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Rosso Fiorentino

... driven by music ...

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A successful translation from Floorstander to Monitor

The newly improved Pienza is a superior all-round monitor speaker which combines power with grace for an exciting audiophile listening experience.

The engineering challenge behind the new Pienza was to translate all the exceptional virtues of its bigger stablemate in the Prestige Series, the floorstanding Certaldo 2, into a monitor-size loudspeaker, and this with the same enthusiasm, design expertise and innovation that we put in our higher-end speakers so as to give the listener the pleasure of a real high-end acoustic experience.

Design Details

Made in Italy with superior materials and craftsmanship, the Pienza series 2 sports a 5.25” mid/woofer featuring a coated fibreglass cone for optimal stiffness and for damping membrane resonances, and a re-designed motor system which minimizes power compression.

On top of the front baffle sits a 25 mm wide surround silk dome tweeter powered by a double magnet that offers an extended high frequency response to about 55kHz together with a great off-axis dispersion.



However, the high quality of the Pienza is not limited to its drivers.
Hidden but critically important is the newly designed crossover, which carefully links the drivers together for a coherent emission on both vertical and horizontal axis and gives the Pienza a drastically limited impedance variation, making it extremely compatible with a wide range of amplifiers. The use of audio grade capacitors exclusively customized for Rosso by ClarityCap, together with our new proprietary made in Italy inductors and precision thick film resistors, put the high-end quality of this circuitry beyond doubt.


The beautifully finished enclosure, made in Italy by skilled craftsmen, makes use of the multi-layer construction which, in a more sophisticated way, is to be found in all our models.
The use of multi-layered panels made of mechanically different materials, guarantees the right balance of sturdiness and damping properties thus forming the basis for a clean and powerful sound.

This is a simple, clean, elegant design which encompasses all the technology, expertise and performance, typical of a Rosso Fiorentino loudspeaker. A stand-mount monitor built to blend with style into your home capable of creating a dynamic and captivating high-end sound.



$  5,400  per pair - Monitors

$   1,400  per pair - Dedicated Stands

$     450  per pair / Premium Finish Monitors / $ 300 for Stands

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  • Type : 2-way rear-ported floorstander

  • Sensitivity : 85 dBspl (2.83V, 1m)

  • Nominal impedance : 8Ω (minimum 5Ω)

  • HF Driver : 1 x ø 25mm (1 in) silk dome neodymium tweeter

  • LF Driver : 1 x ø 130mm (5.25 in) glass fiber cone woofer

  • Frequency response (±3dB) : 55 Hz – 30 kHz

  • Recommended power : 30W – 150W into 8Ω with unclipped sound signal

  • Cabinet : solid HDF fiberboard, internal damping elements, 3 different absorbent materials

  • Height : 310mm (12.2 in)

  • Width : 190mm (7.5 in)

  • Depth : 240mm (9.5in)

  • Net weight : 9 Kg (19.8 lb) each

  • Side panels : black carbon fibre pattern leather natural / real walnut veneer

  • Other finishes on request

Rosso Fiorentino Pienza Solo on Stand_ph

... second video ...

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what they say ...



David  |    August  2013



"We are continuing our overview of the Rosso Fiorentino Prestige Series with this line's first model, the Pienza which is a stand-mount monitor derivative of its bigger floorstanding stablemate, the Certaldo 2.


The Pienza immediately gives a very good impression with its stylish Italian looks. These speakers come in a refined combination of finishes including a paint-leather combination on the sides, an elegant monogram, and milled aluminum 5-mm plates on the front panels ... in our pair's case, they came finished with a stunning “alligator” skin ... in brief,  the quality is impeccable.

A soft dome tweeter and a 13-cm midrange / woofer made of a composite fiberglass makes looking at these speakers a very organic experience – so much so, that you really do not want to use their protective grilles.


With a reflex port on the rear face of the cabinet, the Pienza is not "capricious" as to its placement, but their sound will be more weighty and big if they are not too far away from the front wall – it is quite easy to determine the optimal positioning distances by ear. And, of course, they need high quality stands and cables.


They easily fill and energize the room regardless of the genre of music. The Fourth Symphony by Tchaikovsky shows that they are quite a capable transducer, thanks to their fine tonal balance, excellent dynamics, their ability to create a convincing scene and clearly separate the diverse and complex timbres of the various instruments in the orchestra. Even in a small room, the energy will be quite significant.


Vocals, such as by Violetta, the Pienza reproduce vividly, with emotionally filled and rich voice intonations and nuances. We found that the most charming music genre given their relatively small size was classical chamber music and Jazz. They presented a very pleasing study of melodic lines, clear rhythm and a sense of serene naturalness.


Whilst their overall inclination is to provide a pleasant - but at all times refined atmosphere - they will seek out more dynamic "concentrations" in the music material, allowing the listener very good "insight" into both the drive and the finer nuanced details of the piece.


The Rosso Fiorentino Pienza is for those for whom superior style and sound quality are equally important."


Sleek looks, detailed, tonally balanced, emotional impact, an exact scene



Nothing ... if you’re willing to pay extra for stylishness.



Beautiful speakers with excellent sound ... for those who seek both.



AudioVideo SA

Deon Schoeman  |    February  2020


A test-review published in the February issue of AudioVideo, the most eminent audio magazine in South Africa.
Extracts of what the reviewer, Deon Schoeman, says about our Pienza:


"Their ability to closely track so that you could almost touch and feel the instrument, while not losing sight of the overall scale and hue of the musical picture, made the Pienzas an absolute joy to listen to."

"The Rosso Fiorentino Pienzas are not cheap. But they are fine, classy, articulate speakers that should not be judged by their size, but by their ability to make the most of the music they’re tasked with."


"The only caveat here is that their critical, revealing nature demands accompanying ancillaries of equal stature. And at this level, that’s how it should be."




AudioTechnique- HK / Asia

April  2013

Our Transliteration from Chinese



"As mentioned earlier, the Pienza is a pair of two-way bookshelf speakers. To extract the best from this loudspeaker it is necessary to use it with a properly designed stand. Rosso Fiorentino have very conveniently designed one that is dedicated to the Pienza and that is 28" high. The upper plate area and the footprint are similar to the proportional dimensions of the speaker itself. Four special rubber gaskets are integrated to properly couple the Pienza to the stand."

"The Pienza exhibits a full-range tone that brings a sense of musical cohesion and harmony to the listener."


"After a whole week of warm-up, I revisited the combination with a mono pair of (by now vintage) Bel Canto tube amplifiers. The image projection of the instruments which the Pienza displayed in a space of more than 300 square feet fits the proportions of the room perfectly, and the positioning and sounstage are clearly defined.

There are few omissions, or tonal anomalies."


"The sound comes across as truly full-range, and creates an engaging and compelling listening experience. The high-frequency passages are not only full of rich air, but also a lot of delicate articulations and details."


"On to Eiji Oue conducting the Minnesota Orchestra in "Pictures at an Exhibition"... One might be excused for assuming that the Pienza's capabilities would be severely challenged by powerful full scale works such as Mussorgsky's masterpiece. This awe-inspiring piece goes full-tilt and typically can only be handled by speakers of  commensurate scale and size..."


"... Well, undoubtedly, after unleashing Mussorgsky's torrential wrath on the Pienza it became quickly apparent that we had grossly underestimated it !! ... amazingly, the delicate texture of the strings, the brilliant brass passages, the compounded all-instrument crescendos ... all remained in perfect complementarity to one another. Each instrument stood firmly in a different position from one end to the other end of the massive stage ... all whilst maintaining a very clear level of inter-instrumental contrast.

The way the Pienza handled this challenge is enough to show that it is a pair of small bookshelf speakers with really great potential."


For music enthusiasts who like sensory stimulation

I personally think that the Pienza scores very high on timbre, so what about the dynamics? Lets try the "Time" track from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon ... the epoch-making rock track. Dozens of clocks in the first paragraph are heard ringing in unison. Not only is there no sense of loss of composure but the positioning distribution is in proper perspective ... and the electric guitar solo in the middle section of the track is arrogant and spicy. 

I then closed the session with the 32 bit Ultra-HD Ein Straussfest album ... the orchestra at the time were collectively referred to as "Red Shirts". For bookshelf speakers with a high-caliber tube amp, it was promising to be another very severe test.


... Under the full instigation of the Unico 50, the protagonist of this article was transformed from a little musical giant to a towering majestic general. This brought the gigantic Cincinnati Festival Orchestra to life, from the opening to the closing notes. The sound of the cannon shots were literally shock-worthy in a good exaggerated way.


For audiophiles who like sensory stimulation, but are unable to accommodate large speakers due to insufficient listening space, I can guarantee that the Pienza will thrill you out of your seat"


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