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Limited Edition Sold-Out

Discontinued Turntable

100th Jubilee Limited Edition

Celebrating 100 years of Ortofon ... a Jubilee Limited Edition Turntable replete with the finest technical features that Ortofon and ProJect incorporated into this "once-in-a-century" creation



The warmth of analog sound

This newly released turntable comes in an elegant piano black chassis. Combined with a silver aluminium sub-chassis, the aesthetic result is simply stunning ! ... "très, très chic" ...


Built on The Classic SB it has however been endowed with "more than a few tweaks" which result in even better performance.

Pro-Ject took the already incredible Classic SB and exchanged the sub-platter for a more sophisticated aluminium one.


Sophisticated Comfort

The Ortofon Century turntable comes fully equipped with a built-in electronic speed control. Change from 33.3 to 45 rounds per minute with the ease of pushing a single button.


Even if you have a collection of 78 R.P.M. shellack records, it has got you covered. By manually placing the drive belt on the upper ring of the pulley and selecting the respective speed on the sub-chassis, it will easily play these records as well.


The built-in electronic speed control means that changing from 33.3 to 45 rounds per minute is as easy as pushing a single button.

The Ortofon Century Turntable Features

  • Metal/MDF sandwich chassis floating on TPE* suspension

  • 9” aluminium s-shape tonearm with SME compatibility

  • Japanese precision ball bearing (at base of tonearm)

  • Integrated central vertical cable outlet for unhindered arm movement

  • Azimuth and VTA fully adjustable

  • TPE damped counterweight

  • Precision balanced TPE*-damped aluminium-platter

  • Ultra low friction Zircon pin-point cardan bearings (top and side)

  • Electronic speed control (33/45 rpm) - 78 rpm via pulley adjustment

  • Classic piano black wooden chassis

  • Height adjustable decoupling feet

  • Leather mat included

  • Top grade LP Clamp is included

  • Belt drive principle

  • Dustcover included


  • Ortofon Concorde Century Edition cartridge pre-installed ...

Iconic Ortofon Cartridge

The Ortofon Century Turntable is supplied with the limited edition Concorde Century. Having celebrated many of its previous anniversaries by launching innovative products, naturally, the approaching centennial year called for the relaunch of the cartridge that is emblematic of Ortofon’s pioneering approach to design – the Concorde.


In 1979 the Concorde looked radically different to any cartridge that had been manufactured by Ortofon, or any of its rivals up to then. However, the initial inspirations for its development were the search for a design of an integrated cartridge and headshell that could be easily mounted on a tone arm without the need for screws or the plugging in of wires.


Award-winning industrial designer Jan Trägårdh conceived the Concorde’s unique look and received the Danish Industrial Design Award in 1979 for his work on the low mass Concorde.


The arrival of the Concorde and its subsequent establishment as a very popular cartridge was the result of Ortofon’s very strong focus on product development in the laboratories in Copenhagen, brilliant engineers led the department.


The Concorde Century uses silver-plated copper wire and a Nude Fine Line diamond stylus which, due to its slim profile, will track even the highest frequency information. Additionally, its larger footprint ensures reduced distortion and record wear.


The Concorde Century has a full, relaxed and homogenous sound with space, depth and detail – a very good choice for any kind of music.

$ 3,399

Ortofon Century Detail


Turntable Data


  • 33, 45 RPM (electronic speed change)

  • 78 RPM (manual speed change)

Drive principle

  • Belt drive


  • 300 mm aluminium

Mains bearing

  • Stainless steel

Wow & flutter

  • 33: ±0.10 % 45: ±0.09 %

Speed variance

  • 33: ±0.13 % 45: ±0.10 %

Signal to noise

  • -71 dB


  • 9” aluminium, S-shape

Effective arm length

  • 230 mm

Turntable Data ... continued 

Effective arm mass

  • 15.5 g


  • 18 mm

Tracking force

  • 10 – 30 mN

Included accessories

  • 15 volts DC / 0.8A power supply

  • dust cover

Power connection

  • 110/120 or 230/240 Volt - 50 or 60 Hz

Power consumption

  • 5 watt max / <0.5 watt standby


  • 460 x 131 x 351 mm (WxHxD) lid closed


  • 10.5 kg net 

Cartridge Data

Output voltage at 1 kHz

  • 5cm/sec. 5.5 mV

Channel balance at 1 kHz

  • 1 dB

Channel separation at 1 kHz

  • 26 dB

Channel separation at 15 kHz

  • 15 dB

Frequency range at -3 dB

  • 20 – 29,000 Hz

Frequency response 20 – 20,000 Hz

  • +2 / -0 dB

Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommended tracking force

  • 70 μm

Compliance, dynamic, lateral

  • 16 μm/mN

Stylus type

  • Nude Fine Line

Cartridge Data ... continued 

Stylus tip radius

  • r/R 8/40 μm

Tracking force range

  • 1.6 – 2.0 g (16 – 20 mN)

Tracking force, recommended

  • 1.8 g (18 mN)

Tracking angle

  • 20°

Internal impedance, DC resistance

  • 1.2 kOhm

Internal inductance

  • 630 mH

Recommended load resistance

  • 47 kOhm

Recommended load capacitance

  • 150 – 300 pF

Cartridge color

  • Chrome

Cartridge weight

  • 18.5 g



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