship model. 


With 3dB of feedback and 100% tube amplification, the Head 2's power delivery is 2W into 50 Ohms . Its 6H30p and 6922 tubes have been carefully selected based on their long established reputations for sonic virtue.


Power Supply and Output Stage 

The ‘overspecified’ power supply features very robust multi-stage high-voltage filtering for superior low-frequency performance.


A proprietary output stage with high quality C core output transformers accommodates a wide range of headphone impedance from 25-600 Ohms. This allows the Head 2 to drive a very wide range of headphones with ease and with no sacrifice to fidelity. Conveniently, it is also the ideal head amp for "shared listening sessions".


The Preamplifier Stage 

The Head 2 is perhaps unique in that it also offers an exceptionally great tube preamplifier stage capable of driving all power amplifiers, even those with a very low input impedance. This stage is definitely not an "afterthought" feature, but stands on its own merits as a very high quality Tube Line Pre.

Build Quality 

The Head 2 features uncompromising build quality and technical design throughout. Much time and care have been given to the aesthetic design of this piece. As such, it truly represents a rare "timeless design" built to last a lifetime and to deliver an unmatched sonic experience.

Class of operation : Push Pull Class A
Tubes : 1x 6H30P and 1x ECC88 per channel
Input voltage : 230V/50Hz- 115V/60Hz selectable
Headphone Output impedance : 25 – 50 -100 – 300 and 600ohms
Gain : 26 dB
Maximum output power on headphone output : 2W into 50 ohms
THD at 0.5W/1kHz : 0.2%
Output for headphones : Neutrik 4 pins balanced connector + ¼” Neutrik connector 
Inputs :  XLR + RCA
Input sensitivity : 0.5Veff – Input impedance: 47Kohm
Frequency bandwidth : headphone and line out 10Hz (-1dB) – 80KHz (-3dB)
S/N : 88dB
Weight : 10 kg
Dimensions : W 430 x D 310 x H 100 mm


$ 3,200


"No question at all. In my opinion, the TRAFOMATIC PRIMAVERA is currently one of the very best tube amplifiers for operation via ear loudspeakers that money can buy.


It combines the fundamental strengths of the tube principle such as impulse speed, spatial imaging and naturalness with the outstanding performance values of transistor amplifiers, garnishes them with a good pinch of emotions and impresses with a highly dynamic and irrepressible joy of playing.


The fact that the PRIMAVERA does without the tonal characteristics of classic tube amplifiers, such as the exuberant wealth of timbres and the sometimes unrealistic size representation, is to be credited to it in my opinion.


Unfortunately, the Serbian super tube amp will probably not be "found in the wild" in the future either. Especially since the TRAFOMATIC PRIMAVERA from the Serbian manufacturer is only given to handpicked knights of the grail of the finest notes for a not inconsiderable monetary tribute.


This amplifier is without a doubt a musical dream. And after all, dreams can be allowed"


Musical Head.de (Germany)

Class of operation : Single End  DHT class A
Tubes : 1x 6S45P and 1x SV 811-10 per channel
Input voltage : 230V/50Hz- 115V/60Hz selectable
Power consumption : 280VA
Headphone Output impedance : 25 – 50 -100 – 300 and 600ohms
Gain : 33 dB
Maximum output power on headphone output : 9W into 50 ohms
THD at 0.5W/1kHz : 0.2%
Output for headphones : Neutrik 4 pins balanced connector + ¼” Neutrik connector + 2 x Neutrik 3 pins balanced connectors
Inputs :  XLR + RCA
Input sensitivity : 0.5Veff – Input impedance: 47Kohm
Frequency bandwidth : headphone and line out 10Hz (-1dB) – 80KHz (-3dB)
S/N : 88dB
Weight : 30 kg
Dimensions : W 340 x D 480 x H240 mm


$ 15,000

Trafomatic Head One White.jpeg


The Experience Head One is designed around the super-linear Russian 6S45P triode tube and delivers up to 2 x 300 mW.


In order to be able to optimally adapt the amplifier to the impedance of the connected headphones, the output transformer has multiple secondary windings and taps, which can be selected using a rotary control switch on the front panel. This, unlike the typical OTL solutions, allows for perfect matching of impedances for the different types of headphones. As with all our amplifiers, ensuring "lossless sound quality" on all outputs was a major design goal for this amp. 


In line with the design principles and philosophy of the entire Experience series, a high quality power supply was implemented with extreme care. This includes a low inductance toroidal transformer, a tube rectifier, double L-C filtering for the anode voltage, and top quality double C-core output transformers.


Headphone impedance connection values ​​are 30, 100 and 300 ohm allowing for a variety of dynamic headphone models to be drive with ease.


To enhance tube-rolling pleasure, Trafomatic has opted for a low noise tube / soft start rectification design for the Experience Head One -- an indirectly heated EZ80 or EZ81. This, whilst many competitive devices in this price range with a similar concept use semiconductors for rectification. Other quality parts include Rubicon electrolytic capacitors, an Alps potentiometer, metal-film resistors, and more.


The "small" Trafomatic Head Amp has two RCA inputs on the back panel. These inputs are selectable via a small toggle switch located under the sockets. 


In addition, the Experience Head One offers nice and useful option : The switch for setting the connection impedance has an "alternate" position that is labeled "Lineout".

This means that the headphone amplifier can also be used as a tube preamp.

that sports 2 output sockets on the back - one for connecting a power amplifier and one for connecting a subwoofer.

Class of operation : Push Pull Class A
Tubes : 2x 6S45P and 1x EZ80 (81)
Input voltage : 230V/50Hz- 115V/60Hz selectable
Headphone Output impedance : 30-100-300 ohms
Gain / Line Output : 18 dB

Output line voltage :

  • THD 1% – 3.2V

  • THD 2% – 6.4

  • THD 2.8% – 9V

Maximum output power on headphone output : 300mW
THD at 100mW/1kHz : 3%
Output for headphones : Neutrik 4 pins balanced connector + ¼” Neutrik connector 
Inputs :  XLR + RCA
Input sensitivity : 1 Veff – Input impedance: 47 Kohm
Frequency bandwidth :

  • headphone and line out 20Hz (-3dB) – 57KHz (-3dB)

  • Subwoofer out 20Hz (-3dB) – 18KHz (-3dB)

​Minimum load resistance on “LINE and “SUB” :

  • 2k ohm both outputs simultaneously

  • 1k ohm single output

S/N : 71dB
Dimensions : W 200 x D 280 x H 150mm


$ 2,050

Trafomatic Head One Detail 1.jpg
Trafomatic Head One Rear_photos_v2_x2.jp
Quad PA-ONE Headphone Amplifier with QUAD ERA-1 Headphones
QUAD PA-ONE Headphone Amplifier Tubes

QUAD  PA - ONE +   Headphone Amplifier


The QUAD PA-One + is a highly versatile, user-friendly headphone and pre amplifier. It combines classic quad valve topology with a modern selection of digital inputs and outputs for low and high impedance headphones too. With classic QUAD styling and a life-like sound quality, the PA-One is perfect for enjoying music personally via your laptop as well as being an integral pre-amp in a larger hi-fi system too.

Get The Best Out Of Your Headphones
...The Quad PA-One, however, is dedicated to achieving the best possible sound quality of any set of headphones connected to it. 

A whole host of connections, both analogue and digital driven by hi-fi amplifier valves bring an exciting detail to your music.

With a nod to Peter Walker’s styling and topology of his original valve amplification and superior quality from aesthetics to audio make a truly exquisite amplifier. The sound is full of life, yet without the unwanted colouration many would expect from such amplifiers. The genuine heritage of Quad has been preserved with all the features to enjoy modern audio mediums.

Classic Meets Contemporary

Quad engineers have relied on valve technology for our trademark sound. Referencing the high standards set by the Quad II, valve amplifier as a benchmark, we’re sure you can enjoy a level of audio fidelity which we have consistently delivered since 1936, this time packaged into a personal hi-fi experience.

Carefully selected hi-fi amplification valves; 2× 6SL7, 2 × 6SN7, 1 × EZ81, allow the PA-One to deliver the latest technology in perfect harmony with traditional hi-fi.

True to tradition, the front panel is dominated by a large volume and balance control, while input select and impedance mode controls are in keeping with the rest of our product range for a perfect match.

The valves and electronics are housed in a Lancaster Grey steel chassis which is compact enough for a stand-alone space-saving setup, while it can also be an integral part of a high-end, large scale system.

Connect With Your Music
An amazingly wide variety of digital and analogue sources are on hand. Balanced, RCA, Coaxial, Optical and USB, makes it easy to listen to music without ever having to ponder on decoding different formats. Simple and effective. Additionally, low impedance and high impedance modes enable connection to a plethora of modern, popular headphones.


With the increased popularity of computers as source, the PA-One USB DAC allows you to enjoy listening to digital music sources from a computer or laptop (Windows or Mac) via USB connection. it processes high-resolution audio up to 384kHz PCM and DSD256 by way of its reference-grade ESS SABRE 9018 K2M DAC.


With dedicated gold plated RCA outputs, the PA-One is a pre-amp in its own right and can be integrated into part of a larger hi-fi system, too.


Input Impedance                      50k Ω
Output Power                           500mW at 32 Ω
Output Impedance                   32 Ω - 300 Ω
Impedance Modes                    High / Low
Input Sensitivity                        300mV (500mW at 32 Ω)
Frequency Response                 15Hz - 30Hz (+0.5dB, 0.5dB)
Distortion                                   0.5% at 1kHz
Channel Balance                       +0.5% at 1 kHz
S/N Ration (ref. 500mW)           105dB (IHF-A)
Inputs                                          1 x 3-pin balanced, 1xRCA, 1xUSB, 1xCOAX, 1xOPT
Outputs                                       1x standard 1/4" headphone jack
                                                     1 x 4-pin balanced headphone jack
                                                     1x RCA output
Digital Resolution                      44.1kHz-192kHz, 384kHz(USB), DSD256(USB)
Valves                                          2 x 6SL7, 2 x 6SN7
Size (W x D x H)                          180mm x 284.5mm x 163.5mm
Net Weight                                 7.5kg

$ 1,695   


SPECIAL OFFER -  With QUAD ERA-1 Headphones $2,245 [save $250]

QUAD PA One + Front.jpg