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The Artera’s complete range includes 4 models of which 2 offer Digital 

Playback ... the Artera Play + and the Artera Solus


Each Artera Series model fuses modern digital connectivity with signature Quad amplification technologies. Styled with grace, influenced by classic Quad systems with a modern twist, each Quad Artera system is a beauty to look at, while demonstrating a life-like detail in every track.




crisp, clean aesthetic ...carried forward from past to present


QUAD ARTERA PLAY +    Integrated Media Player


Combining a sleek user interface with the latest high definition audio technology Artera Play CD player and DAC is the perfect match for the high power drive of Artera Stereo. Enjoy your music with ultra-high resolution playback up to 32bit/384kHz in addition to DSD64/128/256 files through the USB input.

Classics For The Modern Age
The Artera range combines the qualities that have made Quad one of Britain’s most revered hi-fi marques for many decades with fresh industrial design and the very latest high-performance audio technologies. 


Artera’s crisp, clean aesthetic both evokes Quad’s past and looks forward to the future, with a textured aluminum front panel, thick glass top and CNC-routed heat sinks on either side. The housing provides a rugged structure that resists interference from external vibrations, while the facia of each player incorporates an intuitive touch-sensitive control, contributing greatly to its sleek design.

Hi-Res Compatibility
Despite their attractive simplicity, the three Artera components deliver exceptional sophistication beneath the skin. At the heart of the Artera Play nestles the ESS Sabre32 9018; a 32-bit, eight-channel hybrid multi-bit Delta-Sigma DAC considered by many to be the finest D/A converter chip available for stereo sound. 

This is Quad’s first series to utilise the ESS Sabre DAC, and external digital sources can benefit from its exceptional quality via a range of digital inputs. These include USB, with support for PCM data up to 32-bit/384kHz and also DSD64/128/256, ensuring the Artera Play, and Artera Solus are fully equipped to make the most of today’s hi-res music formats, as well as future advances in ultra-high-definition digital sound.


Filters To Suit Every Ear
For CD replay, a new slot-loading mechanism buffers data from the disc before feeding it asynchronously (in order to minimise time domain errors known as ‘jitter’) to the DAC section. Four digital filter options enable users to tailor the Artera Play’s, and Solus's sound, with both CDs and external digital sources, to suit personal taste and the nature of the source material.
Each player within the series features a preamp section which boasts a balanced Class A output stage. Two coaxial and two optical inputs cater for external digital sources alongside the USB input, with a pair of RCA phono inputs handling analogue sources. Analogue outputs are supplied in both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR varieties; a pair of digital outputs (optical and coaxial) and a 12V trigger output complete a comprehensive array of connectivity options.

MAP   $  1,999

General Description    

CD Player & DAC
D/A Converter                             ESS ES9018 32bit DAC
Output Level (1kHz)                    0 - 2.5 Vrms (PRE Outputs)
                                                       0 - 5 Vrms (Balanced Outputs)
L/R Channel Difference              ±0.02dB (1kHz)
Frequency Response                 -0.2dB (20Hz-20kHz, 1kHz)
Total Harmonic Distortion        <0.001% (20Hz-20kHz)
Linearity                                       ±0.01dB (20Hz-20kHz)
Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N)        >110dB (1kHz)
                                                      >118dB (Weighted, 1kHz)
Channel Separation                   >100dB (1kHz)
USB Input                                    1 × USB (Support HID)
USB Input Sampling Rates        44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz, 176.4kHz,                                                                    192kHz, 384kHz
USB DSD                                      DSD64, DSD128, DSD256
Digital Audio Inputs                   2 × Optical TOSlink
                                                      2 × RCA (DIG1, DIG2)
Digital Audio Outputs                1 × Optical TOSlink
                                                      1 ×RCA (DIG)
Digital Inputs & outputs            Sampling Rates    44.1 - 192kHz
Analogue Inputs                         2 × RCA(AUX1, AUX2)
Analogue Outputs                      2 x XLR, RCA (PRE)
Dimension (W x D x H)              320 x 320 x 105mm
Weight                                         8.5 kg

QUAD ARTERA PLAY + Interior View.png
QUAD ARTERA PLAY + Top view.jpg
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