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A Lyrical Tale of the Beauty and the Beast


Thivan Labs artfully combines a very distinctive and minimalist, highly functional and bold Bauhaus aesthetic with an unmistakable sonic identity … one that, with disarming honesty, infuses the “system equation” with a rich and lyrical narrative … a sonic narrative that is beguilingly poetic in cadence, such that the more you listen, the more lyrical the musical journey becomes !

THIVAN LABS DL-50 HPA Integrated


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Thivan Labs DL-50 HPA Integrated

6AS7 / 6H13C Integrated HPA & Speaker Amplifier

Output power to Headphones :

32 Ohms : 3.80W

50 Ohms : 2.42W

150 Ohms : 810 mW 

300 Ohms : 400 mW

600 Ohms : 200 mW


Output power to Loudspeakers : 2x15W

Class of operation : PPP (class A)
Tube complement :

4x 6H13C/6AS7, 2x 6N2P/12AX7, 2x 6SN7
Inputs : 2x RCA , 1x XLR

Outputs / Loudspeaker : 4,6,8,16 ohm

Outputs / Headphones : 2x 1/4" 
Input sensitivity : 0.8V rms

Input impedance : 100K
Frequency bandwidth : 3Hz-75KHz (-3dB)

Remote : No


Other Specifications


Power consumption : 210VA
Size : 450×400 x290mm
Weight : 31kg (68 lbs)


Hardwired Point-to-Point Circuit

$ 5,000


The DL-50 Anniversary HPA Integrated is derived from Thivan Labs' DL-50 Integrated amplifier.


The Headphone Amplifier circuit is designed to allow the use of 2 headphones simultaneously, and is compatible with HP loads from 32 ohms to 600 ohms. Power output to Headphones ranges from 3.8W at 32 ohms to 200mW at 600 ohms. 

Its 2 x 15 Watt from a Class A push-pull circuit (30 Watt peak per channel), and its 4, 6 ,8 and 16 ohm output taps, allow the DL-50 Anniversary to control almost all loudspeakers currently available on the market without any problems.


As is customary with ThivanLabs amps, the transformers are heavily oversized, and sport very high quality metallurgy, which is what makes this amplifier's superior sound quality possible. Total weight ? No less than 31 kg !


The DL-50 Anniversary is built entirely by hand using a point-to-point method. This results in an extremely durable and reliable amplifier ... one that can operate 24/7 continuously and that is unconditionally stable.  


It's tube compliment -- 4 x 6H13C/6SA&/6080 power tubes driven by 6SN7s, can be qualified as being "recherché" ... French for rare, sought after, exotic and refined. It's sound can be characterized as having enormous dynamic articulation, drive-power, and an impressive command of detail and space ... fantastically beautiful vocals, a deep and tight lower spectrum, and silky highs."

DL-50-Hero Shot 1_auto_x2_toned_light_ai.jpg

... about the tubes ...


... "to roll or not to roll" ...


More info on tubes and rolling equivalents

6as7 tube_auto_x2_toned_light_ai.jpg



What they say ...


Coming soon ...

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